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The complete Egely Wheel experience. The Vitality Pack contains the original Egely Wheel, the 84-page booklet and the Vitality Indicator.

for The Complete Egely Wheel Experience

Looking to make the most out of your mind’s hidden potential? Look no further. Take a breath of fresh air and learn how to meditate, allowing you to connect with your inner peace. Our all-in-one Vitality Pack has everything you need to start your incredible journey through a lifetime of happiness and spiritual mindfulness.


Each set includes an Egely Wheel elegantly presented in a premium-built wooden box with a Vitality Indicator for quick, portable self-assessments. You’ll also get an extensive guide (84-page booklet) you can reference every step of the way. Explore a world of endless possibilities and limitless options once you truly open your mind.


Get yours today and reap all the benefits of a healthy, balanced bioenergy!

34 reviews for Vitality Pack

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  1. I was lucky enough to snag the Egely Wheel during the Christmas promotion, which meant I got an excellent deal on it. But even better than the price was the delivery – it arrived at my doorstep in just three days! I was thrilled with the speed and efficiency. As for the product itself, I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the Egely Wheel. It’s a truly unique product that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The quality is top-notch, and I can tell that a lot of care and attention went into its design and creation. All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend the Egely Wheel to anyone looking for something a little bit different and special.

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    • Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your kind words about the Egely Wheel and are glad to hear that it contributed to making your Christmas a little brighter:) We hope you continue to enjoy using the product and wish you good health while doing so. Thank you again for your support.

  2. Can we develop the power, or can we do it. That is the question, there some say one and two or say the other thing, it’s like some you never did you don’t know if you can. Until you try. Thank you Dr. Egely. Amazing invention.

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    • The force of life exists inside us and around us. There is an ocean of energies, and even though we cannot perceive them with our five senses, they have a profound effect on us. Enjoy your Egely Wheel and explore your Power:)

  3. I absolutely love this Egely Wheel! It works so well. I love that its functionality. I’ve only had it for a month now but I’m super impressed with the quality for the price! And the delivery was real quick! Also the wooden box feels premium.

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    • We are very happy that you shared your opinion about Egely Wheels with us. We wish you every success in using it:)

  4. It took a little longer than expected to arrive due to unforeseen holdups with Customs Control, however I was kept constantly updated by Csaba throughout, thank you.
    It has arrived this morning’s and I’m thrilled!
    Now my journey begins, getting to know my new best friend.🙏

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    • Dear Candy, it was not easy:))) Thank you very much for your patience and your review!

  5. The free flow of life energy is essential. With the Egely Wheel you can control the flow of your own energy. This is very important to me, as I believe that yoga, when done correctly, has a wonderful effect on one’s whole being. As a yoga teacher, I want to bring this feeling into people’s lives. I no longer have just one wheel, as I take measurements with my students before and after classes. I give a little homework for those who need to improve: they can bring home a Vitality Indicator to make measurements at home. These are excellent tools to check whether you are performing the yoga sessions correctly.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! The Egely Wheel is becoming more and more popular in Yoga, it’s great to hear that you are popularizing the Egely Wheel too:)

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