How to create psychic shields


How to create psychic shields

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Psychic shields…Every day we are exposed and often subjected to “attack” by unseen forces operating beyond the physical Universe.

The forms of such attack are very wide, ranging from inadvertent psychic influence from a relation, friend or another person, through attacks from lower Astral people and beings all the way through to a deliberate psychic attack created by someone for negative purposes.

Very often, in fact in the majority of cases a psychic attack upon yourself or someone close to you might not be very obvious. Sometimes such an attack will manifest as mental feeling of for example tiredness, dizziness or unable to concentrate. Other times it might be more of a physical sensation such as a headache, feeling nauseous or unable to think properly. In yet other cases it might manifest as a feeling of being controlled and not responsible for your own actions.

However a psychic attack manifests it is a serious matter being an intrusion into your own Mind, life and well-being or the Mind of a person close to you such as a child. It is also a serious matter because a psychic attack is contrary to Universal Laws where no person should ever knowingly interfere with the freewill of another or indeed knowingly harm them in any way.

A psychic shield can be a very powerful method of permanently defending yourself and others against any type of psychic attack. Not only can you place a psychic shield around yourself or other person around you to ward off psychic attack, but you can also “program” that shield to, for example notify you of when an attack occurs. This is possible because all Energy, of which all things are created is conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy, which is both an aspect of yourself and an aspect of The All as well.

Taken further for example there are Magicians and others who create beings with a sort of intelligence. These beings are called “elementaries” on the Astral plane or “elementals” on the Mental planes. They are also sometimes known by other names such as “servitor”. These beings can either be used for positive, negative or neutral purposes. One purpose they can be used for is perpetrating a psychic attack on another person.

So creating a psychic shield is a very good idea. The psychic shield will provide you with an invisible shield that will constantly protect you for the duration of its existence. Although a psychic shield can exist for some time, “time” not being a factor in the inner planes of existence, it will however requires frequent attention in order to maintain its strength and effectiveness, and to prevent it from dissipating.

Creating your own psychic shield

Creating a psychic shield is very similar in principle to creating a Psi Ball. In both cases it is the manipulation of Energy using the powers of your Mind.

Before commencing this exercise you need to think very carefully about exactly what you need your psychic shield to do for you. A psychic shield can be placed around yourself, your home, or a family member for example.

Commence the process exactly as you would for creating a Psi Ball.

As with creating a Psi Ball, this exercise assumes that you have already diligently practiced the relaxation, concentration and meditation exercises as discussed in chapters 2, 3 and 4 and accordingly you already have the ability to completely relax and concentrate at will, or at least in a short time.

Your objective for any inner ability is to be able to achieve the required state as quickly as possible so you can focus on the task in hand. After time you should be able to simply sit on your chair and deeply relax at will.

Commence by entering your usual personal space, sitting on your special chair, closing your eyes and going through the exercises for deep physical relaxation, but this time do not allow the radiant white sphere of light to leave through the top of your head, but rather, using your imagination, hold the sphere of radiant white light in the position of the top of your head, and also allow it to encircle your head completely.

Take some time to focus on this concentration of radiant, glowing white light accumulated around your head, a white light that will respond to your will, knowing that this radiant, glowing, white light has infinite power, originating and being an aspect of the The Infinite.

Now imagine that this sphere of glowing, radiant white light starts to gradually expand in size until it completely encompasses your entire Being. If you are protecting your home, imagine the radiant, glowing sphere of white light to continue to grow until it completely engulfs your home; seeing your home clearly in your Mind, completely surrounded by this Divine light.

If you are protecting another person as well; for example a child; imagine, with as much focus, concentration and realism as you can summon that person next to you, also completely engulfed by the same radiant white light.

Now imagine, with as much realism as you can summon that this glowing radiant white light begins to expand in size until it completely surrounds yourself, home or others you are protecting for a distance of a metre or so. At this stage you should clearly imagine and visualize a radiant, glowing “bubble”, or “shell”, or “balloon” or however else you can most powerfully visualize this radiant, glowing white “container” extending a metre or so from you and everything you are protecting, in all directions.

Now take some time to solidify your image of this vibrant, glowing, white shell surrounding you and all you wish to protect; as clearly and vividly as possible imagining yourself and all you are protecting situated within this radiant, glowing white sphere of light located a metre or so away. It is important to take as much time as you require with this stage. There is no hurry at all. You are creating a powerful, valuable protective shield for yourself and who and whatever else you are protecting, and it is absolutely crucial that this initial protective sphere surrounding you is as solid, stable and tangible as possible before you proceed with the next stage.

The next stage is very important; so now take some time to calm your Mind and ensure that it is completely free of any extraneous thoughts.

Now focus completely on the sphere of glowing, radiant, white light. Imagine, with as much clarity, that absolutely nothing whatsoever in the Universe can penetrate or cross your protective psychic shield, and if anything does attempt to do so you will be instantly notified about it.

During this process notice how powerful your psychic shield is becoming. Notice it begin to glow even brighter and start to gently pulse with protective Divine Energy, growing stronger and stronger and stronger by the moment.

Finally you can conclude by feeling the sincere emotion, gratitude and thankfulness for the protection of The Universe.

Conclude by slowly opening your eyes and taking a few moments to adjust to the physical world again, before continuing with your usual activities.

Finally, and most importantly; give most sincere thanks to the Universe for the powers to do what you have just accomplished, for the assistance received, and above all in appreciation for being a part of All that Is.

In order to maintain the strength of your psychic shield; enter your private area, relax and meditate for a few minutes each week, focusing upon your psychic shield, noting how powerful and protective it remains, and feeling the emotion and gratitude for the continued protection it is providing for you and all else it is protecting. The more often you focus in this way on your psychic shield, the more powerful and resilient it will become.

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