How did Celestial University Encounter the Egely Wheel?

Artistic representation of syncretism in The Hearth Book, featuring detailed sketches linking human anatomy with cosmic and earthly elements, highlighting connections between the body, Earth, and universal design.

How did Celestial University Encounter the Egely Wheel?

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Practicing telekinesis and maintaining vital energy is definitely not an easy task. These skills and practices require considerable focus, self-awareness, and inner resources, but the added value they bring to our lives is inestimable. Correctly directing the flow of life energy and the focus of the mind can positively affect our daily lives, improve our health, and increase our inner harmony. That is why it is good to have support.

It’s our pleasure to bring to your attention Celestial University, an exceptional online educational platform focused on personal and spiritual development. Imagine that you have entered a place where the doors of the unknown are open to you, and each step holds a new discovery.

Celestial University offers not only learning materials, but also a community of over 53,000 like-minded members who share their experiences and inspiration to help you get closer to your true nature and better understand the Universe.

How Did the Egely Wheel and Celestial Embodiment Paths Get Crossed?

We are proud to say that the founder of Celestial University also speaks highly of the Egely Wheel after becoming an owner of our product, which is nothing more than a unique life energy measurement tool that helps to explore and understand the human energy field.

It’s definitely an honor for us to have him personally and enthusiastically mention it in one of his live social media videos and recognize its value. We were deeply moved and incredibly proud when we joined his Instagram Live video, and he immediately brought out the Egely Wheel. At that moment, we knew it was in good hands. That personal interaction really stuck with us and made us realize how important our work is.

This kind of recognition is a testament to the effectiveness and usefulness of the Egely Wheel, and to the fact that the knowledge offered by Celestial University and the Life Energy Measure Meter device complement each other perfectly.

On the one hand, the Egely Wheel allows anyone to measure and visualize their life energy, which is essential for spiritual and telekinetic practices as well as everyday life. On the other hand, the Celestial University will guide you in discovering and developing your inner powers.

Deepen your Level of Consciousness

The Egely Wheel gives you the tool you need to make your inner transformation a reality.

Celestial University – The Universe of Esoteric Knowledge

Celestial University’s library of over 2,000 ancient books offers in-depth occult knowledge that will equip you with a deeper understanding of how the world works and your own spiritual path.

You can learn techniques such as astral projection, lucid dreaming, and remote viewing that will help you rise above everyday life and move to higher levels of consciousness.

The Egely Wheel – a Complement to Your Spiritual Journey

The Egely Wheel is unique in that it allows you to measure and visualize your life energy. This tool not only helps to explore the human energy fields, but also shows how energy levels change during various meditation, spiritual and telekinesis practices.

From the personal experience of many, the Egely Wheel can be a great complement to the knowledge offered by Celestial University, helping to understand and harmonize inner energies.

You Have the Power to Create your Own Reality!

The Celestial University community will inspire and support you on your journey as you gain new wisdom every day. In two of Embodiment Celestial’s reels videos, he demonstrates the use of the Egely Wheel and how it helps him in his spiritual practices.

Dive deeper into the practices of Embodiment Celestial with these insightful Instagram Reels. Watch Understanding Energy to see how the Egely Wheel enhances spiritual energy perception, and discover the power of specific hand gestures in Mudra Power.

Zachariah’s desk is full of surprises

Besides the Egely Wheel, there is also a Rubik’s Cube, both famous Hungarian inventions. Interestingly, in the 90s, Ernő Rubik also participated in tests of the Egely Wheel and achieved a VQ of over 400%. This seemingly coincidental yet profound correlation reminds us that life is full of surprising connections.

Zachariah Kalahiki's desk showing an Egely Wheel on a vibrant, colorful mat and a Rubik’s Cube among various personal and tech items, highlighting the blend of spirituality and intellectual challenge.
Zachariah Kalahiki’s desk, a fusion of spirituality and intellect with the Egely Wheel and Rubik’s Cube—symbols of Hungarian innovation and personal transformation.

For me, it is a special personal experience that further strengthens my belief in fateful encounters and connections.

Who Is the Founder of Celestial University?

The extraordinary spiritual journey of Zachariah Kalahiki, also known as Embodiment Celestial began several years ago. When he lost his job and was on the verge of bankruptcy, he did not remain idle.

One day he discovered documents that radically changed his perception of reality. These documents dealt with the power of manifestation, the research of the Monroe Institute and the world of astral projection, out of body experiences and remote viewing.

From there, he began researching various meditation techniques and discovered lucid meditation, which fundamentally changed his life. This experience strengthened his belief in the power of meditation, and his dreams became vivid and prophetic.

One such vision, for example, brought him significant profits in the world of cryptocurrency, and he became famous as the Crypto Knight on the TikTok platform. However, this fame brought a lot of turbulence, and he was repeatedly banned from the platform.

Eventually, he decided to give up his former life, including professional gaming and Twitch streaming, to fully dedicate himself to lucid meditation. This period was highly transformative, as he gained crucial intuitive insights and changed his diet to a frugivore diet, recognizing the connection between diet and the body’s autonomic responses.

He began sharing his experiences and techniques on social media, which led to him being banned from various platforms. He was also contacted by a mysterious organization that possessed profound, hidden knowledge and shared it with him in exchange for his spiritual techniques.

This knowledge and collaboration further shaped his consciousness and contributed to the creation of the current spiritual entity known as Embodiment Celestial.

His support and recognition further strengthens our belief that the Life Energy Meter is indeed a valuable tool for all spiritual seekers. This unique educational platform also believes that true self-realization can be achieved through the fusion of spiritual knowledge and technology.

It’s also fascinating how the stock market has played a significant role in our shared journey. Over 20 years ago, I was captivated by the world of trading, a passion that has continued to this day with the creation of my educational platform, Huntraders. However, my true fulfillment came through spirituality, culminating in my role as the CEO of Egely Wheel.

Embark on the path that will lead you to transcend everyday life and move to higher levels of consciousness.

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