Looking to Raise Your Frequency? Start by Using an Egely Wheel!

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Looking to Raise Your Frequency? Start by Using an Egely Wheel!

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What is the frequency of your energy? Are you energized and ready to face the day, or are you exhausted and dragging yourself through each moment? The Egely Wheel is a novel tool for measuring and comprehending your energetic frequencies.

The Egely Wheel tracks the electrical activity of the body’s meridians – acupuncture points that connect to organs and other structures – in real-time to determine your energy level. As this energy moves, it produces a resonant hum known as bio-resonance, which can be measured using the wheel. Using these readings, practitioners can determine which areas of energy distribution are weak or strong.

Colorful illustration of the spiritual life energy flow through the human body
As the energy moves, caused by the electrical activity of the body's meridians, it creates a resonant hum called bioresonance.

The idea behind measuring energetic frequencies is that when we are at our best, our bodies should vibrate at the highest frequency possible.

Spiritual Benefits of having Higher Frequency

The Egely Wheel can be used to measure the human bioenergy field or Aura and promote spiritual well-being. Many people are turning to this device to help them balance their energy and improve their spiritual health. The Egely Wheel assists individuals in discovering ways to raise their frequency, which can lead to increased spiritual awareness and clarity.

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A higher frequency means that our souls vibrate at a higher frequency, resulting in healthier emotions, improved moods, and improved physical well-being. Those who use the Egely Wheel regularly report feeling more connected to themselves and the world around them. They also have better mental clarity, which allows them to solve problems more easily and make better decisions. Furthermore, having a higher frequency can assist us in manifesting positive energy in our lives, bringing more abundance into all areas of existence, such as finances, relationships, health, career goals, and so on.

How to know if you have a high spiritual frequency

Do you want to know if you have a high spiritual frequency? The Egely Wheel can be of assistance! The Egely Wheel is a one-of-a-kind device that measures the human energy field and detects changes in spiritual frequencies. It works by collecting data on people’s spiritual vibration levels and displaying it on a simple dial. You can use this device to determine whether your spiritual frequency is high or low.

Colorful illustration of the high frequency energy flow in a human
Having an elevated energy level can bring a sense of sharpness to the mind, while a lower energy level can make one feel drained and less alert.

The Egely Wheel allows users to measure their own energetic fields without interference from outside sources. This eliminates the need for costly medical tests or subjective healing and psychic readings. The Egely Wheel provides accurate results in just minutes for those looking for a more scientific approach to understanding their own energy levels. Simply place your hands on both sides of the wheel and wait for it to display your spiritual frequency level!

Challenges of having a lower frequency

The Egely Wheel is a ground-breaking device invented in Hungary that allows people to measure their Vitality. While the advantages of using this device are obvious, there are some disadvantages to having a lower frequency.

Dr George Egely
Inventor of the Egely Wheel
(1952 – )
This device is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever met.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of energy frequency, it is essentially a measure of the amount of energy that an object or person can emit. For example, someone with a higher energy frequency may have better mental clarity and focus, whereas someone with a lower frequency may experience fatigue and sluggishness more frequently. As a result, having a lower frequency can present its own set of challenges.

For starters, low-frequency people are more prone to illness due to a weakened immune system, as well as greater susceptibility to stress and depression. A low frequency also makes long-term goals more difficult to achieve and prevents us from reaching our full potential.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods for increasing your energy frequency.

Who can raise their frequency?

Who can succeed in increasing their frequency? Anyone can provide an answer. Anyone can raise their vibration and create a better life, young or old, experienced or inexperienced!

Colorful illustration of different spiritual people sitting together to raise their vibrations to a higher frequency
Regardless of age or lifestyle, individuals can work to raise their vibration to a higher frequency through various practices.

So how do you go about raising your frequency? It all comes down to making healthier choices that are more consistent with your spiritual beliefs. This includes eating nutritious foods, meditating on a regular basis, exercising more frequently, and finding ways to stay positive throughout the day. Yoga, forest bathing, and mindfulness are also excellent tools for cultivating higher levels of energy within us. We can begin to tap into our own personal power by focusing on these activities, raising our vibration and ultimately improving the quality of our life experience.

Start measuring today

The Egely Wheel is trusted by thousands of people who practice yoga, telekinesis, meditation and healing. This device is the best solution for measuring your energy flow and efficiency of healing, and you get instant feedback.

Ways to Raise Your Frequency


There is no better way to spend your time than by doing something you enjoy. Our frequency is an important component of our overall health, and grounding techniques can assist us in maintaining the balance required for optimal wellness. Grounding techniques, such as yogic practices, meditation, and visualization exercises, have been used for centuries. These techniques, with regular practice, can help us stay grounded in reality while also accessing higher vibrational energies.

When we ground ourselves physically, such as through yoga or mindful walking, we reduce stress while promoting peace and balance within our bodies. Mental grounding can be achieved in addition to physical activities through visualizations or mantras that restore inner harmony. This process enables us to calmly observe any feelings of discomfort that arise without reacting or allowing them to control our emotions.

Cosmic yoga girl practicing meditation with spiritual universe in background
Yoga and meditation are effective for grounding and improving well-being.


Meditation can help you raise your frequency and connect to a higher vibration. It is critical to be mindful of the meditation techniques used in order to achieve a higher level of awareness. Through the practice of meditation, you can raise your frequency using a variety of methods and techniques.

Breathwork is one such technique in which we focus on taking slow, deep breaths to relax our body and mind. This reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and improves energy flow throughout the body. Breathwork can also be combined with visualizations or mantras to enhance one’s meditative experience. Mindfulness meditation, which involves focusing on the present moment without judgment or expectation, is another popular form of meditation practice. This makes us more aware of our thoughts and feelings, allowing us to gain clarity about what truly matters in life.

The Spiritual Frequency Quiz: How High Do You Vibrate?

Gauge your vibrational energy level with our insightful quiz.

Explore the vibrancy of your spiritual frequency and discover ways to elevate your vibration for a more fulfilling and connected existence.

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Food and Nutrition

Raising your frequency is an important component of a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. It is especially important for those seeking to make positive life changes and achieve greater levels of personal fulfillment. Diet and nutrition are important components of increasing our frequency; what we eat has a big impact on our energy, mental clarity, mood, and overall vitality.

The term “healthy eating” refers to the practice of eating foods that are high in nutrients. Consuming nutritious whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, as well as quality proteins from sources such as fish or organic poultry, is part of this. Avoid processed foods because they are high in unhealthy fats and chemicals that can cause inflammation in the body, resulting in physical discomfort and poor mental performance. Clean eating can also help reduce stress, which is important when attempting to achieve higher frequencies in life.

Exercise & Movement

Movement and exercise can help you increase your frequency. The vibrational energy that we emit in order to communicate with the world around us is referred to as frequency. Moving our physical bodies helps to raise our vibration and frequency, which allows us to reach higher states of consciousness.

Cosmic sporty girl running as daily exercise spiritual universe in background
Regular physical activity can elevate your energy levels and raise the frequency of your vibration.

Regular exercise is essential for increasing your frequency. Incorporating a variety of activities into your routine, such as yoga, running, swimming, or dancing is an excellent way to accomplish this. These activities will not only benefit you physically, but they will also bring more joy and peace into your life by allowing you to connect with higher vibrations. Doing activities outside can also help increase your frequency because of the sun’s positive energy and fresh air.


Raising your frequency is an essential component of spiritual development and personal exploration. It is a process of becoming more aware, better understanding yourself, and removing any mental blocks that may be preventing you from living a more meaningful life. Making spiritual changes to your lifestyle can help you increase your frequency and grow spiritually.

One way to spiritually adjust is to change the way you think about yourself. Spend some time each day reflecting on the positive aspects of who you are and what you have accomplished thus far in life. When negative thoughts arise, take a moment to pause and consciously shift your focus away from them and toward something more uplifting or inspiring. This will help you make room within yourself for better focus, clarity, and creativity.

Another way to adjust spiritually is to create self-care rituals that work for you. Using an Egely wheel on a regular basis can help you measure your energetic frequency, determine which practices work for you, and stay aligned to reap all of the wonderful benefits of this practice.

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