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Aerokinesis, which is often called “airbending” is the ability to control the movement of air using just the power of one’s mind. It is considered a subcategory of telekinesis.

The termaerokinesis” is formed by combining the Greek roots for air (“aero”) and movement (“kinesis”). Practiced airbenders may even be able to control the weather or use up-currents to bring themselves off the ground.

Man is practicing aerokinesis: he is controlling air and moving leaves with his mind power
Aerokinesis is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate the air and wind in a variety of offensive or defensive ways.

Aerokinesis in Mythology

This is a superpower that has captured people’s attention for centuries, namely through the pantheon of gods who could control the weather, such as Thor from Germanic mythologies or Zeus/Jupiter and Poseidon/Neptune from the Grecco-Roman mythologies. The latter of whom used wind control as a major plot point in the epic poem, The Odyssey.


Aerokinesis in Fiction

Aerokinesis has been portrayed in numerous works of fiction, namely within comic books. This power has been especially popular since the release of the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which has spawned sequels, films, comic books, and novels. Another popular example is the superhero Storm from the X-Men universe. She possesses the power to control the weather.

Applications of Aerokinesis

The applications of aerokinesis are obvious, from the ability to divert (or cause) destructive storms to becoming the world’s fastest sailor. With some creativity, the theoretical extent of this power are immense.

How to Practice Aerokinesis

Meditation or Relaxation

Anyone wishing to master aerokinesis is going to need faith in their abilities and be willing to dedicate a lot of time to the practice. Some form of meditation or relaxation is necessary to generate the focus needed to be an airbender.

See How to Practice Aerokinesis with a simple device.

One of the first steps is to familiarize oneself with the sensations connected with the wind. It is recommended that one meditates on a still day and focus on the minor changes of wind movement.

Start Practicing Indoor

Some say that it’s best to begin by practicing indoors in a room without a fan. When you’ve reached a state of calm, try to meditate on the feeling of the wind blowing onto your face.

Another way is to put both hands about seven centimeters from each other and try to push the air back and forth between the hands, moving up to making small tornadoes.

Small tornado between hands during aerokinesis practice
Place your hands about seven centimeters apart and try to push the air back and forth between your hands moving up to make small tornadoes.

Go Outside When You are Ready

When you feel more comfortable, you can try practicing aerokinesis outside. With closed eyes, hold your palms upward and visualize that there are strings stretching from your fingers to the sky. These strings then bind onto the molecules of air. Now pull the strings down and feel the air blow onto you, then loosen your grip on the air. Repeat this multiple times.

Another method is to try to move easily-blown objects, such as wind chimes or tree leaves. Using the same string visualization, try to pull the air through the objects to make them move. These powers may also be used to block yourself from the wind. One can stand on a windy day and bring their hands before them, then visualize a force field surrounding their body that protects them.

Some have claimed that the martial arts style Ba Gua Zhang may have connections to this power as well, possibly because it was the style practiced in the series Avatar: The Last Airbender (or vice-versa).

Aerokinesis: Fake or Real?

The internet is filled with personal accounts of having these powers, especially on youtube videos and comments sections. One thing to keep in mind is that it is easy to fake this power on video, where one could have a fan hidden off screen or filmed on a windy day. Of all the telekinetic powers, this may be the easiest to fool yourself with. Considering that mastering the practice involves meditating outside and patiently concentrating on the air or moving objects, any unpredictable gust can be interpreted as proof due to confirmation bias.

Start practicing today

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This is not to say that aerokinesis definitively does not exist, but the fact that we do not see super powered being everywhere suggests that either those who’ve mastered this ability are hiding it or it likely doesn’t exist. There’s little research on this particular power, and in general, most experiments have concluded that any form of telekinesis is likely fiction.

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