The success of telekinesis


The success of telekinesis

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The success of Telekinesis or any other psychic or inner ability can be greatly enhanced over time by setting aside a dedicated area such as a room or private space specifically for the purpose. In this way the subconscious Mind will associate your special, private space with your practices and automatically place you in the right state of Mind whenever you enter it.

Your private space will also, over time, become increasingly “charged” with your Energy, which will in turn greatly assist your psychic exercises. This is for example why psychic mediums always use the same seance room.

Your space should be a place where you will not be disturbed by anything at all, and will not be entered into or disturbed by other people moving items within your personal space.

Such a space is extremely valuable not only for Telekinesis exercises, but also for all other inner psychic abilities and practices such as meditation. It is well worthwhile therefore taking time to carefully select and prepare it for this specific purpose.

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Within your space you will need a chair, which should have a firm seat, a dining room chair or stool being ideal, and a small table upon which to place any items required for your Telekinesis and other psychic exercises.

It can also be very effective indeed to equip your space with other unique attributes that the subconscious Mind will associate with the practice of psychic abilities, such as fragrances. Using a specific fragrance such as an incense can have a very powerful effect on your subconscious Mind in placing you in the appropriate state of Mind for your Telekinesis practices.

Your objective is to create a personal, private, unique space that is completely isolated from the mundane physical world outside, which you can enter whenever you wish to practice your Telekinesis or other psychic exercises, or simply to quieten your Mind, meditate or simply escape from the relentless intrusions on the senses of the outside physical world.

It is certainly very worthwhile to spend as much time as necessary preparing your space until you feel completely at one with it. As soon as you enter your personal space you should feel that you have literally stepped out of the noise, chaos and disharmony of physical world and into the spaceless, timeless peace, tranquility and harmony of the Universe where all things are possible, and with which you are one.

Having prepared your space, let your family know that it is your private space and when you enter it ask that they respect your request completely and that you should not be disturbed unless it is for genuinely important reasons.

Thus prepared, you will find that over time not only will your subconscious Mind associate your personal space with your psychic practices, but also your space will acquire a unique Energy, ambience and power that will become increasingly powerful over time.

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