Pyramid Meditation

Man practicing pyramid meditation while sitting under a pyramid structure

Pyramid Meditation

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Pyramid meditation is the practice of meditating under a pyramid-shaped structure. There’s a belief that due to the geometric shape, pyramid meditation has the mystical ability to collect and focus energy. The pyramid shape is formed with a square base on the ground with equal sides from the corners meeting at the mid-point above it. It should thus form four identical triangles if made correctly.

Some claim that the word pyramid itself means “amid fire” and thus implies that the Greeks knew about the shape’s link to the element of fire. This, however, is unsubstantiated as most scholars believe its name comes from the resemblance of the Egyptian pyramids to a popular type of cake. This energy field created by the pyramid is believed to greatly improve the quality of the meditation.

Man practices pyramid meditation under a pyramid shaped structure
Using a pyramid-shaped structure is the main element that sets pyramid meditation apart from others.

The Pyramid Power Craze

The pyramid power craze took off in the 1970s with the release of two books called Pyramid Power, one by Max Toth and one by Patrick Flanagan. The former’s work was inspired by the findings of European amateur scientists Antoine Bovis and Karel Drbal, and became a bestseller. This helped launch a pyramid craze that led to the popularity of pyramid meditation.

Portrait of Patrick Flanagan
American New Age author and inventor
(1944 – 2019)
Pyramid energy has been taken from the realm of the mystical toy, and projected into the infancy of a new technology that could literally change the living condition of man on this planet. I call these new discoveries Tensor Field Devices.


Find a Quiet Place

Pyramid mediation is not so much a style of meditation, so much as an extension of existing meditative practices. As with most styles of meditation, it’s important that you find a place where you can sit undisturbed for the duration of the meditation. Many like to practice pyramid meditation somewhere in natural surroundings.

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One website recommends that you try to meditate once a day for around thirty minutes per session. Usually one gets benefits from practice over a longer period of time. As in other forms of meditation, it is best to do it while sitting. Especially since standing would require a very large pyramid.

Concentrate on Breathing

While sitting, concentrate on your breathing. During the stillness of meditation, it is common for the brain to become a flurry of thoughts. Some suggest that this may be amplified by the use of the pyramid. Try not to focus on your thoughts, but let them pass by. They can be negative or traumatic. Do your best not to fight the thoughts, as doing so may make it harder to process them.

Use a Pyramid

Of course, the main element that sets pyramid meditation apart from others is the use of a pyramid. Most often, these pyramids are made from a square upon the ground with arms protruding from each corner and meeting in the middle. There is no set angle for the pyramid’s slope, but each is said to have a different effect because they focus the energy on different chakras.

It is possible to make your own pyramid, but they can also be purchased online. Copper seems to be a popular choice of material. It is said to have a consistent energy to it and can possibly block negative energy from reaching you while meditating. Wood is another alternative, but the energy can be unpredictable. Try to avoid plastics and other non-natural materials when practicing pyramid meditation.


The ancient pyramids are structures that have captured people’s imagination for centuries, and thus the shape carries with it a lot of mystique. All sorts of unsubstantiated claims are made about pyramids.

Some believe that the pyramid shape has the ability to collect ambient energy or electromagnetic power from the Earth’s magnetic field and focus it into the center of the pyramid. This power is claimed to be able to store food for longer, maybe stretching from a debated belief that the Great Pyramids of Giza were granaries.

Pyramid shape collects energy and focuses to the center
The shape of the pyramid is able to collect ambient energy or electromagnetic power from the Earth’s magnetic field and focus it on the center of the pyramid.

There’s been other claims that razor blades stored under a pyramid stay sharper longer. Still, despite these groundbreaking claims and the wide range of practical applications, there’s been very few scientists willing to devote much time and energy to confirming them. Generally these beliefs are regarded as pseudoscience. One episode of the popular television Mythbusters showed that “pyramid power” is most likely a myth, however, it was a television show, not a carefully controlled study done in a lab.

Unexplained Effects of Pyramid Meditation

There has been one group of scientists who claim to have found some effects from practicing meditation inside a pyramid structure. The research and the actual effect that they found is hard to follow. The study also contains fundamental flaws of control that even non-scientists should be able to identify immediately.

The most notable is that they compared the results of meditations within pyramid structure versus those outside of one, yet omitted a third experimental group to determine if it was the pyramid itself, or just meditating inside any structure that caused the effect. Either way, this opens up an interesting discussion that may hopefully lead to more conclusive studies on the power of pyramids and pyramid meditation.

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Even more outrageous are the websites that boast incredible claims that pyramids help you achieve your innermost desires, cure diseases, make you rich, etc. If one is familiar with enough new age beliefs, this is far from being unique. There is little to no evidence to back their assertions of a pyramid’s power, except for anecdotes.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

This is not to say that one cannot get an effect from using a pyramid when meditating. Meditation research is plagued with poorly designed studies, but this does not mean it lacks scientifically supported benefits.

It seems clear that a regular meditation practice is relaxing for many and helps reduce stress. Some like to claim that pyramid meditation can help the body fight disease. Though there seems to be little direct evidence to support this claim, if it does reduce stress, this could lead to some benefit for the immune system. Other studies have shown that meditation can help lower one’s blood pressure and heart rate. There’s also some indication that some forms of meditation have cognitive benefits such as a potential increase in memory and ability to focus.

With all these benefits to meditation in general, for some, the use of a pyramid meditation may help amplify this to an extent. Even if the pyramid is merely a placebo, some mix of cognitive dissonance and a deeper meaning believers may ascribe to the structure, could justify its use. No matter what the science says, if the practitioner finds it easier to reach the right state of mind through pyramid meditation, then that makes it beneficial.

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