Types of Life Energy

Types of Life Energy


Until only recently, most models of the universe included some concept of a vital energy that flowed through all living things. The Greeks had the concept of pneuma, which was breath of life and the very substance of our soul. The ancient Chinese had the concept of Qi, the force that gives us life. In India, many believed in the similar concept of prana or the more powerful feminine energy of kundalini, which could give people fantastic powers.

Modern scientists have tried to work vital energies into our current conceptions of the universe.

Wilhelm Reich proposed the idea of orgone, a sexual energy that animates living things. Renowned chemist Baron Carol Von Reichenbach believed that the moon gave off the Odic force which could have both positive and negative applications.


Still, like the ancient theories, these modern life energy concepts have been mostly debunked by science.

This has not stopped many people worldwide from continuing to believe in life energy.

They simply maintain that we just lack the proper ability to measure it using our current technology. Recent discoveries have given these ideas some credence. Some biologists have proposed our bodies do, in fact, have an energy system that is based in the heart. This marks exciting times for life energy research.

Explore the wild world of life energy.

We have selected 19 types of life energy from both the past and present and explored their theories, history, uses, and scientific backing. Our goal is to present a balanced view on this controversial topic, finding the line between scepticism and faith.


Still, like the ancient theories, these modern life energy concepts have been mostly debunked by science.

Check the Types of Life Energy below:

Merkabah or Merkaba is a term from Jewish mysticism. It can either refer to God’s chariot or a star symbol that is believed to contain special powers. Learn more...

Tachyon energy is a new age concept based upon a theorized subatomic particle that can travel faster than the speed of light. Learn more...

The Egely Wheel is a universal life energy meter. No matter what energy type you choose to use, the Egely Wheel can give you the help you need to harness it. If you practice telekinesis, yoga, healing, or meditation, the Egely Wheel is the best investment you can make. Unlock your true potential today.

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