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What is Egely Wheel?

The Egely Wheel is the Universal Life Energy Meter Device,
an easy and fun way to harness your life energy.


Explore and see why the Egely Wheel is so trusted by psychics, healers,
and anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle.

Celebrating 30 Years of the Egely Wheel: A Legacy of Innovation

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone—the 30th anniversary of the Egely Wheel, a groundbreaking invention by George Egely that has fascinated enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Discover the story of ingenuity and
exploration that surrounds this unique device. Invented in 1994 by engineer and researcher George Egely, the Egely Wheel is renowned for its ability to visually demonstrate the energy of the human biofield.

This invention not only showcased George Egely’s innovative approach to scientific exploration but also opened new paths for research in bioenergy fields.

Watch our exclusive video to explore the fascinating journey of
George Egely and his invention that continues to
inspire curiosity and research around the globe.

Curious about the Egely Wheel? Click below to uncover the marvels of this invention and delve into the pioneering work of George Egely:

Life Energy Sciene

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Explore different methods of yoga and meditation to help you strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Marvel at the amazing applications of life energy that some claim to use.

Discover,  develop ,  use , and  measure  your life energy, here at Life Energy Science:

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Dr. George Egely
The Inventor of The Egely Wheel

The life energy meter Egely Wheel is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever seen.

Discover the Global Community of Soul Mates

Join a vibrant, expanding community of explorers who have embraced the Egely Wheel as a gateway to enhancing their spiritual journey. Every purchase is not just an acquisition; it’s an initiation into a fellowship of like-minded souls seeking to deepen their connection with the universal energies. From bustling cities to tranquil towns, our users worldwide share a common purpose – harnessing the power of the Egely Wheel to unlock their full potential.

This isn’t merely about owning a device; it’s about belonging to a global family. A family that grows with each click, each turn, each discovery. Imagine connecting with fellow seekers, each with their own unique story of discovery and transformation. With every Egely Wheel lighting up in homes around the world, we’re not just mapping locations; we’re weaving a tapestry of spiritual connections.

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We got thousands of photos and videos from the Egely Wheel users:

Visit our Stories section to read firsthand experiences and expert insights about the Egely Wheel. See how this innovative tool has changed lives through energy measurement. Our page features user reviews, expert opinions, and visual stories through photos and videos.

Egely Wheel Reviews: Real Stories, Real Results

Start measuring today

The Egely Wheel is trusted by thousands of people who practice yoga, telekinesis, meditation and healing. This device is the best solution for measuring your energy flow and efficiency of healing, and you get instant feedback. Get your own Egely Wheel!

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