Life Energy


The world is coursing with a powerful energy


Would you rather use it or let it pass you by? Do you ever feel like there is
something greater than the world you can see? Do you ever wonder if we’re all somehow connected?


You are not alone.

For thousands of years across numerous cultures, it was believed that there was an all-encompassing life force that bound us all together.

Modern thought has mostly left this thinking behind, but not completely. There’s still a large community of scientists and philosophers that believe there’s benefit to be found in the energy realm. Some call it prana, some chi, others just life energy. Whatever term you choose, tapping into the forces around you can have a profound effect on your life.

Some practice yoga or meditation to help develop this energy from within. Others may use this energy to heal themselves and others when modern medicine is not enough.


Some even claim that harnessing the world’s life energy can empower us with fantastic abilities thought to only exist in fiction.

Here we offer a brief, but balanced look at a variety of topics related to life energy.

Learn about different energy types, how they can be applied as complementary medicine. Explore different methods of yoga and meditation to help you strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Marvel at the amazing applications of life energy that some claim to use.


Many of these concepts lack scientific backing and we don’t shy from presenting the facts. At the same time, we also want to remain open minded to possible explanations for these fantastic seeming ideas. The possible benefits of life energy remain closed to any who cannot open their hearts.

Discover, develop, use, and measure your life energy, here at Life Energy Science.


Discover Your Life Energy

The concept of an all-encompassing life energy has pervaded most of the world’s cultures for centuries.

Whether you choose to tap into the ancient Greek energy of pneuma, East Asia’s Qi, or India’s prana, embracing a vital energy can have transformative effects on your life.


Given the similarities of these beliefs across very different civilizations across the world, there’s a chance that all these energy types are just different terms for the same powerful force.

Despite the development of highly specialized measurement tools and ever more complex theories of the universe, modern physics has done little to verify the models that were once at the core of humanity’s belief systems.


Still, modern medical researchers have recently made strides in understanding how our bodies use energy.


Explore the history, science, and uses of a wide variety of life energy types. Maybe you’ll find one that can change your life.


Develop Your Life Energy

The concept of life energy has been an integral part of many cultures’ belief systems for thousands of years.

Great philosophers and thinkers have worked hard to advance the ways we can utilize this great power to the benefit of humanity. Vital energy is no longer just the realm of mystics and monks.


With enough practice, anybody with an open mind can discover and develop the methods that were once ancient secrets.

Sit back and delve into the world of life energy.

Here we take a balanced and scientific look at the world of energy healing, yoga, and meditation. Whether you believe in life energy or not, studies have shown that there is some benefit to including these practices in your life.


Also, new models of how our bodies function are beginning to reveal that our physiology depends even more upon energy than scientists once believed.

Are you willing to take the time to develop your life energy?
It may be life changing.


Develop yourself and harness the energy forces around you. Yoga has the power to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.


Do you follow all the rules for a health lifestyle, but still feel as if there’s an underlying problem you can’t fix? Click for the key.


Learn to balance your mind and soul with the energy surrounding you. Look inside yourself to see the world outside.


Use Your Life Energy

Do superpowers exist?

Ancient sources are filled with stories of mere humans who learned to harness life energy to do the impossible. Were these just legends or did they use superpower abilities that man has simply forgotten?


Here you can learn more about the outer limits of our mind’s great potential, from controlling fire and the weather to moving objects across space through our own will.


Can you use your life energy to change the world around you? Explore the frontiers of our mind’s great power. 


Measure Your Life Energy

At times it can feel a bit discouraging to be using your valuable time working with vital energy, only to get marginal results.

The reality is that developing your life energy is a long term pursuit with no true end. Yogis and mystics have to practice for many years before they reach even moderate levels of true enlightenment and psychokinetic power. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find some benefit early.

How can one measure life energy?

Scientists don’t even agree on whether it even exists. Hungarian engineer Dr. George Egely considered this very question and worked for over ten years trying to develop a way to quantify a person’s life force.


His dedication resulted in the Egely Wheel Vitality Meter.

The concept is simple.

The cogged wheel within the device is formulated to react to the presence of life energy. The faster the wheel spins, the greater a person’s level of vitality. It is highly sensitive to the user’s mood or level of concentration.


The Egely Wheel is a fun and visual way to train and measure your psychokinetic abilities and life energy.


What’s your life energy level? Measure your progress in your energy development today.