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Cryokinesis is the ability to slow down the movement of atoms to such a point that it causes a significant drop in temperature, and ultimately causes objects to become frozen. It can also include the ability to control ice and other frozen objects.

Cryokinesis is related to the power of thermokinesis, which is the ability to alter the temperature of things around you. The name comes from the combination of the Greek roots for frost (cryo) and movement (kinesis).

There seems to be little to no formal experimentation on the existence of this ability, but comments on various pages about superpowers have anecdotal claims of cryokinetic abilities. In general, any form of psychokinesis has yet to be conclusively verified.

Ice in hands, cyrokinesis practice
Cryokinesis is the psychic ability to slow an object's particles causing a decrease in temperature thus it is the ability to freeze objects/liquids. The user can control ice and snow.


Cryokinesis in Hollywood

This power has received a lot of attention lately due to the runaway success of the Disney film Frozen, whose main character Elsa possesses such powers. It’s also been a fairly typical power in the superhero genre. The most notable examples are Iceman from Marvel’s X-Men franchise and one of Batman’s nemeses, Mr. Freeze, who was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1997 film Batman and Robin.

Applications of Cryokinesis

Naturally, this ability has a wide range of applications, both useful and dangerous. The ability to lower the temperature of things can be extremely helpful for food safety and preservation. Cryokinesis can be convenient for creating ice instantly, especially for drink preparation.

See How to Practice Cryokinesis with a simple device.

One could use this to help lower ambient temperatures both to increase comfort or even for health purposes of cooling down people who are suffering from overheating.

Of course, there are very destructive ways one could use this power including creating avalanches, freezing bodies of water, and even freezing living things.

How to Practice Cryokinesis

There are people who believe that one can learn these powers with enough practice. It is suggested that one should begin by acclimatizing oneself and decreasing sensitivity to cold temperatures. One way is to bring water very nearly to freezing, then place your finger into the water for increasing periods of time. Be cautious because there is the potential for frostbite.

Much like other psychic powers, the key to cryokinesis is meditation. Bring yourself to a state of relaxation and close your eyes. Focus deeply on the image of molecules and visualize them slowing down until they stop moving. Some even like to imagine frost forming upon them.

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You can practice by using a thermometer and trying to see if you can lower its temperature.

Another method is to place your hand above a bowl of water and imagine a blue energy flowing from your hands that stops the movement of the water molecules. With practice, some people claim to have formed ice particles.

Is Cryokinesis Real or Fiction?

There is some evidence and stories of Tibeten monks being able to show almost unbelievable abilities of controlling temperature. One study on the meditation techniques they’ve used has concluded that with practice, people can develop the ability to control their own body temperature to a moderate degree. Although this is interesting as suggests the need for further study, this is a far cry from actual cryokinesis.

Tibetan monk is sitting and practicing meditation
There are some stories of Tibetien monks being able to control temperature.

The fact that we don’t see superpowered humans taking advantage of these abilities suggests that anyone who has mastered the power has either not developed it to a profound level of strength or chooses to remain hidden. There is also the possibility that this ability exists only in the realm of fiction.

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