The secrets of Life Energy

The secrets of Life Energy

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The life energy that we’re measuring as vitality has been well known for a very long time in the history of civilization and it’s very hard to find a place where life energy wasn’t used for healing purposes.

Ethnographical researchers found traces of healing with this kind of energy (life) among many tribes thought to be primitive in Australia, Siberia, from the Pacifics to America, and Africa. Since this life energy is present in everybody, in smaller or greater quantities, and since we can pass it on to each other to some extent, it’s known to be the oldest and a very effective “medical” treatment.

It had a name in all cultures. In India it was called Prana, in China, Qi/Chi, but it’s also known by all the other old cultures. Healing with bioenergy is a wide-spread human ability. In the ancient times its importance was recognized in China and India roughly about the same time. In India, yogis worked out exercises to increase energy through meditation and breathing exercises. Even greater effects have been achieved in China by controlling and directing this energy. Acupuncture could probably be led back to this energy because in some points of our body there is more of it than in others.

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During the measurements it came to the light that the greatest life energy from the human body is released from areas where there are lots of acupuncture points, while less active life energy areas are where there are only a few or none of them. We suppose that the energy making the wheel rotate is probably the same as the one spreading through the acupuncture meridians. In China, though, this life energy has not been used only for healing, but also for fighting. This is the so-called “soft” martial art (Wu-Shu) where the enemy can be defeated without any physical contact, simply with an energy “shoot”. Some parts of the body can be hardened this way so one can withstand extremely strong hits. This martial art is unknown except for in China, making it quite incredible and difficult to imagine.

On this xylograph from 1591 the ruler of Scotland is leading Agnes Sampson’s and her followers’ witchcraft trial. In those days they used force, beating them to confess.

In Europe, this method of healing (with life energy) was known during the Roman Empire as one of the means of curing. If we open the Bible to the New Testament, all four gospels write about healing by the touch of hands. Here sometimes it is called the “Power”. Even the Bible describes this phenomenon not only as an exceptional ability of God because the apostles and their disciples also used it for healing (the transfer of life energy). With the spread of the Christian belief, all Europe found out about this energy, but during the Middle Ages it all changed taking a reversed course. People who had much more energy, for some reason or another, than the average were regarded sometimes as witches. And witchcraft was a punishable crime during the inquisition. Two things could happen in this case: they were burnt to the stake, or tortured. But, in some cases the fortunate ones were declared as saints. If you read the collection about the life of the saints, you meet quite often the effects, incidents, or paranormal phenomena which for sure had been caused by this type of bioenergy.

Unfortunately, thousands of people could have died in Europe only because they had these capabilities with bioenergy. Not just because of high bioenergy level, did they burn at the stake, but sometimes for enviousness or for some ideological reasons. But lots of people ended up on trial for witchcraft for healing with bioenergy. While the prelates and kings were “officially” possessed with this ability of bioenergy (they used this method to pass their power and ability of bioenergy to the ones under their command), for the ordinary people it wasn’t permitted to exercise these abilities.

On this German xylograph from 1580, we can see how the dowsing rod was used in practice. The man in the middle of the picture, in the background, cuts the fresh twig. In the upper left corner, the man walking holds the Y-shaped twig in his hands, this is the position when nothing has been found. The twig in the hands of the man in the middle, suddenly turns down – meaning that something has been found. Next to this we see the digging of the search groove. Lastly, on the bottom of the picture, the examination of the findings takes place.

Nowadays, there are still a lot of remains of the pursuing and fear, even today’s natural science denies officially the occurrence of this phenomenon of life energy. At the beginning of modern times Mesmer started to deal with this method of magnetic healing again in Europe. In his case, the method of transmitting energy and hypnosis were still mixed together. Hypnosis can be effectively used to release it or to increase the power of it.

The vitality or the life energy is present everywhere around the human body with a variable intensity. This is usually called the aura instead of life energy. Some people (after exercising a lot) can feel the distribution of this energy field and relying on this they can tell with more or less accuracy what illness others suffer from, simply by feeling where is this energy field weaker or stronger around the human body. By replacing, refilling the missing life energy, disorders can be recovered at least for a short time and illnesses can be cured.

The accused people many times confessed, after being beaten, that they kissed Satan’s bottom on Witches’ Sabbath. Xylograph from 1626.

Relation to dowsing

It has been well known for a long time that with the help of the so-called “dowsing rod” underground water veins, veins of ore, caves, or hidden cables can be detected. Many methods are known and we can say that roughly about half of the population is sensitive to these effects at a smaller extent. Only 1-2% of us are sensitive to this in a great extent, although not everyone knows about this ability. Not much is heard about it, and only a few try it in practice. Our tests so far show (although this was only measured on a few dozen people) that only those are sensitive whose vitality values are under the average and have an illness or problem of some sort, or the ones whose vitality is well above the average. Those that are sensitive to disturbance zones stay in the red field or reach the green field on the scale. These two groups of people feel the geopatogen zones, underground water veins, and hidden cables in a different way.

Ethnographers have gathered many details not just about the healing with bioenergy or shamanism, but also about dowsing. It was necessary for many migrating tribes to know where water can be found under the ground.

It is very important from a commercial point of view that with these abilities we can detect mines and veins of ore under ground. In the middle ages and at the beginning of modern times, when geology was just a newborn science, this method was used everywhere. Even today in the Far-East, experts with these capabilities are often employed to locate the houses in such areas where harmful zones do not affect our body’s energetical balance.

On this copper xylograph from 1666 the famous Irish healer Valentin Greatrakes can be seen working. Very seldom did they show ordinary people in such a positive way, the practice of healing with energy transmission was the privilege of noblemen who possessed this ability “officially”.

Let’s see only one but a very characteristic historical example of how important a role in creating today’s modern industry this ability has played. One of the main activists in this field was a French nobleman called Jean de Chastelet, baron of Beausoleil. He was born in Brabant around 1590. Rather than joining the army as people with his background did, he chose science which he became committed to. Later he became a certified mineralogist. With the help of dowsing he detected many new mines in France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. This helped the mine and steel industry to develop and flourish. The baroness also assisted her husband in his work. Together they located about 150 mines in France only, some of them are still in use today.

In those days in France there was almost no mining at all and the country’s natural wealth was deep in the ground unexploited. Later, in her diary the baroness could say well justified that she was doing a great service to France, just like the one Jeanne D’Arc did before.

The couple spent 300 thousand livres, all of their fortune to their researches, which was a large sum of money in those days. Of course, a large number of servants always assisted them during their expensive journeys. Besides this they also employed fifty German and ten Hungarian miners to make the diggings. The couple got nothing in return for all the money and effort they invested. Profits were made when the mines were in full production, but they “only” opened them up. Of course, they would have enjoyed seeing some financial benefits in return, but this did not happen. When they were running out of money, they turned to the government with several requests and notes, all in vain.

On this xylograph from 1837 the British ruler Charles II practices “official” healing. Also the French ruler was obliged to do healing, prescribed by the court etiquette, on some ceremonies. Healing by common people was prohibited or impeded as long as “official” healing did not fade away from the court etiquette.

With government officials and noblemen it was never the country’s interest that came first but their own selfish greed and interest which dictated politicians and the law in those days. Some bureaucrats saw the chance to get money for themselves. Having the law and power on their side, it was not difficult to do so with official support. The couple was simply accused of practicing witchcraft and serving the devil. The cardinal Richelieu had some sense and saw straight through their allegations. He knew that the accused couple was innocent, but of course the accusers had great power, so the cardinal did not want any trouble for himself. Nobody had a word in favor of the poor and lonely scientific couple, although they gave France tremendous wealth. The cardinal Richelieu did not bring the couple to trial as to make it easier for his own conscience, because if the court had convicted the baron and his wife of witchcraft, it would have been punished by being burnt to the stake. Without any trial and conviction he sent them into prison. The baron ended up in the Bastille and the baroness was put behind bars in Vincennes State Prison. The poor couple had been working with dowsing for forty years and at the end they lost their wealth and freedom, their life was ruined. They were not only separated from each other but from their children, too. One of their sons visited the baron in the Bastille and for this he was also locked up. It’s not known where the other four children were. The prison was too harsh for the baroness so she died in the year following 1642 when she was imprisoned. The baron could withstand the prison conditions for three more years when he also died. This is an example of the stupidity and ungratefulness of man.

Leading scientific personalities tried many times to understand and to explain these extraordinary phenomena, and to find a way to measure them. The French Arago was the first to brake way in this study. He examined a French girl, Angelique Cotlin’s unusual abilities in February, 1846. She was able to move different objects such as chairs and pieces of furniture. Arago found that this energy was similar to electric energy in many ways, but it was still something else, it had unusual features.

In the case of a number of people, it has been written that besides their healing abilities they are also able to find hidden objects. The most interesting example of this is the Portuguese Donna Pedegache. When she was a child she knew when a woman was carrying a baby well before the first signs of pregnancy occurred. Also as an adult she could tell exactly where objects were hidden under the ground. One day she was on her way in Portugal when she stopped the coach and told that there was an antique treasure, some kind of a well-decorated basin, thirty feet below the ground. The crown was told and when they came out to investigate the basin was really found.

As you can see vitality above a certain level may sometimes have strange accompanying phenomena that can be used in practice.

During the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century a very well-known pastime was table-tipping. Tens of thousands experienced the existence of the phenomenon but very few were deeply involved in its physics. Many misunderstandings, deceptions and half-truth belongs to this phenomenon.

Another group of people having a very high level of vitality is the one in whose vicinity objects start to move without touching them or electrical equipment disorders occur. This phenomenon is called psycho kinesis. The vitality meter itself works with the help of psycho kinesis: we move a small object, the wheel of the device this way, by our thoughts. This light-weight wheel can be rotated by almost everyone, but of course moving bigger objects this way can only be done by very few people with high vitality level. This is the reason why modern science has not yet accepted the possibility of this phenomenon. During the second half of the last century many talented scientists have examined this subject, so quite a few records are available. As these phenomena are strange and extraordinary and without people having exceptional qualities and abilities it is very difficult to repeat these experiments, science did not accept these experiences, so today it is very difficult to get hold of the old records or it’s just impossible.

The first scientist examining this subject extremely close and in all sides was the Swiss De Gasparin, then the English Crookes who later became the president of the Royal Society. He did his experiments with the young Scotsman, D. D. Home. These experiments were on moving objects with the power of thoughts, but sometimes they observed white and blue light rays around Mr. Home when he was in a dark room. They could notice and hear noises, steps and tumbling, or feel cool breeze.

Later, electrical experiments were carried out by others. For example, the Polish professor Ochorowitz experimented with a woman called S. Tomczyk. They noticed that some objects like balls started to rotate and continued to move even when they were almost completely covered by a bell glass or something similar. But when it was fully covered by the glass, the rotation stopped. In these cases, a great friction had to be overcome and unfortunately scientists at that time did not improve this experiment technically so as to be able to measure abilities in ordinary people, not just the ones with exceptional capabilities. They were satisfied with experiments carried out with a few extraordinary psychic men and did not care about these kinds of abilities in the ordinary people. Although Crookes had this in his mind for a while, he gave up this line of research.

It is worth mentioning that also the scientific couple, the Curie’s went into the research of this phenomenon. They carried out a number of experiments but because of the difficulties they began to study another phenomenon thought to be slightly easier to do research on and to a more stable one – radioactivity.

The German baron Schrenck-Notzing carried out most of the research on electronic effects. He noticed that this energy changed the electric resistance and magnetic characteristics of objects. These effects have been measured again after decades, e. g. recently with the help of the subject Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman from Leningrad. Pictures taken while experimenting show that Kulagina could rotate quite big objects, compasses, together with their cover. But also in her case no attampt was made to develop and refine experiments so as that to be able to detect minor effects. They were satisfied with the study of the effects of moving things with the simple objects being at hand, and did not attempt to understand the phenomenon precisely and extensively.

Many of us must be asking the question: “What makes this small wheel rotate?” We have already answered the question of what factors influence the velocity of rotation, but it is also interesting and important to know what the real effect is that causes this rotation.

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