Power of telekinesis: meditation

Power of telekinesis: meditation

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Meditation is without question one of the most worthwhile and valuable practices anyone can undertake on a regular and ideally daily basis. Many people however still tend to associate meditation with a perceived far eastern mystical practice whereby a person will sit on the floor in an uncomfortable looking position, surrounded by candles and burning incense while chanting a mantra. In actual fact meditation for the vast majority of practitioners is nothing like this at all. Meditation is a daily habit for millions of people the world over within all cultures and all walks of life, and more people join the ranks of meditation every day as they discover the very considerable values and benefits of this ancient practice.

Let it be said straightaway that there is absolutely no need whatsoever for such notional complicated postures, candles, incense or any other mystical instrument or practice. Meditation can be performed almost anywhere at any time of the day, providing it is in a place which offers the necessary freedom from distractions, and your personal space is absolutely ideal for this purpose.

The general benefits of meditation

At its most fundamental level, Meditation calms the Mind and relaxes and dissolves tension from the body. In the longer term the Mind begins to experience much higher levels of peace, tranquility and serenity, not only during meditation itself but also during daily life. There is a progressive and profound increase in happiness, tolerance, love, understanding, fearlessness, and inner powers and abilities.

With meditation the powers of concentration increase and the Mind becomes progressively sharper and more under control, including freedom from unwanted thoughts, emotions and influences, and with a much higher ability to enjoy the present moment. There are many further such tangible benefits, but in short, meditation greatly strengthens the body, Soul and Spirit resulting in a higher quality of life.

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There are also other important benefits that might seem less obvious. While in a state of deep meditation you are open to the inner realms of reality and Energy thereby making it possible to contact and communicate with beings of the inner realms, including but not limited to Spirit guides, people residing in the Astral words who have passed on from Earth, and even your Higher-Self or Holy Guardian Angel. These contacts can be extremely valuable indeed, with information, intuition, insights, advice, encouragement and much more, all assisting considerably in daily life.

During deep meditation, you can ask questions, and receive answers on issues of importance to you. Remember, “space” and “time” simply do not exist in the inner realms of life and reality, and accordingly the beings and people dwelling there have access to the past, present and future, as well as to vast repositories of information maintained in huge Astral libraries and of course the Akashic record of the Causal sphere of the Universe.

Most meditation techniques have one ultimate objective; to achieve complete silence of the Mind and therefore to reach the real “I” level of pure awareness, resulting in a more direct channel of communication with your inner-self and a greater, more profound connection with The Source, Our Divine Creator, God.

The general practice of Meditation

In order to meditate effectively, a sufficient degree of concentration is required, and is one reason why this extremely important ability was discussed in depth the previous section. Without concentration it will be very difficult indeed to adequately silence the Mind and therefore to achieve anything worthwhile during meditation.

As with all of these exercises, this should be done in your private space as described in the Prerequisites chapter, and which space should now be fully prepared with everything in place.

To commence with your meditation seat yourself upon your chair and then close your eyes and go through the exercises described in the chapter on Relaxation. Over time you will find that achieving all of these states becomes progressively easier and occurs more quickly as your subconscious Mind associates your special space and seating position with deep physical relaxation.

Now, keeping your eyes closed, begin to observe your thoughts as they pass through your Mind. It is very important not to participate in these thoughts, tempting though it might be, but to merely be a passive observer, acknowledging the thoughts as they occur but then allowing them to simply drift by without further involvement.

At first you may find many thoughts arriving as if to continually assault the inherent quietness of your Mind. Again, it is most important not to attach yourself to any thought and become involved with it, however tempting it might seem. Continue this exercise for as long as you can but ideally for at least ten minutes each day; at least thirty minutes each day being your ideal objective.

As previously mentioned; when you first commence this exercise you might be besieged with thoughts, however from session to session the number of thoughts will diminish until they finally become few and far between.

This might well only take a week or might take several weeks or even months depending on your individual circumstances and levels of relaxation, concentration and focus. You can reinforce this process throughout the day by pursuing the same procedure as suggested for part of the concentration exercises, only thinking about what you are doing at any particular moment in time. Do not allow any extraneous thoughts to enter your head and interfere with your current task. For example, if you are driving your car, think only about driving your car and do not allow your Mind to wander to other unrelated matters. The same applies for any activity whether it be shopping, your job of work, cooking a meal and so on. Always focus exclusively on the task in hand to the total exclusion of all other thoughts. This will assist greatly in thought control and strengthen your powers of concentration.

These exercises are most important in your ultimate objective of effortlessly realizing your ability to influence objects of any size with the power of your Mind.

The next stage in the process of learning to meditate is to select a single thought or object of your own choice and to hold the thought or image in your Mind for as long as possible. This might for example be a memory of a place you enjoy visiting, a memorable holiday or any other happy memory. It might be easier at first to visualize a familiar object such as a favourite picture or an item of household furniture, or the image of a loved one. It does not need to be something you are actively involved with or interested in, any object will do as the object of your visualization such as a fruit, candle, cup or other such familiar item.

Having decided on the object of your thought, assume your usual position, and do your relaxation exercises.

Now bring the thought or image firmly into your Mind as realistically and with as much presence as possible. Ideally your thought or image should fill your entire Mind. If any other thoughts attempt to intrude then with all the will power you can summon reject that extraneous thought immediately and bring your Mind firmly back to your intended thought or image. It is very important indeed to immediately reject any intruding thought the very moment it tries to join your chosen thought or image. You will find this exercise will become progressively easier over time, with your thought or image becoming stronger, and with less and less intruding thoughts which will become easier to reject.

When you can hold your thought or image vividly and solidly in your Mind for ten minutes without wavering or any intruding thoughts the final stage is to be able to dismiss that thought or image at will right at the end of your meditation session, leaving you with a full vacancy of Mind where the image once existed. Hold you Mind empty of your chosen thought or image for a few moments before gently raising your Consciousness back to the physical level. After this has been fully accomplished, for future sessions you can proceed to the full meditation stage; full vacancy of Mind.

This step involves assuming your meditation posture and rather than holding a thought or image in your Mind, hold your Mind totally devoid of all thoughts not allowing any thought to intrude. In the beginning you might find the occasional thought attempts to intrude into your silence; if it does simply use all of you willpower to reject it immediately. When you can achieve this stage you are now ready to meditate effectively.

As an interim stage in your meditation learning process, you can commence your meditations with a single chosen thought or image, and then after a couple of minutes or so remove the thought or image and proceed with a complete vacancy of Mind. After a time you will find it will be possible to omit the thought or image of the scene or object altogether and proceed immediately with a complete vacancy of Mind from the outset of the meditation session.

Having achieved this level of concentration and emptiness of Mind you can now proceed to meditate effectively, and then move on to the meditation for Telekinesis as the prelude to your full practice of Telekinesis. A meditation session should ideally be at least twenty minutes, but less will suffice initially. This however is only the beginning as you will discover naturally as you progress; each meditation session will progressively deepen your inner awareness.

Always conclude your meditation by sincerely thanking the Universe for your experience, slowly opening your eyes, and taking a few moments to adjust before continuing your usual activities.

Meditation should ideally become a daily habit, and one that you should always look forward to. There is no fixed duration of time for meditation; some people meditate for up to thirty minutes each day, while others might meditate for several hours at a time or even for a full day, completely absorbed in their inner Consciousness.

Meditation for Telekinesis

Having learned the general practice of meditation the next stage is meditation for Telekinesis, which is an extremely important prerequisite for success. By this stage you should be able to commence your meditation session from the outset by assuming your sitting position in your personal space, closing your eyes, becoming deeply relaxed and emptying your Mind of all thoughts.

Now bring into your Mind a small, familiar, everyday object such as for example a cup, a pen or any other small object. It is important that the object is sufficiently small that you can believe, beyond doubt that you can move it using the power of your Mind alone, and not an object so large, e.g. a piece of heavy furniture that might present any sort of doubt in your Mind.

Next imagine and know beyond any doubt whatsoever in your Mind that the object is an integral aspect of you in every way, and that you can influence this object every bit as easily as you can influence your arm, or leg, or finger, or any other aspect of your physical body. Just as your arm, leg or finger moves naturally or effortlessly at will as an integral aspect of your Being, so too does your chosen object.

Now imagine completely merging with the object to such an extent that you actually are the object, and know, beyond any possible doubt, that you and the object are one and the same.

Know beyond any doubt that “seperatedness” is an illusion created by the five physical senses, and that in reality there is only Energy, the same conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy that encompasses everything in the entire Universe without exception.

Spend some time meditating on this truth, knowing, beyond any doubt, that you are an aspect of everything, and everything is an aspect of you, and that you can therefore effortlessly influence anything at will, just as you can influence any part of your body at will.

Now Imagine now your chosen object to be a short distance from your hand, but at the same time connected by vibrant rays of white light so the connection between your hand and the object is totally seamless, and that your hand and the object is completely as one, connected by the vibrant rays of white light.

Notice now that as you lift your arm the object lifts at the same time. Now open your hand and pull the object towards you, observing how the rays of light become shorter as the object, which is an aspect and extension of you, moves effortlessly into your open hand, and then close your fingers to grasp the object.

Now open your hand again and, in your Mind, watch the object move away from you, still connected by the rays of white light which are an aspect of you. Will the object to move further away or to any position of your choosing, just as effortlessly as moving your arm or leg; all being integral aspects of your very being.

Continue this meditation, with other objects, moving and influencing them with your Mind, easily, effortlessly and at will, knowing, beyond any doubt, that you and the object are one.

Finally, to conclude the meditation and this stage of learning Telekinesis, take a few deep breaths, and gradually bring your awareness back to your surroundings, taking time to integrate your experience into your Being. Open your eyes, adjust to the vibration of your physical surroundings and conclude your meditation session. Finally take time to reflect on how easy and natural it is to influence everything because it is an integral aspect of you, every bit as much as your arms, legs, head or any other part of your body.

Always conclude your meditation by sincerely thanking the Universe for your experience, slowly opening your eyes, and taking a few moments to adjust before continuing your usual activities.

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