Energy Transfer: Mapping People’s Energy with the Egely Wheel

Two people, sitting cross-legged, measure their combined energy levels with an Egely Wheel, suggesting a deeper connection through joint vitality assessment.

Energy Transfer: Mapping People’s Energy with the Egely Wheel

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The energy transfer that occurs between people and how it affects human health is interrelated, which is why it is especially important to consider the quality of energy we carry and project onto others, as well as the energy we perceive from those around us. It is believed that most people can consciously influence the direction of the energy flow surrounding their bodies. Therefore, the question arises: how does this constant internal flow of energy behave when we study and measure not only the energy flow conditions of an individual, but also the collective energy field of two or more people? This article attempts to answer that question.

Different amounts of energy leave the human body at different points. This energy, as those who can see auras have long noted, probably flows in a closed loop around our bodies, and when it exits at our hands, for example, it can enter at another point.

Abstract representation of vibrant energy transfer between two hands with electric blue and fiery orange colors symbolizing dynamic human interaction.
As we explore the flow of energy between people, this illustration captures the essence of energetic exchange, reflecting how we influence and are influenced by the energies of those we interact with.

The flow of energy in relationships is a two-way street: on the one hand, we are responsible for what we project onto others; on the other hand, we are responsible for the energy we receive, in other words, for the kind of people we surround ourselves with.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Energy Flow in the Body with Dr. George Egely

Dr. George Egely, a Ph.D. research engineer, former member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and inventor of the Life Energy Meter, has extensively researched the human energy field.

Egely measured the flow of energy using the so-called “water vortex” method, and he noticed that when young and active university students performed the measurements, the results captured on film were better than in cases where he performed the measurements while tired.

At first he thought it was a coincidence, but his opinion changed when the discrepancy became systematic. What could be the reason? he asked himself. Eventually, he concluded that energy flowing out of one person can flow into another, and the direction of the flow is determined by the level or potential difference between the two individuals.

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The Dynamics of Distance in Energy Exchange

The energy exchange between humans can be easily verified with the Egely Wheel. If someone reads a constant value on the device, a person standing one or two meters behind them can transfer their own energy to them. Experience clearly shows that energy can sometimes be transferred over surprisingly long distances.

A human hand hovering over the Egely Wheel vitality meter, demonstrating the measurement of energy transfer.
As we delve into the dynamics of energy exchange, the Egely Wheel serves as a testament to the ability to measure and influence energy fields, with evidence showing significant changes in energy readings during close proximity interactions.

So-called hands-on energy transfer occurs either by contact or from a distance of a few centimeters. While measuring with the Vitality Meter, Egely thoroughly tested the effect of it between two people. The measurement always proceeded as follows: he looked for a subject with a long-term average vitality level and an energy donor with a high vitality level.

The subject with the high energy level typically stood two to three meters behind the person performing the measurement with the Egely Wheel and either gave or took energy on a hand signal. In cases of energy transfer, the reading increased significantly by 100-150%. Of course, all the measurements were done in such a way that the person whose life energy level was being measured was unaware of the experiment.

The rapid increase in the revolutions of the Vitality Meter indicated that the person being measured was actually able to give off more energy. When asked what the person whose energy was being measured felt, the common response was that they could feel the surge of energy within them and that they felt much fresher and more energetic. In other words, they reported an overall improvement in well-being.

The energy transfer between two people depends on the distance, as the effect decreases with distance, but is still measurable at a distance of four to five meters. It is true that no energy flow has been measured at distances of tens or hundreds of meters, but Vitality Meter can perform these experiments.

The Relationship Between Life Energy Levels and Energy Transfer

The fact that only those with higher energy levels could achieve improvement was not surprising, since in physics energy can move from a higher to a lower potential value. However, while this is a completely automatic process in physics, the same cannot be said in this case.

Dr. George Egely has found individuals who, despite being at a higher level than the subject of the measurement, were unable to transfer their energy. This failure may have been due to stage fright, but it’s also possible that not everyone is able to “open up” to energy transfer or direct it adequately.

Dr. George Egely
Hungarian Engineer / Inventor
(1950 – )
Our measurements have shown that to be a good healer, it's not enough to have a high energy level; it's also crucial to be able to direct the energy. Where and with what intensity the energy is sent is very important. In the Philippines, we met a ``miracle doctor`` who was able to reverse the motion of the Egely Wheel and then send the energy back and forth between two devices, a feat that's almost impossible for the average mortal to accomplish.

The Dual Nature of Energy Exchange between People

Energy can be withdrawn as well as transferred. When the person standing behind the test taker focuses on withdrawing energy instead of transferring it, the revolutions of the Egely Wheel decrease drastically within a few seconds; in one or two cases, the direction of rotation of the wheel also changes.

The subject reports suddenly feeling tired, heavy, and generally unwell. Very few people are able to perform this energy extraction, mainly those who have had some practice in changing the direction of the wheel’s rotation.

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Interestingly, more people are able to increase energy than block it, and the latter only works from a shorter distance. Experience shows that blocking is practically impossible from a distance of 4-5 meters.

These experiments suggest that the “curse” or damage mentioned in folklore is a real, measurable process. However, since the person casting the curse must significantly alter their own energy flow, it’s uncertain whether this could ultimately be detrimental to them in the long run.

In the Energy Flow Two Hands Are Better than One

The simplest form of energy transfer among several people is when more than one person places their hand next to the Vitality Meter. A general observation is that acquaintances or friends together achieve a higher number of rotations than individually.

Two people, sitting cross-legged, measure their combined energy levels with an Egely Wheel, suggesting a deeper connection through joint vitality assessment.
Sean McNamara and his partner illustrate the power of unity in energy work, using the Egely Wheel to measure the combined vitality of their relationship, highlighting how mutual understanding and connection can influence energetic interactions.

The vitality quotient do not add up linearly: two people with 100% vitality do not have a combined vitality of 200%, but a slightly lower value. The addition of a third and fourth person will further increase the vitality level, but to a lesser extent.

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When people who don’t really know or like each other participate in a joint measurement, the result is usually a low number of revolutions, well below their individual results. This means that these tensions can be measured.

This significant drop in performance indicates that psychological factors have a significant impact on human vitality. In fact, a deteriorated atmosphere at work or in the family can drastically lower people’s vitality levels and lead to health problems in the long run.

Did You Know?

energy transfer

Blending Eastern wisdom with Western scientific rigor, Energy Medicine has gained cross-cultural acceptance despite skepticism from the scientific community about the mechanism of the phenomenon. Research on Therapeutic Touch and other healing modalities has documented impressive benefits: accelerated wound healing, pain reduction, changes in hemoglobin levels and DNA structure, and psychological improvements. These results suggest the existence of energy transfer, often without physical touch, indicating some form of energy flow between healer and patient. Energy transfer, known in psychotherapy since Freud, is now considered crucial in the healing professions. The intention and attitude of the healer are critical in facilitating the healing process.

Studies are also exploring how the human body, especially the electromagnetic signals of the heart, affects others around it. The HeartMath Institute is a leading organization in this area. Heart rhythm coherence, a state in which the heartbeat rhythm is regular and stable, often correlates with positive emotional states and stress reduction. Positive emotions, such as love or gratitude, make the heart rhythm pattern more coherent and can potentially transfer this state to others, improving harmony and communication within a group. These phenomena are supported by studies of electromagnetic fields and bioelectromagnetic communication.

People as Channels of Energy Transfer

Overall, the flow of energy between people affects health. Everyone gives off a certain amount and quality of energy that affects those around them. This is what the Egely Wheel measures. To further personalize this experience, the portable version of the Egely Wheel, known as the Vitality Indicator, allows you to measure the energy flow from both of your hands independently, providing insights into the energetic balance between your brain’s hemispheres. It’s up to you how you respond: allow the positive energy to lift you up and resist the negative energies.

Two hands positioned symmetrically around an Egely Wheel and a Vitality Indicator to measure energy output, showcasing the concept of bilateral energy flow.
Exploring the symphony of energy between the hands, the Egely Wheel and Vitality Indicator together reveal the dynamic transfer and balance of personal energy, guiding us on a journey to understand and harness our inner vitality.

Try to spend more time with positive people. If for some reason you cannot do this, then arm yourself against people who transmit harmful energies by practicing meditation and mindfulness, carrying amulets, living with gratitude in your heart and other methods.

In summary, ask yourself, how do you want to feel? Do you want to be someone who adds to the brightness of the world, or someone who dims it? Join us on this special journey into the healing power of energy if you are fascinated by the world of energy transfer.

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