Telekinesis Practice – How to Make and Rotate a Psi Wheel

Hands around a rotating, spinning psi wheel

Telekinesis Practice – How to Make and Rotate a Psi Wheel

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Some of you want to levitate objects, and many of you are perfectly happy to just move them around. I must say I have never seen levitation in my life. I have heard stories about it, some have claimed to be able to do it, but I have never ever seen it. But moving objects is surely possible and many of us have done it successfully and still do it today.

There are many different exercises for beginners, but it is best recommended to start with a tool. There are many different tools to start practicing, here is the easiest and most common version: The Psi Wheel. Psi wheel is a tool that anyone interested in the topic of telekinesis should try. If you want to see it while it’s moving, search for “psi wheel” on Youtube.

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Items you will need to make the psi wheel

One of the reasons why the psi wheel is so popular is that you can find everything you need to make it in your own household.

First, you will need a piece of eraser or clay for the base. You’ll need a sharp object too. A needle is best, but a toothpick will also do. You will also need a square piece of paper (or a sheet of tinfoil). Anything will do, even a sheet of notebook paper, but no bigger than about 10×10 cm. It is recommended to choose some lightweight paper or foil, as this will make it easier to rotate.

Items needed for making a psi wheel are: paper, rubber and a needle or a toothpick
You only need a few everyday items to make a psi wheel.

How to make the psi wheel

1. Cut a square piece of paper.

2. Fold it as shown in the picture below to make a triangle.

3. Then unfold and fold the other way round in the same way. The fold should be on the same side.

4. Now there should be an X on your piece of paper.

5. Turn the sheet over.

6. Fold the sheet in half.

7. Open it and fold the other half in half.

8. Now there should be a plus (+) sign on this side.

9. If you did it right, your card will look like this.

10. Now take a needle or a toothpick. Stick it straight into a clay, eraser, or any base that will hold it. The canopy can be a little more open than in the picture.

10 easy steps for making psi wheel to practice telekinesis
Create a psi wheel in 10 easy steps

The movement

Several methods are described for how to move it. Here is the simplest:

1. Sit facing the wheel. Relatively close, but far enough away that your breath doesn’t move the wheel. Also, make sure there is no breeze or draft in the room. It is best to close the doors and windows.

2. Breathe and relax. Feel the energy flowing through you. Allow yourself to feel the sensation. Everyone feels different, some feel like lying in a river, others like being stuck in an electromagnetic field.

3. Watch the wheel. Feel it, examine it and focus on it. But don’t touch it. In your mind you will feel its material, the touch of the paper.

4. Once you have a perfect feel of the wheel and are slowly becoming one with it, think about the direction you want to move the wheel. DO NOT try to move it. Do not try to mentally push it away or move it. It won’t work that way.

5. Put your hands around the wheel. Then mentally ask the wheel to turn. I know it sounds silly, but try.

6. Soon or later the wheel will start to move.

Hands around a rotating, spinning psi wheel

Other tips and experiences

Don’t expect a miracle right away, for some people it takes days to move the psi wheel, for others it takes weeks. Usually the development is visible after a few days. The psi wheel may not spin right away, it may just move a little. A little wobble is not a result, keep trying.

Start practicing today

The Egely Wheel is trusted by thousands of people who practice yoga, telekinesis, meditation and healing. This device is the best solution for measuring your energy flow and efficiency of healing, and you get instant feedback.

If you can already spin the psi wheel with your hands around it, try to improve your technique gradually and spin without using your hands. If you are still successful you have reached a high level of telekinesis.

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