How to open the third eye chakra

Glittering green spiritual third eye stares the universe

How to open the third eye chakra

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The third eye interconnects the spiritual and physical self, governs intuition, sleep, telepathy and a enhances a better connection with inner wisdom. Many ancient cultures include its significance, the Ajna chakra is your gateway to the divine realm. It symbolizes a higher state of conscoiusness through which you can perceive the world. The pineal gland, is considered as the organ of supreme connection, has been linked to lucid dreaming, astral projection and enhanced aura viewing.

When the third eye is open you can gain a deeper and more enlighted understanding of the universe around you, while a blocked third eye chakra may lead to confusion, uncertainty, cynism or uncertainty. All blocked chakras lead to negative effets so it is important to take all possible steps to clear them all. The activation practise can be started simply by sending gratitude to the third eye for your intuitive abilities and your connection to nature and the universe through the circadian rythms that are governed by the pineal gland. There are several ways you can open the third eye and experience the clarity of life.

Free your mind

Chakras are wheels of energy that align your spine and the third eye chakra is located between the two eyes and right above the bridge of your nose. The primary tool we can use to open it is meditation. Make sure you find a calm spot where you will not be disturbed and in a relaxed state and try to focus your mind on this chakra. A comfortable posture helps the mind and body connections. Finding a mantra you can chant is useful, try with something easy like: „peace” or the universal „om” that is the very first primordial sound of the universe and carries powerful vibrations that recharge, cleanse and opens your third eye. chanting it 108 times a day clears your spirit and mind. You can also pick longer mantras like „I choose happiness”, but it is your choice, as following your instict is the best way to find your own mantra.

Besides meditation you shall also become mindful, so make sure you pay attention to the present, the physical sensations and emotions you experience hence you become more aware of the world surrounding you. Exploring your core beliefs can also reveal certain blocks and limiting circumstances keeping you locked in restricting mindsets that keep the third eye closed.  Whatever you think is what you end up manifesting. Affirmations such as „I see clearly”, „I trust my abilities”, „I listen to my inner wisdom” will alter the way you think and support your third eye.

Visualization of the third eye for five minutes a day supports the opening of the Ajna chakra. While taking deep breaths imagine a pulsing ball of purple light opening and clearing the third eye. Egely Wheel helps you measure the energy levels before, during and after each session and as the energy flows effortlessly you will not only see visible differences in results but also feel the benefits of an open third eye.

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Gratitude supports the energy flow within the chakras and improves your whole life by shifting your mindset. Make sure to list at least 10 things you are grateful for daily. It can either be done while meditating or you can journal it.

Journaling about the blessings in life supports the third eye to open, similarly to journaling about  all feelings and cognitive distortions or mistaken beliefs, which are easier to let go after having them revealed. Once you can name the mental traps you are experiencing, letting them go is going to be easier. Writing down how you feel creates clarity and inner order.

Whenever you journal negative thoughts and energy is released and measurable positive energy subsitutes it. If you have interest in communication skills experimenting with NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming shall help your mind to move past limiting beliefs and phobias that can cause third eye blindness.

Nourish your body

Opening the third eye chakra is not only a spiritual act, there are plenty of things you can do physically to support the process and also your overall health. Antioxidants are superfuel food detoxifying and strenghtening the body. Consume Quinoa, maca, spirulina, blueberries and goji berries, coconuts and increase the amount of vegetables and fruit intake. You can use cups to measure the amount, if you can, add at least one cup of superfood filled with antioxidants to each meal. Smoothies are a great way to add healthy ingredients, these will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and are much easier to digest. Avoiding packed food choices and adding whole foods such as nuts, whole grains and legumes also help your body be healthier. Processed food and fast food include a higher amount of fat and carbs that our bodies are designed to digest and animal meat may contain hormones that hinder flawless improvement in quality of life. Diet influences energy levels and the higher it is the better you feel and the energy can flow steadily.

Hydration helps flush toxins out of the body and improves brain functioning. The most obvious choice is water, the daily intake shall be at least two litres. regarding water there is an important feature you need to pay special attention to, and that is fluoride. Fluoride is the chemical present in our drinking water and also in toothpastes, proven to be responsible to calcifying the pineal gland ceasing to work well. Third eye cleansing herbs, such as rosemary, passionfloer, gingko biloba, gotu kola are a potent way to recalibrate the Ajna chakra.

Energy flow is measurably supported by constant exercise or yoga practise, especially shavasana and dolpin pose.

Surround yourself with objects that help

Sound healing instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, bells or tuning forks carry healing vibrations energetically harmonizing the third eye. Lisening to these sounds during meditation can double the effect. You can also use healing crystals that are influential allies in the quest to awaken the third eye. Purple, indigo and violet colour palette serves to awaken, align, balance and nurture the third eye. Amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire, purple violet tourmaline, rhodonite, kyanite and sodolite can be placed above the brow during meditation, or carrying them with you will have positive effects.

The first few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset are ideal to sungaze gently at the sun to boost your pineal gland.

Many essential oils stimulate the pineal gland and facilitates states of spiritual awareness including lavender, sandalwood, pine, parsley and frankincense. You can either inhale these directly, or add them to body oils, bathwater or ont he crystal bracelet you are wearing. Make sure you pick high quality essential oils.

You should spend 10 minutes daily on activating the third eye and you will soon receive guidance messages and visions, you should follow your intuition.

You will know the third eye is opening up when you start experiencing a new mindset and some of the following:

  1. increased pressure in your temples, an energetic pulsation as the third eye develops.
  2. increased awareness, new perceptions and mindset
  3. headaches as the pineal gland is developing, opening all chakras and leading to a fully enlightened state
  4. increased sensitivity to light and sound
  5. see clear and vivid dreams and the real truth of people and things surrounding you
  6. deeper thoughts about the future, what it has to offer.
  7. you begin to see unity in things
  8. notice a lot of synchrinicities and mirror numbers
  9. Your Egely Wheel displays higher energy levels

Opening the third eyes chakra will not only improve you spiritual life but also increase health and have a clarified vision of your past, present and future.

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