What does the Egely Wheel measure?

What does the Egely Wheel measure?

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The latest scientific research, consistenly prove that our universe is fundamentally made of energy like bioenergy. People that utilize alternative medical treatments such as bioenergy, or life energy and/or are interested in holistic healing therapies methods are probably familiar with the concept of bioenergy and with therapies for health enhancement purposes based on bioenergy. More and more known experts join the research of bioenergy.

Both Western and Chinese medicines study the same object the human body, however they approach the question of bioenergy that actually operates it from different aspects. They aim to discover what we are really like, why we sometimes get ill, how the illnesses develop and change, how can we combat and prevent them. The results of these studies however are very different from each other, which difference is originated from bioenergy researches.

In Western medicine we have constructed our picture of the anatomy using the very latest scientific technology. Although we have not paid attention to the field of bioenergy. We use such knowledge in finding cures for various diseases, whether through antibiotics for infections, creams for skin problems, inhalers for expiratory conditions, and antiacid medicine for stomach problems. Bioenergy research though deals with life energy and vitality. Such a method may have previously worked on ocassion, but not anymore since it doesn’t include bioenergy. Moreover, this is not to mention the fact that we are almost totally defenceless against viral infections.

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Why don’t we pay more attention to bioenergy? Scientifically justified knowledge of the human body should we not be able to obtain more satisfactory treatment results? It is here that we must revert to the basics, the fundations of our knowledge and theories about aour human body and to the existence of bioenergy. In western medicine, this knowledge is derived from the study of dead specimens and dead human tissue. The information we get from these dead samples do not represent all that could be derived from living humans. Bio energy can only be examined on a person alive. Therefore, it is understandable that in transferring our knowledge based on dead samples to the process of developing cures for problems of living persons, we cannot expect the results to be very satisfactory. Bioenergy can only be examined on a person alive.

Here, the question lies as what the difference is between that of a dead and living body. Of course the difference appears to be trivial, but in terms of Western anatomical analysis both states are essentially the same. Chinese medicine would respond by saying that the dead body is the one without bioenergy and the living body is the one with bioenergy. In other words, the dead body is one where bioenergy is missing, and in losing all its bioenergy a living body dies. In Chinese medicine, this bioenergy is called QI (or Ch’i, in japanese it’s Ki). It is roughly translated to mean an air-like substance or life-power. Variously translated using terms like vital force and internal energy (bioenergy), it is the name for a type of invisible power that circulates through the human body. The incorporation of the concept of this energy is the fundamental difference between the ideologies of Western and Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine the QI, bioenergy is considered a major constituent of the finctions in both, even though, admittedly, Chi energy cannot be directly seen.

In Chinese medicine the Chi bioenergy has two most important aspects. Firstly, the Chi must be in a state of flux and always be in this state. If this Chi movement is too slow or in the wrong direction, it will result in illness. Secondly, the Chi must be in a constant balance. That is, there must not be too much or too litle.

In fact the Chi can be stimulated through acupuncture or Chi going exercises, blocked by bad posture, enhanced with a proper diet, and depleted by stress, illness, and negative emotions. We can’t see it, nor is it visible indirectly to the tools of medical science, but many people consider it every bit as real as air or blood.

There is a small, strange-looking plastic box, a device, the Egely Wheel that measures Chi bioenergy. Ont he cover of the box there was a gearlike wheel, giving the device the overall look of a miniature, high-tech phonograph. Supposedly, when you bring your hand near the device, the wheel spins faster or slower on the amount of Chi you have. It’s called an Egely Wheel.

The Egely Wheel is the brainchild of Hungarian scientist Dr. George Egely. He developed what he calls a Vitality Meter based on a very lightweight wheel with a specially designed low-friction pivot. As for the electronics, those are used to provide a visual and/or audio indication of the wheel’s speed. There is nothing connecting physically to the wheel at all.

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