Opening the Third Eye: Dangers and side effects

Opening of the third-eye located between the two visible eyes

Opening the Third Eye: Dangers and side effects

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It sounds tempting and truly exciting to see beyond the physical realm.. Many people start planning to open their Third Eye as soon as they hear about it. However, you have to be careful before making such a decision.

You have to prepare yourself properly and understand what Opening the Third Eye really means and what impacts it can bring to your life. We collected some side effects that may occur so you can be prepared for what can happen to you on this journey.

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Altered sensation

The Third Eye is the gateway between human beings and the spiritual realm. As your Third Eye has opened: the way in which you perceive the world will change completely. All five senses become more aware. At first, colors will seem brighter and you will be more sensitive to light and sound. Your body will have time to adjust to the changes. After fully opened, you will feel things that are not from this reality. Seeing things which are not visible to human eyes (e.g. auras) can be frightening.


After you start to sense unexpected stuff, you can be scared what will you feel next. Are you going to hear or see something you don’t want to? Are you going to feel fingers crawling along your skin? These are scary thoughts, and of course they don’t happen often, but we still need to be prepared for the fact that anxiety can take over.

Nightmares or bizarre dreams

Maybe you are one of those lucky ones who has no problem falling asleep. But imagine that your dreams become very intense, vivid and strange. When Third Eye is opened, you are more opened to receive messages from above during your sleep. This can have negative effects on your sleep.

Detachment from reality

 When your mind becomes aware of other planes, you can easily lost focus from current reality. 3rd Eye Opening can impair your ability to feel grounded and present. As your mind detaches from this reality, you start to feel disconnected. You can even have the strange feeling that “Nothing is real anymore.”


As the 3rd Eye awakens you will become more and more advanced on your spiritual path, and the accuracy of your intuition will be impressive. Knowing everything is not an ordinary feeling. It has benefits, but you can get into painful situations. Sometimes the truth hurts. Plus, you can’t tell your skeptical friends how your intuition has evolved, you have to pretend you don’t know things.

While opening the Third Eye has many benefits as well, it’s great that you’re now aware of the potential dangers as well. It is always worth preparing for the worst.

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