Psi ball exercices

psi ball

Psi ball exercices

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Psi Balls are a type of Construct. A Construct is defined as an object made out of Psi, programmed to perform a specific function. When you were making the Psi Ball, the object was a ball in your hands, and you were programming the Psi to “sit there in the shape of a ball.”

Programming is simply telling the Psi what to do. Do you want the Construct to follow someone around? Then program the Construct to “follow that person around.” Do you want the Construct to be in the shape of a cube? Then program the Construct to “sit there in the shape of a cube.” It sounds simple at first, but it can be very time consuming if you are programming the Construct to perform a complex action.

Programming can be accomplished in a lot of different ways. The most common way for a beginner to program a Construct is to use visualization. When you were visualizing the Psi spinning around between your hands shaped as a sphere, you were programming the Psi to hold a sphere shape. A ball.

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As an example, try to make a warm Psi Cube. How would you go about making one? There is obviously no right answer. Here is what I would do.

“Hear” the sparks and flames, and “smell” the smoke. Direct the fire out of your abdomen, and in through the air. As the fire moves through the air, visualize it flaming up randomly, and thriving on the air around it. Direct the fire into a cube shape in between your hands. Keep feeding the cube more fire, and see if you can feel the heat on your hands. See if you can feel the edges of the cube with your hands as well.

The above picture is what I would visualize to program my Construct. It’s in the shape of a cube, and it has fire inside of it to give the idea of “warm.” You don’t have to use fire – you can use anything you want that signifies “warm” to you. Try to be creative. As a last resort, you could even visualize the word “warm” over the Psi Cube.

It’s important to figure out what you’re going to program your Construct before you start creating it. You shouldn’t be creating one, then think, “Hmm, well, do I want to do this? Or this?” Have it all planned out before hand, and once you’re ready, then start creating and programming your Construct.

Most of the time, your Construct will have the following programmed into it:

  1. Purpose
  2. Shape
  3. Texture
  4. When it should terminate
  5. Custom programming

The purpose would answer the question: what should the Construct do? Should it fly around the room? Should it monitor an object?

The shape is pretty self-explanatory. Is it a sphere? A hollow bubble? A cube?

The texture is how the Construct will feel, and/or interact with other objects. For example, you can create a solid Construct, a fuzzy Construct, a marshmallow Construct, etc.

You should always program a way to terminate the Construct some way. You can do a time limit, or a kill command, or both. I usually program my Constructs to “stay alive for one hour, or until I tell you to terminate.”

And lastly, you can add custom programming to any Construct. For example, if the Construct detects a telepathic link, it can be instructed to block the link, and alert you of the attempted telepathic link.

Programming takes skill. Just because you sit there and visualize it doesn’t mean the programming will automatically hold. Start small, and work your way up – these things take time and practice. There’s no other way around it.

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