Psionic Energy

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Psionic Energy

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Psionic energy is a primarily fictional concept that describes an energy made up of particles called psions that can power certain psionic abilities such as telepathy or telekinesis. Despite the implications of its name, there seems to be little connections between the superpowers and electronics, though this depends on the fictional world in which it exists.

Psionic energy is very similar to the idea of psychokinetic energy, which is the standard term used by researchers of parapsychology.

Psionic energy, psychokinesis
Psionic energy is an area of energy that relates to psychic powers like psychokinesis.

Evolution of Concept

The term “psionic energy” was coined in the 50s by combining “psi” and the ending of the word “electronic”. Psi, which is merely the 23rd Greek letter, was applied to parapsychology in the 1940s by B. P. Wiesener and R. H. Thouless to describe phenomena of a paranormal (or rather unknown) origin or simply as a synonym for “psychic” when referring to parapsychological concepts.

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The term “psionics” was first used by writer Jack Williamson in a science fiction story. It has since been accepted by the science fiction and comic book community as a generally analogous term for psychokinesis.

Jack Williamson was the first who used the term psionics
The term"psionics" was first used by Jack Williamson (1908-2006), an American science fiction writer.

Uses of Psionics

The use for psionic energy is more or less the same as that of psychokinesis. Naturally, if one were to have mystical powers, the beneficial or malevolent applications to both oneself and society at large would be endless. The term itself is typically tied to the fictional realm, whereas most parapsychologists choose to study psychokinesis instead.

Psionic Energy in Popular Culture

In general, psionic powers have captured the imagination of film viewers and fiction readers for decades. For example, in the X-Men universe many psychic abilities are facilitated by the existence of such an energy. It can be hard to specifically attribute this element of the story as being instrumental to X-men‘s success, but it cannot be denied that it makes up a part of it.

Psionic energy appears in Dungeon and dragons, as well as popular video games such as Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft. It had a particular boom of popularity in the 1950s scientific novels.

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Psionic Healing

Like many terms that have mystical connotations or connections to some unmeasurable vital energy, various groups have adopted the term to help market alternative healing. There seems to be no practical difference between psionic healing and any other method, and any research into the potential benefits of psionic healing seems to be lacking.

Despite having been developed as a researchable parapsychological concept, the term itself seems to have been abandoned and left as a cool sounding word in the world of science fiction.

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