Flowing water over a hand during Hydrokinesis practice


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Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water with one’s mind. It comes from combining the Greek roots “hydro” for water, with “kinesis” for movement. This is not to be confused with the therapeutic practice of doing stretches or movements in pools of water.

The power of hydrokinesis is not just confined to moving water in liquid form, but controlling all physical forms it takes including ice and steam. This also includes the ability to change water into its other forms. Some others may be able to breathe underwater.

Hydrokinesis practice: water in a hand
Hydrokinesis is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate water and liquids in general.

Hydrokinesis is one of the Easiest Telekinetic Abilities

Hydrokinesis, at least at its elementary levels, is considered to be among the easiest of all the telekinetic abilities. Some like to argue that because our bodies and brains are composed of 60% water, this theoretically gives us control over the H2O molecules that comprise water. This is naturally pseudoscience.

There has been no conclusive evidence of any form of telekinesis. Belief of this power stretches back into ancient times. Namely in the worship of the hydrokinesis-weilding sea god Neptune/Poseidon from Greco-Roman philosophy.

Water content of the human body
Most of the human body is water, with an average of roughly 60%. The amount of water in the body changes slightly with age, sex, and hydration levels.


Hydrokinesis in Movies and Books

Although hydrokinesis is not the most popular superpower, it has appeared in a good number of comic books and films.

A recent popular example is the DC character Aquaman, who was recently featured in the 2018 film starring Jason Mamoa. The popular hero from the 1990s children’s program Captain Planet could also manipulate water, among other classic elements. Another popular television series for children and teenagers, the H2O: Just Add Water where three girls find out that ten seconds after coming into contact with water they transform into mermaids. After further experimentation, the girls also discover they have superpowers over water.

Applications of Hydrokinesis

If such abilities are real, then the applications could be profound. It could be used for both destructive and constructive purposes. For example, imagine if one could stop a tsunami from striking land. Very many lives could be saved.

See How to Practice Hydrokinesis with a simple device.

The fact that we do not see evidence of people using hydrokinesis for either good or evil implies a few different things, namely that the strength of the powers may be limited, people who have achieved them are hiding it, or they don’t exist.

How to Cultivate Hydrokinetic Powers

The internet offers various exercises and tips on how to cultivate hydrokinetic powers yourself, though these sites offer no proof that such powers exist. Most of these methods are based upon intense concentration and focus. The idea is that you should put yourself into a state of relaxation and try to focus your energy on the water. Close your eyes and visualize the water.

Start practicing today

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Based upon the above mentioned theory, the idea is to find that connection between the water before you and water that makes up your body. You have to become one with the water. Do your best to absorb yourself into the sensation of the water, then try to move it.

An easier training is to place your finger above the surface of the water and attempt to cause ripples. You could also try to move a small cork in a bowl or try to create waves in a bathtub and move a floating item.

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