The best device to measure and develop Telekinesis powers!

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The best device to measure and develop Telekinesis powers!

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Do you want to develop Telekinesis skills? Are you interested in this topic? If your answer is yes, it’s almost sure that you have already heard of Psi Wheel. The rotational effect is probably the easiest, fastest, most reliable, and cheapest way to measure human energies.

So it is not surprising that rotating the wheel is considered a great tool for the practice of Telekinesis. But the psi wheel unfortunately has a lot of flaws… so now we offer you a much more modern and professional device:

The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter!

 Why is the Egely Wheel the best tool for measuring Telekinetic forces?

While the psi wheel has a number of disadvantages (e.g. high friction, difficulty during manufacture, materials are inadequate etc…), the Egely Wheel Vitality Meter has eliminated these problems as a result of more than 10 years of work.

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The inventor of Egely Wheel Vitality Meter is Dr. George Egely, a Hungarian physicist PhD formerly with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is an expert in the field of energy transfer processes. After 10 years of work on refining the measuring process he managed to develop a portable, electronic device for mass production, which can measure and document Telekinesis energy.

Why is the device built like this?

The cogs of the wheel serve two purposes. They are important for the optical measurement of the number of revolutions of the Egely Wheel as a small chip calculates the angular velocity of the wheel by counting the number of cogs during a given time internal. The little tips of the wheel also help to get rid of unwanted electric charges if they build up by accidental friction during handling. This might be a nuisance, especially in dry air, but by breathing on it one can accelerate the disappearance of unwanted electrostatic charges.

Inside the bell-shaped center of the wheel, there is a tiny pivot developed for the fine mechanical industry, and there is a semi-precious jewel bearing on the support of the wheel. This support is made of aluminum (or copper) as its nuclear spin is an integer number. A plastic support would have resulted in a weaker sensitivity, as carbon and hydrogen have a half nuclear spin not suitable to increase this weak effect.

How to use the Egely Wheel Vitality Meter?

 The life energy meter Egely Wheel is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever seen. You can measure and increase your mind’s power. It is very simple to use, you can measure your mind power level right now without even going through all the instructions.

  1. Take off the transparent plastic cover. (First move it a little by pressing it down slightly with your thumb above the “Egely Wheel” inscription, then lift it carefully so as not to hurt the sensitive bearing of the wheel.)
  2. Turn on the device with the switch on the left side. (In the middle position only the LEDs will indicate the rotation number of the wheel. If you move the switch further up, a beeping sound will also be heard.)
  3. Put one of your hands around the bioenergy meter as you see on the pictures above. Try to surround it with your fingers and palm as much as possible. You can touch the device, but be careful not to touch the wheel.
  4. Tighten your fingers slightly, relax and concentrate. The sensor wheel will start to rotate with a speed corresponding to your energy level. The electronic indicator will show your mind power level. One LED shows the maximum value you have reached since the beginning of the measurement, the other LEDs show the momentary rotation number of the wheel.

Later on you can measure your powers with different positions to enhance the results. After trying it for a few minutes, you will notice that by using your willpower and being in a different state of mind you can influence the speed of the rotating wheel.

If you’re interested, try the Egely Wheel yourself and observe how your telekinetic powers start to grow! SHOP NOW

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Egely Wheel - Official website
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