Pranic Healing

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Pranic Healing

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Pranic healing is a type of energy healing based on the belief in a vital energy called Prana. It is considered to be a holistic method of treatment that focuses on health as a whole, including our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energy bodies.

Choa Kok Sui and The Origins of Pranic Healing

Although the ideas behind pranic healing are based upon ancient ayurvedic traditions, the modern concept of pranic healing was developed by a Filipino businessman named Choa Kok Sui (born Samson Lim Choachuy). He spent much of his life working as a chemical engineer and he was able to apply this scientific reasoning and practical processing to develop his method of healing. He showed an interest in alternative medicine and meditation from an early age and after becoming a grand master of energy healing, he spent 20 years traveling the world, teaching his system to thousands of eager followers.

He passed away in 2007, but not before writing 25 books and setting up more than a hundred healing centers. Practitioners of his methods claim that with the right teacher, it can be a very easy skill to learn. Much of this comes from Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s powerful distillation and simplification of these healing principles. For those interested, this powerful method of healing can be learned over a weekend. Naturally, one does not become a master overnight, but with practice one can easily become a powerful healer.

Portrait of Choa Kok Sui
Choa Kok Sui
Filipino Pranic Psychotherapist
(1952 – 2007)
When healing, the healer should be calm and detached. He should not be nervous, “overconcerned” or attached to the expected results. Otherwise, the projected pranic energy will not be released and will return to him.

Our Bodies Have The Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Pranic healing takes advantage of the core belief that our own bodies have the natural ability to heal itself, and that pranic healing just encourages the body to tap into this ability. According to believers, our bodies utilize the vital or subtle energies to fix itself. This energy, or prana, can be replenished or obtained from a number of sources including but not limited to: energy from the sun, from the Earth itself, and the air we breathe.

In addition to this, we can get energy from living things such as animals and plants. It can also be obtained from the food we eat, from our positive social interactions, or from the spiritual realm.

Pranic Healing and The Flow of Energy

The flow of this energy has been likened to the effects we get from a visit from a friend in need of help. If a friend is feeling distressed and needs support, you can often help that friend, but this will often leave you a bit drained. This happens because there was an exchange of energy, and since the friend needed the energy more, it flowed from you into him or her.

People who have learned the best methods to heal will thus have the ability to focus this energy and cleanse without being drained. This type of healing is meant to be complementary, to help the body heal faster, not as a replacement for modern medicine.

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Practitioners of pranic healing also believe that our bodies are conductors for bioplasmic energy and it is contained in our body by an auric-field. Therefore, one common cause of our ailments is a leak in our outer-most aura. People who suffer from this condition may find themselves getting sick often. They also believe that this energy flows through our body via nodes or stations called chakras. The chakras are able to take this energy and process it into a form that our bodies can utilize. This usable energy is sent throughout our body within channels called meridians.

Cleansing and Energizing within Pranic Healing

It is believed that pranic healers need to focus their powers on two aims, cleansing and energizing. Many healers fixate primarily on the latter, but ignore the former. By skipping this step, the healer has the potential of transferring this negative energy from one person to another or even have it adversely affect themselves.

Pranic healing is very closely associated with Arhatic Yoga, another powerful method of meditation developed by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. It is through this type of meditation and yoga that pranic healers are able to cleanse themselves, stay pure of negative energy, and help their souls grow so they can provide the best healing. It does this through a mixture of special breathing exercises, asanas, and specific meditation techniques to help practitioners reach their best state of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Arhatic yoga has five main pillars: devotion, meditation, service, study, and purification.

Cleansing and energizing technique for pranic healing
Cleansing and energizing are the two main aims for a pranic healer.

What Happens During a Pranic Healing Session?

A pranic healing session typically has three main steps. First, the healer scans the patient for imbalances or irregularities in their vital energy. This negative energy is then flushed out of the patient and blockages are removed. Finally, the patient has his or her energy replenished with fresh prana from the healer. By doing this, the patient’s body is able to amplify their body’s own natural healing techniques with the extra prana to heal their body quicker. This is all down without physical touch.

Pranic healers learn a specific “cookbook approach” to healing where all ailments are treated in their own unique way, as opposed to the general healing that many other methods employ. Practitioners believe that it can be used to help alleviate or help fix a large number of ailments including symptoms related to minor illnesses such as fever, coughs, or nasal congestion. It can also help with more serious issues as well. In addition to this, this healing energy can improve concentration and memory, reduce stress, make people feel more confident about themselves, help improve their social skills, and aid in their spiritual awakening.

As this prana energy flows through all living things, some researchers have begun applying these techniques to cereals and other farm-produced crops. Although more research is likely needed, scientists have found a positive effect of these methods on the plants’ size, crop production, and ability to resist disease. It remains an exciting application.

Healthy and highly resistant cereals after pranic healing
Prana healing has a positive effect on cereals and other farm-produced crops too.


Naturally, practitioners as well as teachers of pranic healing methods have hyperbolic claims to the power and efficacy of their treatments, claiming not to have cured, but assisted in curing (and this is an important distinction mentioned on most websites for these methods) headaches, colds, influenza, ulcers all the way up to incurable ailments to Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, and asthma. These claims are merely anecdotal.

Scientific Research on Pranic Healing

Actual scientists have studied the efficacy of the treatment, but the literature does sound a bit dubious. For example, in looking at the effectiveness of pranic healing on breaking dependence on nicotine addictions, it was found to be effective, but the study was labeled by the researcher herself as “quasi-experimental”. This doesn’t mean that there was no effect or is not effective, but it does suggest that maybe further non-quasi-experiments should be conducted before one can make conclusive claims.

Another study conducted in India showed that pranic healing can help give a positive effect on the outcomes of neurosurgery. However, there was no proper control group as the comparison group was being treated at another hospital. Therefore, there may have been other variables at play. Again, this does not discount the findings completely, but it does show that further study is needed before making any definitive claims.

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In general, most forms of energy healing have been vilified by the greater scientific community as merely pseudoscience. The central claim of these practices, that our body is immersed in an all-encompassing vital energy has found little scientific backing. Many within the alternative medicine field claim that this assertion is not true at all.

There have been cited studies where a weak electromagnetic force surrounding the body has been found, and some interpret this energy as proof of an aura, as it reassembles the patterns found. However, this idea can be viewed as just wishful thinking and that there is no way these electromagnetic energies could be the same as the “vital energy”.

Energy healing in general took a hit in 1998 when an eleven year old girl named Emily Rosa weakened the claims of many healers with an experiment designed for her school science fair. She hid behind a screen and had healers and people who were untrained in healing attempt to find where she placed her hand. Had there been a measurable or even perceivable energy aura surrounding her hand, then the energy experts could have theoretically sensed. Yet, her study showed that they tested no better than chance. For her discovery, her paper was published, making her the youngest published scientist at that time.

The “science” behind pranic healing may seem a bit mystical and it is likely that it will remain so for years to come. Despite this, believers hold to the idea that their methods work and no disproving studies should change this. At best, most energy healing is seen as nothing more than a mere placebo effect. Yet, there have been interesting advances within the discipline of placebo research that may vindicate alternative medicine practitioners and seems to run parallels to their claims.

In 2016, in a study by Zev M Medoff and Luana Colloca, they found that placebos do have a significant analgesic (pain relieving) effect, especially on its effect on the expectation of receiving pain. The most interesting finding is that placebos can have significant effects through many forms including as a supplement of chemically active medicines, sugar pills, and even the power of suggestion. Another study showed that placebos have a significant effect on more serious diseases such as Parkinson’s by increasing dopamine release. Again, this is related to the idea of expectation.

When these studies are combined with another paper discussing the idea of a “meaning response”. The argument is that placebos in themselves are not effective, but the meaning we attribute to them is. Much like being treated by people in scrubs gives an idea that our health is in the hands of people who can make us better, the same idea can be applied to energy healers. This suggests that breaking down the lofty claims of auras, vital energies, and Spiritual healing masters may completely neutralize the effects of these treatments. This could possibly explain why clinical trials do little to support many alternative methods of health treatment. It is the very mysticism and “outlandish” story, and most importantly, the belief in it that makes it work.

Finally, there was another study that showed that our innate healing abilities can be voluntarily influenced, especially in their ability to reduce inflammation. This can be analogous to the claims of pranic healers that their methods imbue the patient to increase its own healing defenses.

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