What is Vitality and How to Measure it?

Egely Wheel and table about the possible results

What is Vitality and How to Measure it?

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The measured value is called VQ, vitality quotient.

This is a comparison value which shows how our actual bioenergy, or vitality level is in comparison with the average. Unlike the intelligence quotient, IQ, where there isn’t a great difference between two people (even the measures are not exact), the vitality quotient can be measured objectively and differences can vary greatly. In some cases, the intelligence quotient can be influenced to be different for the same person. Tiredness or nervousness could make the results of vitality worse, but experiences show that by listening to pleasant music, the level of IQ might increase. Even more factors can influence the VQ (vitality quotient) level. (We will return to this in more detail later.) The table underneath shows the evaluation and the comparisons of the vitality quotients at our best form, maximum performance.

Period of incubation of illnesses, nervousness, worries or tiredness, weather fronts, cold weather or great heat strongly decrease the vitality level. But, when these are over, the level should become normal again. The above values correspond to people between the ages 14-60. Large differences could occur depending on your build, mentality and life habits.

Measuring the vitality can be done not only close to the hands (although that is the simplest and the most practical method) but also at the elbows, knees, legs or above the head. This device is only able to detect vitality from a short distance in most cases. But people having exceptional abilities can measure their VQ level even from a distance of some 10 cms. It’s enough in these cases if someone looks at the device or “shoots” energy with the fingers towards it and the wheel will start to rotate. This can be achieved by only a few people. (Another device will be developed to measure distant effects which will be a much more complicated one, but simple to use.)

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Summarizing the above we can say that the VQ is our vitality value in comparison to the average value. The tests made on more than a thousand people show that the average value is around 6 revolutions/minute. This is what we consider the average persons’ vitality level and this is when we say that somebody’s vitality is a 100%. The VQ shows the difference from the average, so if somebody’s vitality quotient is 150% that means that the measured revolution number is 6×1.5 that equals 9 which is already a value above the average. On the other hand, if someone’s vitality quotient is 50% the revolution number is 6×0.5, which equals 3 and this, unfortunately, is under the average. Of course, it is also interesting to measure how long this level can be kept by the individual, because it happens many times that although someone reaches a very high score, he/she will then get tired or, exhausted very quickly. Some people are able to hold a middle or a high vitality level, i. e. revolution number, for a very long time, even for half an hour. But, be careful not to measure yourself for a very long time, because it may exhaust you.

It’s not our aim that someone should make measurements very often or all the time with this device, because this can be tiring. The main aim of the device is to offer help in making changes in our life, that will increase our vitality level substantially and help us to be healthier and more competitive. It’s not a big trouble if our VQ level falls under 100% for a few weeks. We could be healthy still. It warns us take care of our health and to do as much as we can to bring our vitality at least up to the average level again.

In the following, we will summarize how the vitality can be increased and what effects make it increase or decrease.

How can the vitality be increased?

Let us see, in a nutshell, the most important factors that are affecting the level of our vitality, energy, productivity and competitiveness.


Probably the most important and simplest factor although only a few people know and appreciate the real importance of sleeping. Not only the number of hours we spend sleeping is important, but also when we sleep. The measurements we made so far have confirmed the old rule that the most useful is to start sleeping at 9 o’clock at night, or 10 o’clock at the latest, i.e. in the summer when the sun goes down. If we follow this natural ancient rhythm, the habit built into our organism during many hundreds of thousands of years will favourably affect our life. We will be able to rest much more efficiently than if we had started our sleep after midnight and continued to sleep during the day. This natural sleeping rhythm is much more restful and replenishing. The simplest way to improve our vitality level is by re-establishing our resting periods, so it’s worth starting with this.

Relaxing exercises

Another very important factor is to learn and use relaxation methods. Very old methods are available to replenish ourselves. The most ancient method may be Indian yoga , but in the Far-East in China methods have also been discovered which replenish us with the combination of breathing and special exercises like Chi-Kung . It’s important that after a short period of time we learn how we can bring ourselves into a stress-free status and through this fill our body with energy. This can be done in a very short time, even in few minutes. (Numerous detailed books, descriptions can be found about breathing techniques and meditational states). Medical science or psychology nowadays can separate some functional phases of the brain. On EEG measurements the name of alpha state is used to indicate the mental state of relaxation and energy replenishment. This roughly means that 10-11 Hertz of frequency can be detected in our brain if we examine its electric activity. You can learn how to reach this mental state. For example, a simple easy-to-learn method is Silva’s Mind Control . The ideal method could probably be a kind of combination of the mental and breathing techniques and according to our experiences this is the quickest way to replenish. This is the reason why even our posture will make a difference. It is very important to sit with a straight back so that our lungs can fill up with oxygen and allow our oxygen supply to be perfect. Hollow chests, stooping figure will make breathing and oxygen metabolism much more difficult and this will lead to low vitality level.


Sports are another type of relaxation and breathing exercise. We’re also able to improve our vitality level by playing sports. It is important to know, though, that it is not useful all the time or to any extent. We are able to measure at what limit sports will recharge us, and over what extent it will be too tiring , where it decreases the vitality level dangerously by overdoing exercises. Ideal sports are: swimming, reasonable gymnastics, jogging, or tennis if it is done in fresh air .

The above viewpoints have considered the mental techniques and oxygen metabolism, so let us now examine other factors, or circumstances that are effecting our vitality values. A majority of it will depend on our eating and drinking habits.


It is best if you check whether you are getting the right quantity of vitamins. The best way to do this is eating many row fruits and vegetables. Only use artificial products if you are unable to get natural food. Many vitamin supplements are available, you can try and see if your vitality level increases after the intake. Sometimes the lack of one or two vitamins can significantly lower your VQ level which is the easiest to recover by taking these vitamins.

Trace elements

The following problem of nutrition is much more complicated but very important. The question is how to insure the proper supply of trace elements. In our body there are more than twenty thousand enzymes which regenerate our body and help our metabolism. The enzymes are indispensable parts of the process that breaks down food. They use very important trace elements in relatively small quantities to function.

In our food, we usually receive enough of the six main building bio-elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sodium, and potassium). There is a much greater problem in receiving and integrating the five auxiliary bio-elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, natrium, kalium). Illnesses can occur, for example, an iron deficiency which is quite frequent. Most of all the supply of bio trace elements can be a problem. Modern agriculture produces plants that lack the proper amount of trace elements that our bodies require. Being in favour of quantity rather than quality we receive enough nourishment in quantity, but loose out in trace elements. Industrial environmental pollution destroys our enzymes even if there were enough trace elements in our food. The heavy metals prevent trace elements to build in our body due to this, they are extremely dangerous. It’s not enough just to receive the right amount of trace elements but it’s also important in what kind of chemical bonds they enter our body. It is by no means all the same how many valences they have and in what compound they are built in.

Unfortunately, our present-day technical civilization produces extremely harmful substances that could end up in our body blocking and making impossible the utilization of important trace elements. As we have already mentioned the enzymes can only function properly if the right quantity (18) and quality of trace elements such as silicon, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium, bromine, iodine, bismuth, etc. are available in our body.

But, some heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium prevent the above-mentioned trace elements from incorporating into in our bodies. They cause disorders in the metabolism and the synthesis of protein doesn’t function. So, the build up of lead in our blood decreases the supply of oxygen, and it can cause permanent damage. It is very important to have enough supply of trace elements and vitamins especially for people who live in cities and in an industrial environment because of the air and soil pollution which cause our body to receive too much heavy metals. Unfortunately, in today’s vegetables the quantity of heavy metals has increased dramatically. The thermal power stations have polluted the soil in many areas with acid in which case the right amount and right combination of trace elements can not be absorbed in the plants.

Therefore, if our VQ level is less than 100% for a long time, we have to try more trace element supplements for a longer period of time. This will allow the storage of trace elements to refill, and our enzymes and protein synthesis will improve. The quality of our enzymes is extremely important for our body’s immune system . The stronger our immune system is, the higher our vitality level will be. We have experienced, during the tests, that people living in big cities and suffering iron deficiency or anemia, had their vitality level often around 50%, but with a proper and successful trace element therapy within a few weeks it rose above the level of 100%.

Good supply of vitamins are also important during a temporary vitamin deficiency. The best results can be achieved by a good supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can be resolved within a few days and this can result in 20-30% increase in the VQ level. There isn’t a uniform dose to suit everyone, we have to experiment with ourselves to tell which is the best daily dose. It depends on the pollution of our area, on our lifestyle, work load, and eating habits.


Many argue about how much our eating habits influence the vitality level, and where should we draw the line, for example: is the vegetarian lifestyle right? Many people say eating meat damages our health. Other nutrition experts say only the fat in the meat is bad for our health and that you should only avoid becoming fat.

Measurements did not show that eating meat itself would damage your health or decrease your vitality level. But it’s true that during digestion of meat the vitality level is low due to the fact that it’s more difficult to digest meat and fatty food than vegetables. Vegetarian food can be digested easier and more quickly and it could have a higher vitamin content. But, we also have a trap here, and that is if the plants are cultivated in a polluted area. Their lead content can be extremely high which can be very harmful to our bodies. In practice we can not protect ourselves against this, because it’s not written on a carrot or broccoli that it contains heavy metals. So, the only solution is to measure our vitality level and try to buy fruit or vegetables from a shop where there isn’t factory pollution, a highway, or mines nearby where heavy metals pollute the soil. Vegetarians, furthermore, should take care that they get plenty of iron in their food but this is difficult unless they take extra trace element supplements.

Ion level

This problem doesn’t affect many people, but we should pay attention to the ion concentration in the air. People working in front of computers breath in air which contains a lot of positive ions, and this is not healthy. Today we can buy many types of ionisators. Also we should let fresh air into the room in order to increase the concentration of negative ions to a healthier level.

Disturbance zones

Thousands of years of experience show that on our Earth there can be zones that are quite dangerous to our health. If we lived in these zones over a long period of time it could cause serious illnesses. It’s well known that it’s not advisable to stay above underground water veins for a long period of time, to place our bed or desk there. A disturbance zone similar to water veins can result from floor heating where warm water circulates through pipes under the floor, also high-powered electrical transformers or high-voltage, long-distance transmission lines can cause irritation. We call this electric smog. The device in itself is not capable of identifying these places, but our bioenergy level will decrease (if we’re sensitive to this) in these places. So it’s worth trying your VQ level near to your bed or working place. You might measure much lower levels in these small areas than the average. It’s well worth trying to find out about harmful zones like these in our workplace or home. Unfortunately, we can’t block these zones, as for now, so it’s best to just avoid them.

Water structure

Not widely known, but a very important factor in our vitality may be the structure of the water we drink. It’s thought of as a simple matter without any shape, or structure. The truth is completely different, because water has a definite structure. The hydrogen molecules form a weak bound with each other and because of this they make smaller or bigger regular groups. Depending on the level of this organization the physical characteristics of the water will vary at a measurable extent. For example, the electrical conduction, surface tension, viscosity and dielectric constant will become measurably different even when the temperature and density seem to be the same, if we prepare water in different ways. For example, if we heat melted ice slowly to room temperature we’ll receive a well organized and evenly structured water where many water molecules are connected to each other. This structure is very similar to the way water can be found in plants or other healthy living organs. We will receive a completely different, irregular structure of water when, for example, we heat water for a long period of time in a microwave oven and then cool it down to room temperature. In this case the physical parameters of the water will be measurably different from the ones we mentioned earlier. It’s interesting that the nuclear spin of the two hydrogen atoms in the water molecule also play a role in the structure. It is useful when the rotation direction of both protons are the same, on the other hand it seems to be harmful if the rotation direction of the two hydrogen nucleus are opposite of each other in a water molecule.

The structure of our drinking water definitely effects our vitality level. Nowadays, several electric or magnetic water-treating methods are developed by which, for example, the growth rate of plants can be increased dramatically. With these methods we can receive a better and healthier water structure.

One of the biggest advantages of eating raw fruits is that besides receiving vitamins and trace elements we are getting a properly organized water structure, that will build into our organism much more easily. It may not be accidental that we find disordered water structures of completely different physical characteristics in cancerous lumps, and regular structures in the healthy tissues. This is why we can try an instrument which can restructure water with magnetic method. If we can’t buy such an instrument, then we should eat as much fruit as possible. It’s good to know that raw fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier than the tinned ones.

If we try the above methods we can increase our vitality level. The biggest improvement will occur where we manage to solve our most urgent problems. If someone has got a low vitality level because of trace element deficiency, then the vitality level may increase substantially by taking trace element supplements. In other cases it might increase by having the proper body posture or natural sleeping rhythm. Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-in-one recipe for everyone, because everyone is different and lives in different environments so each individual should find the best suited diet and lifestyle that help him/her to reach the highest vitality level, the best health, and maximum competitiveness. It’s worth taking care of our bodies because illnesses can be prevented this way and this is much cheaper than curing an ill organism.

Other methods

There are other methods to increase vitality and we can combine a lot of them. Interesting effects and a reasonable increase can occur in the winter at the poor-light periods if we receive light similar to sunshine in the right quantity, but color and aroma therapy can also affect favorably our mood. Our favorite music can help a lot, too. It’s worth trying a foot massage of the reflex zones of the sole for it’s highly regenerating effects.

Vitality : No Maximum

What can be considered the maximum health? There isn’t an upper limit, but we can be very satisfied if we manage to go above the 200% VQ level, into the field of green LEDs because that is an overwhelmingly good result. It’s good if we’re somewhere between 100-200% and it isn’t serious if we fall below 100% for one or two weeks after having a hard time. But we have to take care of ourselves if we’re under the 50% level for a long period of time because it means reduced productivity, stamina, endurance and more or less serious illnesses might develop. Or, this could be the first sign of an illness developing. This device is for prevention, because it shows the upcoming problem, or disorder before any organic symptoms or changes occur.

Quite often we can experience days before the flu or fever would occur that our VQ level drops dramatically. After the recovery about 3-4 days are needed for our body to regenerate and the VQ level to rise nearby 100%, but to reach that or pass over it would take about one more week. On the days when your vitality level is low, don’t do any exhausting physical or mental exercises, don’t make important decisions or go on tiring drives, if possible, by this you can avoid trouble in the future.

The effects of the brain hemispheres

Usually the healthy and good situation is if we perform at roughly the same vitality level with both hands one-by-one, but this can only be reached by a few people. Most of the time we can only pass the 100% VQ level with one of the hands. With the other one, quite often, we only reach a level below average. During the tests, we experienced that the left hemisphere is more active in people who manage to get higher scores with their right hand. The left hemisphere usually does the analytical functions and here we also find the center of speech. This is why we experience lower vitality level during a conversation, as part of our energy is used to form and control our speech. Usually people who’s profession needs concentration and an analytical mind will achieve higher VQ level with their right hand, for example engineers, scientists or chess players where scrupulous and logical thinking is very important. Other people will achieve higher results with their left hand, because their right hemisphere is the more active one. The characteristics of the right hemisphere are intuitive thinking, artistic and holistic viewing. The right hemisphere is usually more developed with females. It is also characteristic to reach higher scores by using the left hand for left-handed people. It was a general experience that higher scores could be measured with the more open, friendlier and positively thinking people than with the shy pessimist ones. Our personality signs relate back to our health so it’s worth becoming more friendly and happy because these functions are also controlled somewhere in the right hemisphere.

Our experience shows that successful businessmen have got a high VQ level, very often above 200%. Both of their hemispheres are active and well balanced, so both of their hands give roughly the same value. People with strong analytical abilities like mathematicians, chess players, painters, or musicians specialized in arts can live on one well-developed hemisphere. For businessmen the intuitive skill is very important which is situated in the right hemisphere, but also the analytical skill which is typical for the left hemisphere. So they can only be successful if they use both hemispheres equally.

Usually we say that it is more healthier to develop both hemispheres of the brain, because from their cooperation and harmony great achievements and high creativity will arise. The real successful person uses intensively both of his/her hemispheres and he/she is also a good owner of his/her body.

From the viewpoint of our health, we can say it’s enough if somebody can reach a 100% VQ or somewhat greater for a few minutes with one hand. Of course, the best is if it can be achieved with both hands.

High vitality is not an aim in itself, but a means, a possibility for a fuller and healthier life.

Direction of rotation

Very few can influence the direction of the rotation of the wheel with their mind. This is an especially difficult mental activity which needs strong concentration. Many people are able to stop the wheel with their thoughts when they want and then speed it up again. Few can make the wheel rotate in different directions according to their will, even fewer can make the wheels on two devices rotate in a chosen direction with two hands separately. This skill is very seldom seen and can only be reached by long intensive mental exercises. People who have this capability and skill are in charge of moving their own energy and in principle could heal others.

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