Preparations for telekinesis of the psi wheel

Preparations for telekinesis of the psi wheel

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In the previous chapters we have looked at influencing Energy in a non-physical form. In this chapter we will move on to the actual process of influencing physical objects; the process of “Telekinesis” or “Psychokinesis”.

In order to achieve complete success it is absolutely crucial to know, beyond any doubt, that everything including yourself and the object you are influencing are one, and that separation does not exist except as an illusion.

Another extremely important aspect of the Mind required for success with Telekinesis is belief. Before anything can be moved it is an absolutely fundamental requirement to believe that moving a physical object with the power of your Mind is not only is it “possible”, but rather you can do so absolutely easily and effortlessly at will.

Without knowing; beyond any possible doubt whatsoever that everyone and everything is one, an inseparable aspect of The Universe, The Source, of God, and as such we have no limitations whatsoever, including the ability to influence a physical object of any “size”, then it will not be possible to do Telekinesis plain and simple.

See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

We must always, always, always keep in Mind that “separateness” is an illusion, a trick, albeit a powerful trick, of the five senses, the same tricks that cause people to believe they are separate from everyone else, identified by a name, gender or race. As infinite, multi-dimensional Divine Beings, made “in the Spiritual image of God”, everyone and everything is one.

We must also always keep in Mind that “size”, “weight”, “volume” etc. are all human concepts based upon the illusion of “separatedness” due to the feedback of the five physical senses. But at the same time it is this feedback that causes people to believe they have limitations, where in fact none exist.

When these beliefs are set aside or forgotten, as sometimes happens in serious or in particular life-threatening situations, then humans throughout history have displayed what appears to be incredibly feats of “strength”. In fact these people have not suddenly gained massive reserves of strength; rather the seriousness of the situation has caused the person to temporarily forget perceived limitations, enabling them to perform what appears to be amazing feats of strength by not acknowledging such limitations.

There are no limits to the power of the Mind. The entire Universe is the infinite Mind of God, and as Sons and Daughters of God we are blessed with the very same infinite powers of the Mind. Our only restrictions therefore are those we place upon ourselves by lack of faith, belief and knowing.

By means of the power of the Mind we can move, bend or influence anything at all without any restrictions. Even the christian bible recognises this: “And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. – Matthew 17:20”

What Jesus is saying here quite simply is that we are only limited by our beliefs. Placing all religion aside, it is worth meditating on these words, and understanding the implications of the truth that we are only limited by our beliefs. As aspects of the Divine, of God; nothing is impossible to us.

Although we have the power to influence absolutely anything, the subconscious Mind will not usually accept this fact verbatim. It is therefore better to start with an item that you can believe you can move, and once success is experienced you can move on to bigger things. If you start with something that seems impossible, then at a subconscious level it will be impossible and you will not succeed. Once you have proven the power of your Mind by moving smaller objects, then your belief will increase to encompass larger objects and you can progress to bending iron bars, levitating heavy objects, shutting doors etc. with the power of your Mind.

Preparations for Telekinesis of the Psi Wheel

First of all you will need to prepare your usual special space by placing upon your table the object you will be influencing with your Mind alone. One of the most commonly employed devices is known as a “Psi Wheel” which I will describe in just a moment.

An excellent and very convenient object to utilize for your Psi Wheel is a compass of the sort used for navigation; hiking, boating etc.. A compass can be purchased from any decent sports or outdoor pursuits shop for a modest price equivalent to $10 or so. Such a compass is absolutely ideal for initial exercises in Telekinesis because the needle of the compass is totally sealed within its own space, away from any external influences. Of course the needle can be influenced by anything that has magnetic properties such as objects containing iron, therefore, if using a magnetic compass as your Psi Wheel, you must ensure that your table is free of such magnetic influences.

If you choose to use such a compass as your initial Psi Wheel, your objective is to cause the needle of the compass to rotate and to continue to rotate while you continue to will it to do so. As the needle is totally sealed within the plastic enclosure, usually locked on north/south, you will know that the needle is moving by Telekinesis due to the influence of your Mind alone.

Again; such a compass is an excellent investment for practicing Telekinesis, and one that can be taken and used anywhere their is a suitable room and chair available. If you are not able to obtain such a compass for any reason, you can easily construct a Psi Wheel of the type used to initially learn Telekinesis.

A Psi Wheel is something that can easily and inexpensively made as follows:

For this you will need a drawing pin, sometimes known as a “thumbtack”, and a piece of white cardboard. Place the drawing pin flat end downwards on a table. Next, cut out a square from the sheet of white cardboard of approximately one quarter of an inch by one quarter of an inch. Now very carefully place the square of white cardboard on the point of the drawing pin, also known as a thumb tack, so that it balances completely. This then is your basic Psi Wheel, and you are now ready to commence with this exercise in concentration and Telekinesis.

There are several variations of the Psi Wheel made from cardboard or paper and a sharp point to balance it upon. The precise construction does not matter providing you have a wheel type structure made from cardboard or paper, balanced on a sharp object such that it can freely move around.

Yet another variation of the Psi Wheel can be constructed from two match sticks, first ensuring that the flammable head of the matches have been removed, a longer rod or piece of wood, a length of cotton, and a wide necked bottle, and some strong glue.

Place the matches so they form a cross at right angles to each other. Now place a spot of glue where they touch and allow the glue to dry so the matches are stuck together in the form of an equilateral cross. Now tie the length of cotton to the cross where the matches intersect and also to the longer rod so the cross is suspended by holding the rod. Now place the cross carefully inside the wide bottle with the rod resting on top of the bottle so the cross is suspended inside the bottle, around half way down inside the bottle. This is also an excellent variation on the Psi Wheel.

Now we are ready to commence the practice of Telekinesis. It is important to be proficient with the relaxation, concentration and meditation exercises as described in previous chapters. You should, by now have the ability to concentrate completely, without any distractions whatsoever. Do not be tempted to cut corners otherwise you will not succeed and your confidence and belief will be shattered, making it more difficult in future.

The Mind is like a muscle; it needs to be exercised in order to gain strength.

Telekinesis of the Psi Wheel

First of all prepare your space by placing upon your table your chosen variant of the Psi Wheel as previously described.

Now sit on your chair in your usual position, spine straight and not leaning against any backrest, close your eyes and diligently go through the relaxation and meditation exercises as described in chapters 2 and 4 of this book, which by now should be very familiar to you and which should be instinctive.

The object you should use in your meditation is the object you will be moving. So visualize the point of your compass or your Psi Wheel spinning around at an ever increasing speed, knowing, beyond any doubt that you are part of the object and that, like an arm, leg, finger or whatever, it effortlessly responds to your will.

Now the part you have been waiting for…..

Slowly open your eyes and focus on the object you are going to move; the needle of the compass, your Psi Wheel or matchstick cross, suspended inside the bottle.

I will refer to your variation of the Psi Wheel as “the object” from now on. Focus on the object, and know, beyond all doubt that the object is part of you and will respond to your will. There should not be the slightest doubt in your Mind about this. Continue to meditate on this reality until there is no doubt.

Next place your open hands, palms facing inwards, either side of the object but a short distance from it. A distance of around 3 inches or 7 centimetres is about right although this is not absolutely critical.

Now take a few minutes to relax, the deeper the better, with your hands still open and straight, either side of the object, palms flat and facing the object, while contemplating the fact that you and the object are one, knowing this to be true beyond any doubt, and knowing that the object is therefore an extension of yourself, and as such will respond to your will. It is extremely important to take as much time as you require in order to achieve this state. Any doubts or feelings of separateness will cause you to not succeed. Once you have achieved this it is time to move the object. Using your powers of imagination, visualize rays of radiant, bright, white light emitting from your hands and fingers. These rays of light are an extension of you just as much as you fingers, and will respond just as readily to your will. Visualize the rays of one hand pushing one end of the object around while the rays of the other hand pull the other end of the object around in the opposite direction so the object is actually spinning around.

It is extremely important to know that this is already happening and therefore that the object is already spinning round; a fact that you should know beyond any doubt whatsoever in your Mind. Again, you must know that the object actually is spinning around; never that it will spin in the future.

Now focus, with all your concentration on the spinning object. You can move your hands to “push” and “pull” the rays of light and therefore the object, providing the palms of your hands remain at a distance from the object. The important thing to know is that both the rays of light and the object are all extensions of your hands, and are responding to your will by spinning around in response to your will.

You can also increase the power by shouting the command, either aloud or in your Mind “move, move, move!” or “spin”, “spin”, “spin”.

At first the object might only move slowly, but with practice it will spin faster and faster until you reach a stage where it spins so fast you cannot actually see it spinning; e.g. like the spokes of a fast moving wheel. When you achieve this level of ability you will be able to stop the object spinning at will and then cause it to spin in the opposite direction by reversing which hand emits the “pushing rays” and which emit the “pulling rays”.

After completing this exercise take time to relax and contemplate your achievements, knowing, beyond any doubt, that now you can move a Psi Wheel with the power of your Mind alone, and that is just the start.

Finally, and most importantly; give most sincere thanks to the Universe for the powers to do what you have just accomplished, for the assistance received, and above all in appreciation for being a part of All that Is.

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