All you need to know about telekinesis


All you need to know about telekinesis

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It should be apparent by now that Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis as it is very often also known is not some special mystical power that takes years of training and practice in the presence of a secret group to accomplish, it is rather an inherent and totally natural ability of all of us without exception.

We are all infinite, immortal Beings of Energy living in a Universe of Energy. Although in the physical world everything seems on the face of it to be solid, this is in fact an illusion on a grand scale. Nothing is “solid” at all; everything is instead pure conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy. All creation, whether on a Universal or local scale is the process of using the Mind to project thought which in turn is Energy and vibration.

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So everything is vibrating Energy influenced by thought using the power of the Mind. Telekinesis is exactly the same process that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Relaxation: This allows you to relax your Mind and body from mundane, every day things so your thought processes and state of consciousness can expand and focus on the thought process involved.
  1. Concentration: It is important to be able to concentrate at will on the process you are about to accomplish. It will not be possible to accomplish anything if your thoughts are scattered or on other things.
  1. Meditation: This process is important in connecting you with the reality that everything, including the object that you will be influencing with your Mind is one; all aspects of the very same Universal Energy.
  1. Action: This is the actual influencing of the object in accordance with your will. In the case of spoon bending “letting go” is also important.
  1. Gratitude: Always, without exception, give thanks to the Universe for what you have achieved, and for being an aspect of All that Is.

It is crucial to believe, beyond any doubt whatsoever in your Mind that you can very easily achieve any of these abilities and so much more.

You might from time to time encounter skeptics who will endeavor to convince you that these powers do not really exist, that they are a “figment of your imagination”, or even that you are deluded in some way. If you encounter such people it is better not to argue with them, it is unlikely they will change their Minds. Simply listen politely knowing that there is a massive diversity of people in this World, some of whom are ready to understand our Divine, infinite potential, and others who are not yet ready.

Providing you have the absolute, sincere and unshakeable knowing, faith and gratitude for your abilities as an infinite, unrestricted, immortal Being of the Universe, you can achieve absolutely anything; there truly are no boundaries.

These abilities like all inner abilities are very real, and providing you practice these exercises diligently, and with an open Mind, you must surely succeed.

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