How to measure your Vitality level with Egely Wheel?

Egely Wheel Vitality Meter, a device for measuring energy level

How to measure your Vitality level with Egely Wheel?

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Egely Wheel can give you guidance for your everyday life by measuring your Vitality level.

Vitality quotient shows the level of bioenergy

The measured value is called VQ, vitality quotient. This is a comparison value which shows how our actual bioenergy level is in comparison with the average. “Bioenergy” is the term used in alternative medicine, Eastern tradition, philosophy and esoteric literature, which refers to the invisible flow of living organisms around the body – without which there is no life. Humans are kept alive by this bioenergy. According to these cultures, all living beings have bioenergy to a greater or lesser extent.

Unlike the intelligence quotient, IQ, where there isn’t a great difference between two people (even the measures are not exact), the vitality quotient can be measured objectively and differences can vary greatly. Large differences could occur depending on your build, mentality and life habits.

Use the Egely Wheel at home

Place the device on a horizontal surface, remove the plastic cover, and cup your hand around its curved upper surface as shown in the product logo. It is important to find a place where you can concentrate, try to avoid drafts and any other disturbances. The best place is a cosy room with closed windows. After 30 to 60 seconds, the ultra-lightweight mylar-like Wheel will begin to rotate spontaneously on its tiny balance point. As you relax, it may turn faster.

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The inventor is Dr. George Egely, a Hungarian mechanical engineer and physicist with specialized expertise in thermodynamics and energy transfer. After thousands of sessions with hundreds of subjects, he found that those with the highest levels of “Vitality” can make it turn fastest. Extroverted “charismatic” personalities, healers and independent nonconformists tended to show the highest scores. More passive, inward personalities scored lower, and the lowest readings were scored by people who were ill or depressed. The highest reading he encountered came from the mathematician Ernő Rubik – the developer of the popular Rubik’s Cube.

Internal electronics measure the speed of rotation, and a state-of-the-art flashing, colored LED display lights up your score, from 0 to 400 (the average score is near 100).

Egely Wheel and table about the possible results
This table shows the evaluation and the comparisons of the vitality quotients at our best form, maximum performance.

Several factors can influence the vitality quotient level

Worrying about low scores is not helpful. Try to raise your personal vitality quotient instead of worrying. Your scores can grow very quickly if you increase the quality of your life. (Sleeping well, doing sports, eating healthy, doing relaxing exercises, taking vitamins, etc.) It is very interesting to observe under what circumstances we register higher or lower readings.

It is an inclusive measure of your overall vitality, it certainly is a measure of energy emanating from you hand that causes the rotation, and therefore it offers an “objective” measure of the strength of that aspect of your aura or energy field.

The little Wheel is fragile, so you have to be careful when you remove the plastic cover. But if you use it properly, your Egely Wheel should give you years of great service. The device is powered by one 9V battery which is included in the pack + you get 1 year warranty.

Egely Wheel Vitality meter measures life energy flow
Check your Vitality Level with Egely Wheel Vitality Meter.
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