Remote Viewing: 8 Transformative Approaches to Unleash Your Mind’s Eye

A vividly detailed eye with cosmic elements, symbolizing the concept of remote viewing as a portal to expanded consciousness and perception beyond the visible.

Remote Viewing: 8 Transformative Approaches to Unleash Your Mind’s Eye

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Remote viewing or extra-sensory perception is the ability of individuals to describe geographic locations up to hundreds of thousands of miles away from their own physical location. The concept gained more attention during the Cold War, when the governments of the United States and the Soviet Union funded research into how this psychic ability could be used for military and intelligence purposes. Philosophical and spiritual questions about the non-local nature of human consciousness were also raised.

The findings presented below support the Eastern worldview that consciousness can transcend the boundaries of time and space. So get ready for an exciting journey into the world of remote sensing, where science meets mysticism.

What happens when we encounter information that transcends the material realm, a reality that our traditional senses cannot perceive (we can’t see, touch, hear, taste, or smell it)? Does it cease to be scientific? Quantum physics has provided an answer to this question by confirming the existence of a non-physical reality.

Nikola Tesla
Inventor / Engineer / Futurist
(1856 – 1943)
Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.

It is known that everything in the universe is connected, where we are all part of something greater. The question is: How do you get to a point that physically appears to be somewhere else, but is not really somewhere else? In quantum physics, this is called entanglement, which simply means that the quantum states of two objects are related, even if they are far apart in space.

Digital art depiction of quantum entanglement with intertwined geometric shapes amidst a dynamic, colorful cosmic background.
An artistic interpretation of quantum entanglement, visually conveying the mysterious links that bind distant particles in the universe.

Still, nothing makes “what quantum mechanics really means” clearer than the fact that the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was jointly awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments with entangled photons.

Tales from the History of Remote Viewing

Imagine a dark, quiet room where the only sound you can hear is deep, gentle breathing. A man sits there, eyes closed, hands resting loosely on his lap. The sounds of the world fade as his mind drifts into another dimension.

Not far from here, in a secret lab, scientists and military officials watch his every move, waiting for the impossible. This man, Ingo Swann, wonders if he will be able to describe something thousands of miles away from him, a place he has never seen, a planet hidden deep in the infinite cosmos.

A man resembling Ingo Swann sits pensively with a clipboard in hand, reminiscent of remote viewing sessions, against a backdrop of cosmic-inspired artwork.
Echoing the silence of history's remote viewing sessions, an Ingo Swann figure contemplates the unseen, ready to transcribe the invisible onto paper.

At stake was nothing less than pushing the boundaries of human consciousness. Swann plunged into deep concentration, and the ensuing “aha” moment radically challenged previous conceptions of reality.

This landmark experiment was conducted at the Stanford Research Institute, where Swann not only described the surface details of Jupiter with incredible accuracy, including a then-unknown ring system, but also predicted anomalies that were later confirmed by NASA spacecraft.

In another story from the turbulent years of the Cold War, the U.S. government embarked on a mysterious and daring project led by Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, and Ingo Swann. The project was called Stargate, so named because the harnessing of psychic abilities was seen as a gateway to another dimension.

From left to right, Hal Puthoff, Kit Green, Russell Targ, and Pat Price in 1974, key members of the Stargate Project, posed before a small aircraft, representing their pioneering work in remote viewing research.
From left to right: Hal Puthoff, Kit Green, Russell Targ, Pat Price (1974) - The visionary team behind Project Stargate, captured during the height of their exploratory research into non-local consciousness and psychic phenomena.

Russell Targ and Ph.D. Jane Katra, chroniclers of these adventures, have collected and recorded these extraordinary stories in their book Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-Local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing, published in 1999.

The Principles Behind Remote Viewing

Remote viewing as a state of consciousness or ability is based on the principle that the human mind is capable of perceiving information beyond the physical senses, which is why it is also called extra-sensory perception (ESP). In theory, anyone can develop this ability with proper practice and training. The key elements to its development are:

  • A relaxed and meditative state to reduce mental noise
  • Strong imagination and visualization skills to make mental images clearer and more detailed
  • Regular practice and repetition, starting with near and simple objects or places and gradually moving to more distant and complex ones
  • Objective and honest feedback and evaluation
  • An open and positive attitude

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The Hidden Legacy of Remote Viewing in Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy

Have you ever heard of Indian yogic and meditative practices or Buddhist teachings? They speak of states of the human mind in which perception can transcend the limits of our senses.

According to the Yoga Sutras, one form of spiritual enlightenment is “Divya Drishti,” which means “divine vision” or “divine insight“. It refers to a special clairvoyant ability that enables the yogi to perceive beyond the boundaries of the physical world through spiritual vision and intuition: to see the past and the present, to connect with the universe, and to observe other dimensions and realms of existence.

And how is this state attained? Through yogic purification (asanas, kriyas, meditation), which promotes the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Divya Drishti often appears in Hindu mythology and epic literature, such as the Mahabharata, where certain characters use this vision as a God-given ability to see and understand the deeper truths of the universe.

A serene meditator sits by a river with symbolic cosmic diagrams, embodying the concept of 'Divya Drishti' or 'divine vision' in the context of remote viewing within Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.
Embracing 'Divya Drishti', the meditator connects with the cosmos in a timeless moment of remote viewing, a testament to the expansive capabilities of human consciousness described in ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.

In Buddhism, anyone seeking spiritual growth must explore the states and capabilities of the mind. According to its teachings, the human mind is capable of deep meditative states known as jhanas, which transcend the limitations of our sensory organs and allow us to attain advanced states of consciousness, or abhinna.

These advanced states of consciousness include:

  • Psychic abilities, such as out-of-body experiences and mental “travel” (iddhipāda)
  • Intuitive understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others (cetopariya-ñāṇa)
  • Recollection of past lives (pubbe-nivāsanussati-ñāṇa)
  • Understanding the process of death and rebirth, the cycle of existence (samsara), and visualizing the rebirth of beings (cutūpapāta-ñāṇa)
  • Purification of the mind, namely the recognition and elimination of suffering (āsavakkhaya-ñāṇa)

It’s important to remember that these abilities are not the ultimate goal of meditation. Rather, they should naturally arise as a result of deepening your practice, which can lead to greater wisdom and enlightenment.

Exploring Your Potential in Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is an extremely exciting field that focuses on exploring the fascinating power of psychic abilities and the highly complex mind. Researchers and practitioners use a variety of different techniques, depending on which method they find most effective or appealing. Whether it’s mental travel, dream work, automatic writing or even the use of the special Egely Wheel, a wide range of experiments offer something for everyone. Here are 8 commonly used methods to choose from.

1. Focus and Meditation

Concentration and meditation provide the foundation for entering a calm and focused state, which is essential for remote viewing. By reducing the mental “noise” you will become open to receiving information related to the target. You must reach a level where you can reduce or even completely shut down the critical and analytical functions of your conscious mind.

2. Visualization

During visualization, you imagine the goal, place, or object and try to create mental images and, for a more complete sensory experience, sounds, feelings, smells, or tastes. The significance of this is that it helps you to “see” or feel the specific goal, even if you are not physically present. It is based on the principle that the mind is capable of creating, “experiencing,” and processing information through internal images and feelings alone, without the direct intervention of the physical senses.

3. Egely Wheel

The Egely Wheel, as a life energy meter device, can open up new dimensions for you in this area of clairvoyant special ability. Because the device can measure life energy, also known as chi or prana, on a scale of 1 to 24, you can use it to monitor your energetic state during the practice. It can help you discover:

  • Whether you have the optimal energetic conditions to perform
  • How life energy levels affect the effectiveness of your performance
  • Which energetic states can facilitate more effective use of remote viewing abilities
  • Which specific meditation or relaxation techniques will have a beneficial effect on your life energy levels and fine-tune your practices

Make Remote Viewing Easier

The Egely Wheel is trusted by thousands of people who practice remote viewing, telekinesis, meditation and healing. This device is the best solution for measuring your energy flow and efficiency of healing, and you get instant feedback.

4. Associative Remote Viewing

This technique is based on associative tasks, using the natural tendency of the human brain to make connections and recognize patterns. You get certain information about objects or symbols related to the target. This technique helps to more accurately decode often vague or fragmented information and organize it into relevant elements. Its effectiveness depends largely on your ability to interpret symbols and signs, as well as the development of your mental and intuitive abilities.

5. Automatic Writing

In automatic writing or drawing, you let your hand move “autonomously” on the paper without conscious control. This allows you to visualize “hidden” information or impressions related to the subject. The goal is for you to be a “channel” through which unconscious thoughts, emotions, or even spiritual messages from the spirit world can surface as you write.

6. Dream Work

In addition to all of the above, you can also use dreams or visions during sleep to gather information. Dream journaling will help you do this, and will also contribute to the development of your ability to consciously dream about specific objectives, as your dream memory and dream awareness will improve. What does this dream work consist of?

  • A reality check, in which you ask yourself periodically during the day if you are dreaming.
  • Recognizing dream clues, by looking for recurring dream elements that might make you aware that you are dreaming
  • Meditation or visualization before waking

7. Mental Journey

This is a deeper meditative or trance state in which you feel as if you exist beyond your physical body and “travel” in your mind to the destination, receiving information directly through intuitive impressions, visual images, sounds, feelings, or even sudden understanding of knowledge. Note that information or impressions received during remote viewing can vary greatly and do not always follow logical or linear thinking.

8. Coordinate Remote Viewing

Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) is a method where you know only the geographic coordinates of the target, without any additional information about it. Then, using meditation or other mental techniques, you “go” to the given coordinates and describe your observations, including the conditions, objects and events there. It’s important for accuracy to compare your impressions with the known data of the real, physical location.

Is Remote Viewing Within Your Reach?

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Remote Viewing and the Expansion of Human Perception

Remote viewing is not just a series of modern psychic experiments, but is deeply rooted in humanity’s spiritual quest, linking the past with the future, science with spirituality. Research in quantum physics and ancient spiritual practices suggest that human consciousness can transcend the boundaries of the physical world and explore new dimensions and connections in the universe.

While the context and approach may differ, the basic human curiosity and desire to expand knowledge is common. This means that the limits of human knowledge and perception are far greater than we previously thought. Let us think for a moment about all the mysteries that are still hidden in the human mind and how we might be able to break through the invisible walls that are holding us back.

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