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Meet the Spiritual Makers

Introducing Sean McNamara – a pioneer in Telekinesis and Remote Viewing, and a true explorer of consciousness

Sean McNamara‘s journey into the depths of consciousness and psychic phenomena commenced from a spark of curiosity ignited by telekinesis videos on YouTube. This curiosity blossomed into a profound practice as Sean, leveraging his extensive meditation knowledge, learned to manipulate objects such as tin foil and paper with nothing but the power of his mind. His achievements in telekinesis propelled him to write “Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method,” a guide designed to empower others to unlock their innate psychic potential. Sean’s passion for teaching has shown that with dedication and the right instruction, anyone can access their psychic abilities.


Residing in Denver, Colorado, Sean not only practices as a mental health counselor but also extends his teachings through telehealth, reaching clients statewide. His counseling eschews religious confines, promoting experiences of discovery, peace, interconnection, and compassion. Sean’s exploration has broadened to include lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and remote viewing, aiming to share the inspirational aspects of these practices.


Sean’s interest in the Egely Wheel stems from its effectiveness in providing immediate feedback on vital energy, an aspect he finds invaluable in teaching and personal practice. By integrating this tool, Sean enhances the understanding and development of psychic abilities, guiding others on their spiritual paths and highlighting the interconnectedness of all things. Through his teachings, writings, and counseling, Sean McNamara remains committed to making the mystical accessible, encouraging exploration beyond the physical realm.

Experiment with Qi Gong or other energy work.

Qi Gong exercises like “standing stake,” yoga, or other energy systems are great compliments to training with the Egely Wheel.


This video kicks off a compelling series where Sean McNamara unveils the Egely Wheel, a device crafted to measure the subtle energy emanating from our bodies. Through detailed demonstrations and personal insights, Sean introduces breathing techniques and hand placements designed to enhance the wheel’s movement, reflecting our vitality levels.


As he explores the Egely Wheel’s functionality, Sean sets up a foundation for understanding how our energy can influence physical objects. This introduction not only promises a deep dive into energy manipulation but also hints at collaborative experiments and distance influence in upcoming episodes.

Introducing Cedric Eolix – a Holistic Researcher and Designer Focused on Vital Energy Enhancement

Cedric Eolix, an innovative mechanical engineer specializing in industrial design since 2000, has dedicated his career to exploring the realm of vital energy or bio-energy. His passion lies in developing and maintaining optimal vitality for better health through holistic research and design. Cedric’s journey into holistic health led him to create products that counteract harmful electromagnetic waves, using what some refer to as scalar waves to improve cellular communication and bioenergy flow in all living beings.


By integrating dowsing and the Egely Wheel into his research, Cedric measures the profound impact of his products on vital energy, striving to optimize health and vitality. His approach is not just about mitigating the negatives but enhancing the positives, making holistic wellness accessible to everyone.


As the creator of the heliquantix product line, distributed through his Etsy shop, Cedric continues to share his knowledge and innovations with a broader audience. He defines himself as more than just an engineer; he is a holistic researcher and designer committed to enhancing life’s vitality through sustainable and health-promoting designs.


Through his work, Cedric Eolix embodies the spirit of holistic health and sustainability, offering pathways to improved well-being while navigating the challenges of modern life.

Elevating Vitality through Chakra Balancing.

I use an antenna disc on my chakras to increase my vitality.


Joining the fingers, we concentrate the energy locally, it is possible to spin the Egely wheel faster than with the hand.


I keep the glove on, I manage to spin the wheel at 13 rpm. Without the glove, I achieve a rotation of 14 rpm. In the image opposite, I was able to go up to 19 rpm using a Lakhovsky disc. It’s rewarding to spin the wheel at such speed, it also shows the telekinetic power we all have!

Introducing Nate Young – a Master in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, Cultivator of Chi, and Mind Mastery Mentor

Sifu Nathan Young, with over a decade of experience at the UFC Gym in Hawaii, stands at the forefront of martial arts teaching, specializing in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do. Through the disciplined practice of chi gong, Sifu Nate has expanded his teachings to include mind sight, remote viewing, and telekinesis, empowering students to unlock their inherent “superpowers.” Certified by luminaries like Grand Master Richard Bustillo and Sifu Larry Hartsell, and having trained with first and second-generation instructors such as Dan Inosanto and Taky Kimura, Sifu Nate’s lineage and expertise are unparalleled.


His approach integrates the art, science, and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, emphasizing a holistic training that nurtures both the body and mind. By teaching students to see their bodies as martial instruments and adopting Bruce Lee’s philosophy of “Using No Way as Way and Having No Limitation as Limitation,” he guides them towards self-liberation and the actualization of their full potential.


Residing in the spirit of martial arts, Sifu Nate is dedicated to transforming students into warriors of life, making the profound teachings of martial arts accessible to all.

With every breath see yourself moving it and if your mind is totally focused with no doubt in your head it will move.

If you practice Telekinesis you can move it under glass by relaxing and connecting with the Egely Wheel by getting to know it through detailed observation about the shape, size, weight and relaxed but focused energy flow towards the wheel.


Sifu Nate Young explores the synergy between martial arts and vital energy using the Egely Wheel. He demonstrates how focused breathing and energy visualization can influence the wheel, reflecting the energy boost from martial training. This session not only showcases the impact of disciplined practice on bioenergy but also offers a method to measure this enhancement.


Watch as Sifu Nate reveals the direct correlation between martial arts exercises and increased vital energy, providing a unique perspective on the power of martial disciplines to elevate one’s energetic state.

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  1. I just unpacked it, the delivery was very fast. I find the wooden box and the colourful indicator cool, I will keep it in my bag to practice while I’m away from home. The booklet is reaaly useful. I bought the pack for my crystals, can’t wait to try the two together.

    Image #1 from Bernadett K.
    (0) (0)
  2. Works every time. Flawless. Beautiful packaging and a nice vivid red color too. I keep it in the box on an office shelf to display and show others. Love it!

    (0) (0)
  3. I absolutely love this device. It has made such a difference to my telekinesis practice.

    (0) (0)
  4. I just got my egly wheel for Christmas and I’m so happy. The quality, beautiful wooden box, design… Can’t wait to be able to do the maximum level. I’m definitely going to recommend this to my friends. Do you maybe have in plan to make more versions of this device that will look different or that could measure even higher levels of electromagnetic fields?

    (0) (0)
  5. Thanks for this wonderful device
    The device arrived within one week as expected and nicely packaged. The battery was weak so I had to change it. In order to get started I to read the little booklet that came with it cover to cover. Really inspirational 👍🏾.
    The first I tried when I tried to gauge my vitally level, I realized it very low which I guess I was stressed then after work. But early in the morning after doing some meditation I able to 12 which is with 100%. I now have to change my diet to fruits and vegetables and some fish. I have been doing it for some days now and vitality rate gone up. My highest so far is 23 almost 400% with my right hand and left hand 16. Sorry I was not able to record any video but I hope to do that soon. Thank you

    Image #1 from RICHARD ELIKPLIM
    Image #2 from RICHARD ELIKPLIM
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