Lightnings between two hands during Electrokinesis practice


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Electrokinesis is the ability to control or even create electrical fields, often through manipulating the charged particles of the atom, all with the power of the mind.

The termelectrokinesis” is formed by combining the Greek terms for amber (“electrum” which produces a static charge when rubbed) and movement (“kinesis”). It confusingly shares a term with the study of electric charge through fluids.

Electrokinesis practice hands
With the ability of electrokinesis, one is able to channel electricity in and out of their body, which can be made use of, both as a weapon, and as a way of recovering from injuries.

This power has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. Various mythologies describe gods who have the power to create or harness the electrical powers of lightning, most notably Thor from Germanic mythology and Zeus/Jupiter from the Greco-Roman traditions.


Famous Examples of Electrokinesis in Fiction

This is a commonly portrayed superpower in fiction, and due to its destructive applications is often possessed by villains. Arguably, the most famous users are the Sith (also known as “the dark side”) from the Star Wars universe, some of whom possess the ability to shoot lightning from their fingertips.

Another popular character who utilized electrokinesis is Marvel‘s Thor, who stars in his own series of comic books, films, as well as being a member of the Avengers. In a recent film, Shazam!, we also see the titular character use this power in some comical applications.

Applications of Electrokinesis

In our electronics-dominated society, it is not difficult to devise a myriad of applications for this power, both benevolent and malevolent. If one is able to generate electricity, this could benefit billions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. In an even more low grade level, this could be used to charge one’s electronic devices or power their home.

Of course, given how dangerous high charges of electricity are, this is a power that could be extremely harmful to others in addition to the wielder if not controlled properly, especially because many of our body systems require electricity to function.

How to Learn Electrokinesis

If one wishes to learn this power, it is important to gain a strong basis in meditation, because most mind powers are dependent upon intense concentration. Bring yourself to a state of relaxation and visualize the electrical currents flowing through you. After you gain control of this step, you can extend it to other objects close by or create a ball of electrical energy.

See How to Practice Electrokinesis with a simple device.

You can also take an object like a tazer and try to extend the range of its electrical field. Keep in mind that even low levels of psychic ability involve many hours of focused concentration. It is recommended to practice a bit every day and that you have faith in your abilities.

Our Body Produces and Uses Electricity

It isn’t outrageous as it sounds to believe that humans have the potential to develop such abilities, even if the idea of electrically powered super beings is a bit frightening. Thankfully, the world has yet to be terrorized by such a villain, implying that nobody has managed to develop this power to a strong degree.

Electrokinesis practice: a ball of electrical energy above a hand
After you have reached a state of relaxation and visualized the electrical currents flowing through you, you can try to create a ball of electrical energy.

Still, our body does produce and use electricity. For example, by controlling the concentration of potassium and sodium in our cells, we create an electrical charge that makes our heart beat. Our entire nervous system, including our ability to think, is a result of electrical charges being sent along a chain of neurons.

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These facts alone do not make electrokinesis possible, but since the body does use and produce electricity, this is enough to stimulate our electrically-powered imagination into believing that we can master this power.

Electricity Producing Animals

There are examples of animals who produce enough electricity to be used outside of their bodies. The most famous is the electric eel, a South American fish that can shock animals in its vicinity. The mere existence of such an animal does imply that humans can develop such powers of electrokinesis through concentration alone, namely because we lack the special organs needed for this process.

Still, the fact that an animal can use the same underlying chemical processes that exist in our own bodies for this purpose is a teasing in its prospects.

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