Twin flame is worth to find

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Twin flame is worth to find

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You may have had the experience that you met someone or talked to a person you met for the very first time and it instantly felt like you have known each other forever and you actually really know one another really well. Sounds like a weird situation but also a tempting, yet scary one. This can mean you just met your twin flame.

Encounters of this kind are easily measurable when using your Egely Wheel, seeing the energy flow difference between soul mate and twin flame will be obviously different. So if you are lucky enough to have them both in your life it is worth to check energy levels between you.

Twin flame or soul mate?

Twin flame is regularly mistaken to be the same as soul mate, but the best way to differentiate between the two is to imagine your soul being as one with the soulmate, while with the twin flame it is rather the feeling of oneness.

First you need to meet your soul mate to awaken your soul and evolve you as a person and then you can have the next karmic meeting, with your twin flame.

Your twin flame is like a mirror, also referred to as mirror soul. A mirror displaying reflections of yourself, hence you can see your strenghts and weaknesses bringing on a lot of personal growth and transformation. Before your soul enters a physical body it splits into two and two of you are wandering in the world so when the meeting occurs, it makes you both feel whole. Unmasked and exposed as you exist, the relationship with your twin flame offers an incredible, radical personal growth as a result of shared experience and pain.

Throughout your life it is possible to meet more than one soul mate as your personality changes you may encounter a shift dividing you from your soul mate and finding a new one on another level or purpose. At the same time a twin flame is so unique that when you meet yours it is destined for life.

Twin flames know each other as they are, deeds and qualities are irrlevant in this relationship. You even share your chakra system with your twin flame.

Personal growth

Meeting your twin flame is all about personal growth and as magical it may sound it is not all about finding the perfect partner who you will have a perfect relationship and a sensual love life with, for the rest of your lives. Spritual changes are predestined by painful moments of facing hardships, hurtful memories and the flaws of your personality you have not ever dared to expose to anyone, maybe not even to yourself.

Saying that twin flame is supposed to cause some pain to a certain extent is a not an exagerration, as without any pain inflicted, real transformation can not take place. For true and intense personal growth it is necessary to experience great pain that is usually caused by the painful act of unearthing dirt, i.e. our deepest feelings of pain and inadequacy from one another so that it can be cleansed. When twin flames meet at the right phase of their lives to go through this procedure of growth they elevate each other to being on the same level of consciousness, but twin flames often reject each other when the timing is not appropriate.

Physical proximity works as a catalyst for this growth by dissolving all misconceived internal structures until only the truth about ourselves and our place in the world remains. This leaves us with the safe feeling of being home, healed, clean.

There is a sentence (or a message it is corresponding) said, meaning that your twin flame has recognised you on a deeper level. The sentence can be any of the following:

  • You are me, I am you.
  • We are one.
  • We are meant for eternity.
  • You are a gift from God.
  • We are merged.
  • You are like a mirror.
  • You are in every cell of my body.
  • We are forever united by an invisible bond.

Signs you met your twin flame:

  1. You feel like you know the person really well, even at first glance there is deep connection and familiarity and you naturally estabilish an intense connection immediately.
  2. You feel safe in their presence, at ease to be your own authentic self without fear of rejection or judgements.
  3. You feel challenged and urged to dive deeper into personal development ending up as a better person.
  4. You do not ever let go of each other completely, constantly returning in each other’s lives.
  5. Your have a rather intense and absolutely honest relationship even if it can be painful.
  6. You feel unconditional love for each other but the relationship is not necessarily romantic or sensual.
  7. You feel the sense of awakening while being exposed to different perspectives when you are with your twin flame.

Although when you meet someone who you feel personal growth with, it does not necessarily mean you met your twin flame. For instance when you notice the other person is only a taker and never a giver, it can be a sign it is an attraction but definitely not a twin flame relationship. Pushing each other to the edge of personal growth and off the limit as noone else can, resulting in a development and finding the highest level of your own self and evolving as a human means you are in a healthy twin flame relationship.

You may never meet your twin flame and still have a complete life with your soul mate but if you have a persistent yearning for meeting someone at a higher level, you shall consider taking steps towards finding your twin flame. Turning inwards and learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally is the first step of the deep spiritual work you need to take. Once you recognize the divinity within yourself it will start to resonate with the universe and it becomes more likely for you and your twin flame to cross each others’ paths. It is also possible you sense who is your twin flame, as you may have met before but the timing was not appropriate but when your desire to improve the world around you awakens, you and your twin flame shall be called together to spritually and energetically provide the support for one another for the greater good.

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