Soul, spirit and your body

Soul, spirit and your body

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I want in this lesson to give you, in the most practical form, the means whereby you may meet the disquieting things of life-the things which wear soul, spirit, and body almost to the snapping point. I want you to take these admonitions and instructions into your most intimate life and keep them bright and shining by daily use. They will help you hourly in overcoming destructive elements, and in attracting constrictive ones.


When anger begins to stir you, take deep breaths; hold your thought on the inflow of breath as being rays of light, breathing deeper and deeper. Continue the deep breaths until you have taken twenty-five inhalations; hold each one while you count to seven. Then expel slowly, keeping your thought steadily on the inhalation, mentally seeing it go all through your lungs, and penetrating every part of your body s rays of light. Then meditate upon any real live thought about yourself, such as being one with all life and good. A little practice in this way will soon relieve you of the tendency to anger.


When conditions are not to your liking and you find yourself thinking more and more about how unhappy you are because of them, stay out of doors in the open all you possibly an. Endeavor to walk at least two miles every day, breathing deeply of the fresh air with this thought: “I am breathing in the Life, the Love and the Power of the universe, right now.” Do

not permit your thought to slip back into the old groove. Fill your mind with this declaration about yourself. You have been given dominion over every adverse condition through your power of thought. Persist in your steady recognition of this fact. Tell yourself over and over again that all is well right now in your thought and feeling’ consequently outside conditions must and will correspond.


If your body is the expression of thought, then disease must be the result of a belief that your body is subject to disease. Tell yourself many times a day that all physical disease is the result of discordant thoughts, and when you have actually accepted this statement as a truth, you will be careful to entertain only healthy, harmonious thoughts for yourself or another. For example, if you feel a headache coming on, begin at once to take deep breaths, and repeat with each breath that breath is Life, and that life is perfect health. “I am alive, so the health of life is manifesting in me right now.”


This subtle destructive power should be shut out at all times by the recognition of your direct contact with all the joy there is, because you are one with its Source, Universal Good. If the joyous life does not express itself through the exact channels which you expect, know that it will do so through others. Life wants to express joy through you, for it made you an instrument in which and through which to do it. Because you are here for that purpose. You can and do enjoy all the good which Life has to give. Take some physical exercises while holding that thought. A good one is to sit on a chair and take a deep breath; then slowly exhale, and as you exhale, gradually bend at the hips until you can touch the floor with the tips of your fingers. Repeat this seven times with the affirmation: “The joy of God is flowing in me and through me right now.”


When this enemy to peace and happiness begins to advance, sing, sing sing, right out loud if you can, or else do it mentally. Sing anything you like. Watch your breath control, and every night put into your subconscious mind the thought that God brought you into existence for the purpose of expressing all of Life’s harmonies, both in you and through you, and it is your divine right to BE harmony and to be harmonious in your daily experience. Meditate upon the harmony you see expressed in nature and endeavor to apply it in your thought, and then express it.


This is failure on your part to recognize the Almighty limitless Source of Supply (God) as your never-failing, co-operative partner. When you are assailed with the thought of discouragement, immediately ask yourself, “What kind of a power was it that brought me into existence, and for what purpose?” Then repeat slowly and thinkingly, “I do believe and I am persuaded that God is an ever-present, never-failing source of protection and supply.” Watch your thoughts lest any contrary to this affirmation be lurking around in the corners of your mind, and stick to it with all the will that you have, and you will break down the suggestion that there is any power in discouragement.


Envy is due to a sense of separation from God, Good. Endeavor to realize that where there is life, all that life has to give is present in its entirety at all times and in all places, and will come into visible expression through the persistent recognition of this grand fact.


One writer has said that fear is the only devil there is. Certainly it is the most destructive power one can entertain. When fear comes to assail you, close the door of your mind against it with this positive thought: “The only creative power there is, is thought. All things are possible to him who believes that the God which brought man into existence did so for the purpose of expressing His Fatherly love and protection in His child. I believe in God, the Father almighty, as my life, my intelligence, manifesting in my consciousness now.” As you think this, walk briskly or take strenuous exercise. Whenever you sense fear returning, inhibit it instantly by substituting any thought which affirms the power of God in you. In short, fear is absolutely overcome by withdrawing your thought from the physical reason or argument which would cause you to believe in a power other than God, and the spirit of Life and Love as your birthright.


This is a lack of the realization that your intelligence is the instrument through which the Intelligence of the universe takes specific form. An effort to realize this fact should be a habit of mind, rather than spasmodic attempts made only with the necessity for decision arises.


This is love’s greatest enemy, and if permitted to dwell within your consciousness, will ultimately destroy your ability to enjoy your life. It is the reaction of the fear of loss and can be overcome through prayer and watchfulness. Reason along these lines: “God is Life and God is Love. I am life and I am love. I cannot lose Love any more than I can lose Life.” When you are tempted to feel jealous, walk long distances as frequently as possible and keep your thought on Love itself, not on any one person whom you love, but just Love and its attributes. Think of God as Love. Keep all thought of personality out of mind, and you will find that love will spring up in you as a fountain of everlasting love and life and fill your consciousness through and through.


The instant you begin to blame yourself to having done the wrong thing or for not having done the right thing, put this thought into your consciousness to the exclusion of every other: “Infinite Intelligence and Wisdom are expressing themselves in me more and more right now.” Take the exercise of bending the body from the hips (without bending the knees) so that you can touch the floor with the tips of your fingers, inhaling as you lift the body, and exhaling every time you bend. Repeat this exercise sixteen times, accompanied by the affirmation just given.


This is brought about by lack of will-power: an evidence of a weak will. It means failure, because you have no thought-power to give the unformed energy f life the particular thought-material necessary to produce desired results. Absolute mental (thought) control is the one and only thing which is necessary for you to do, to be, or to have what you want. Without it, you scatter your forces. If you permit your thoughts to run riot without restraint, the conditions of your life will become chaotic. For example: A friend does something of which you do not approve, or perhaps your present circumstances are undesirable. Refuse to let your thought dwell on the injustice of your friend, for dwelling on it would only produce greater unhappiness for you. Control your thought and do not think of your friend in this connection. Instead, consider the many fine attributes of friendship, and this will restore harmony. Do the same in regard to your unpleasant circumstances. Don’t picture them mentally and say to yourself, “How dreadful they are!” But repeat the glorious truth which I have previously referred to: “My mind is a center of divine operation.” etc., and divine operation is always for greater advancement and better things. You will experience this if you cling faithfully to this line of reasoning.


A highly sensitive mind is simply a “self-mind,” a form of unadulterated selfishness. Your feelings are hurt because someone says something which you do not life, or dos something which displeases you. Or conversely, he fails to say or to do what you think he should. To eradicate this baneful though-habit, use the same method of argument as for self-indulgence, and if faithful in your mental work, your efforts will be rewarded, and you will free yourself.


A continually unhappy state of mind is the direct result of constantly viewing life from the physical standpoint as though that were life’s only reality. Every night, before you go to sleep, put well into your subconscious mind this thought: “There is but One Mind to think about me or to make laws over me, and that is the Mind of Divine Love and Divine Power.” Every morning meditate upon this thought. Use it as your shield and buckler at the first suggestion of any sense of unhappiness. You will soon find that the tendency to be discontented and unhappy will vanish, and happier conditions will come into your experience.

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