How to use the Egely Wheel

How to use the Egely Wheel

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The life energy meter Egely Wheel is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever seen. You can measure and increase your own life energy level. It is very simple to use, you can measure you life energy level right now without even going through all the instructions.

1. Take off the transparent plastic cover. (First move it a little by pressing it down slightly with your thumb above the “Egely Wheel” inscription, then lift it carefully so as not to hurt the sensitive bearing of the wheel.)

2. Turn on the device with the switch on the left side. (In the middle position only the LEDs will indicate the rotation number of the wheel. If you move the switch further up, a beeping sound will also be heard.)

3. Put one of your hands around the bioenergy meter as you see on the pictures above. Try to surround it with your fingers and palm as much as possible. You can touch the device, but be careful not to touch the wheel.

4. Tighten your fingers slightly, relax and concentrate. The sensor wheel will start to rotate with a speed corresponding to your life energy level. The electronic indicator will show your vitality level. One LED shows the maximum value you have reached since the beginning of the measurement, the other LEDs show the momentary rotation number of the wheel. Later on you can measure you life energy with diferent positions to enhance the results.


After trying it for a few minutes, you will notice that by using your willpower and being in a different state of mind you can influence the speed of the rotating wheel by your life energy. It will change directions as you try it with each hand separately. Of course, to understand more precisely what is being measured and what is life energy it is useful to read the instructions. But first, it’s worth trying the machine and playing with it for a while.

The Egely Wheel vitality meter should be used as shown above. Care should be taken to place the device only on a horizontal base or table, otherwise, it doesn’t function well because the sensor wheel could get caught in the mechanism and this way it doesn’t measure your life energy properly. If possible, use it only at room temperature. In cold or extremely hot weather, wrong results can be measured. Do not use it in drafty rooms as this can disturb the measuring procedure by turning the wheel without detection or measurement of your life energy. Strong light, e. g. sunshine or reading lamp, might disturb the electronic indicator.

The simplest bioenergy or vitality measuring can be done with our hands. Put one of your hands firmly around the device as seen above, tighten your fingers and muscles slightly. Bend your wrist as much as possible. Concentrate for a while and about 30-60 seconds later the wheel will start to rotate, generally in the directions of the fingers. For some, especially for left-handers, it can work the other way around in which case turning in the opposite direction from the fingers will occur this case the life energy flows in the opposite direction.After a short study we will feel that we can change the revolution number in accordance with our state of mind. It is best to make the first attempts alone without any interference.

Start measuring today

The Egely Wheel is trusted by thousands of people who practice yoga, telekinesis, meditation and healing. This device is the best solution for measuring your energy flow and efficiency of healing, and you get instant feedback. Get your own Egely Wheel.

We can see then that the revolution number of the wheel is greatly dependent on our fitness and concentrating abilities and always reflecting our present condition. Early in the morning, just after waking up or just before going to sleep, or when we are tired the revolution number and the value of our vitality is low. The greatest values usually can be expected to be measured during the morning period or early in the afternoon. It is very important to find and learn in which mental state you can reach the maximum value of revolution numbers. (We are always interested in this maximum value. It’s like weight-lifting where the maximum value of weights you lift shows your capability.) This state can be achieved in between complete relaxation and intensive concentration, in a relatively narrow range. The easiest way to reach this state of mind, which is similar to a meditational state, is if we think about our favourite music or imagine an activity that we would be happy and relieved to do. This is the mental state where our body functions best, and where our problems do not interfere. This is when the greatest energy is generated in us and it shows up clearly in the results. It’s worth trying it with both hands separately. Usually we’ll experience that the outcome is different, some will find that the revolution number will be higher by trying it with the right hand and others will get higher results by using their left hand.

Don’t make measurements too many times and for extended periods of time, vecause it may exhaust you (2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes at most).

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