Telekinesis facts & tips with Egely Wheel + VIDEO!!

Man practices telekinesis by rotating a red Egely Wheel Vitality Indicator

Telekinesis facts & tips with Egely Wheel + VIDEO!!

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What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is a term referring to the ability of moving objects with our minds. The word derived from the Greek words for „mind” and „motion”. Although quite many Americans believe in this psychic ability, the scientific evidence remains quite elusive still. Some people believe all manifestations of psychokinesic events are the manifestations of the unconscious release of the person’s psychological issues, emotions, anger.

The sceptic believe that if people could move objects with their minds, it could be really useful in our everyday lives and we could live in some kind of a fantasy world with everyone floating things around just by looking at them. Of course this is a severe overstatement as these skills need to be practiced and trained.

If you do so, you can achieve the ability to perform telekinesis and move objects with the power of your mind.

How to develop telekinesis skills

First and foremost you need to meditate in order to disciple your mind and you need to be able to visualize an object with its every tiny detail. As easy as it may sound, the saying „Practice makes perfect” is highly relevant in this matter.

If you plan to develop your telekinesis skills, you shall be undoubtedly sure it is possible to move objects with your mind. Improving mental discipline is the next step on this exciting journey.

Daily meditation is the most effective way to focus your mind. If possible wear comfortable clothing and find a soothing place to relax for these meditation sessions every day. As you are sitting comfortably, breathe in deeply as you count to 4, hold your breath as you count to 4, exhale for a 4 count then do not take another breath for 4 seconds. Repeat this for a few minutes and attend all your thoughts to control your breathing and imagine all your thoughts fading away to the infinite distance while you are concentrating.  There may be one thought getting stronger and more powerful, make sure it is only that one thought you are concentrating on.

See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

The next step is visualization: pick an object around you and thorougly investigate all its details and committing them to your memory. Then close your eyes and imagine the aforementioned object with your mind’s eye as realistically as you can. At first this may be difficult, but this can be improved and also it is really important in order to develop telekinesis skills. The prupose is to be able to clear your mind and focus on one object.

Moving forward requires discipline as the next exercise is also a visualization: visualize yourself, your own boundaries and the energy that links you to the objects and the outside world. As you visualize the energy flowing within your body and the surroundings, see how the boundaries fade away and understand how you and the object are one. This one-ness will provide the basic state of telekinesis.

Once you reach that point, imagine the one movement you want the object to make and keep focus on your intention towards the object, that one single action. Imagine the object is your finger, as a part of you, it will be easier to move it. flexing all the muscles in that arm of yours for about 10 seconds then releasing it will help you control your energy necessary for refining the ability to direct an object.

You may not be succcessful at first attempts, but remember that consistency brings success. There is a really useful tool, way better than a home-made psi-wheel, you can use to enhance your telekinetic skills.

What is the Egely Wheel?

The Egely Wheel is a device invented by a physicist, George Egely. He was particularly interested in the unidentified energies in the human body. The first experiments were really simple, resulting in the water rotating in the bowl when they (George and his wife, Magdi) placed their hands near it. The chain of experiments followed and despite the historical and political obstacles of the past decades, the patent for the Egely Wheel was filed in 1989.

The Egely Wheel is considered to be „the most serious toy you will ever have”. The device is a tool you can use to measure and hence improve your vitality level. The many international invention award-winning device is constructed as a result of years of scientific experience performed by a physicist, George Egely.

The Vitality Indicator is the pocket-size wheel, a nice small device coming in an elegant packing and a lifetime of opportunity to make experiences of your own wherever you are in life and whenever you feel like it.

At first glance it looks like a steering compass and basically it is one, but not showing you the direction, but the energy flow within your body. The Vitality Indicator unequivocally displays the energy level. The speed of rotation of the wheel in the Vitality Indicator is proportional to your vitality level, as the higher the rate of rotation, the more energy is flowing though it.

You can either use the original Egely Wheel or the pocket size Vitality Inidicator, or shift the experience and the experiment to another level and use the both, one for each hand. You can also use the electronic version, the Vitality Meter.

How can you practice telekinesis with the Egely Wheel?

The Egely Wheel is an exciting device you can use to practice telekinesis. After developing the necessary skills of meditation, concentration and focusing on an object, it is time to test the newly acquired knowledge. The easiest and most scenic way to start your own telekinesis experiment at home is by using the Egely Wheel. When you work on your spiritual direction it will be easier to focus energy not only to put the wheel into motion, but also manipulating the direction of its movement.

Telekinesis is effectively performed when you have the ability to concentrate and focus on the wheel. Energy focus gradually improves in a measurable and visible way when using the device.

When you use your right hand, the wheel turns counterclockwise and with the left hand it moves clockwise but you can reach a level of mental strength when you can change these directions.

At first probably moving your fingers can make it easier to steer the wheel but it is important to understand, that the movement is not merely indicated by your movement or any kind of draft, wind, heat countereffect as a result. When you place your hand still around the wheel and you focus your energy, it will eventually start to move.

The more you learn to focus and transmit energy, you will be able to move the wheel, and perform telekinesis, keeping your hand at an increasing distance from the device. The Egely Wheel is not only moving, but it also lights up and you can hear a beeping sound when your energy reaches it. There is also an electronic version of the gadget, so there are many opportunities you can choose from.

Some may be sceptic when seeing the movement of the wheel, so it is important to ensure it is not generated by the heat or wind when the hand is nearby. The can be ruled out and the experiment can be intensified by putting on covers.

You can try spinning it with a face mask or a safety helmet with a glass, to rule out the opportunity of steering the wheel by your breath. By putting on cold gloves, the heat factor of your hands can be expelled. A glass or a transparent plastic bowl can be put on the gadget and when you have enough routine in focusing your energy, the wheel will spin even under the cover. This exciting experiment is shown in the below video.

As seen in the video, it is a proven fact, that you can use energy to move objects without physically contacting it in any way, if you learn and practice to focus it tenaciously. It takes time and focus to succeed in the under glass experiment.

You can also try to spin the wheel without focusing at all. True, it ill not spin at all. The most important thing you need to understand is, that the key to success in telekinesis, in working with the Egely Wheel is to meditate and learn to focus on your energy. Harnessing your energy can even lead to a spirit connection if you are consistent enough.

Using the wheel with the help of spirits is also possible.

You can practice and improve your energy and telekinesis skills with the Egely Wheel every day, for at least 5-10 minutes but you can spend 15 minutes three times daily, tops, not to exhaust yourself too much, as it is not the point.

Learning to meditate and focus, along with the ability to control and harness your energy are not only useful for telekinesis and spinning the Egely Wheel. Your mindset and vitality will have a boost resulting in a more powerful and relaxed aura.

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