Psi ball psychokinesis


Psi ball psychokinesis

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Psychokinesis is the ability to affect physical matter using your will.

There are only two forms of Psychokinesis: Micro-Psychokinesis, and Macro-Psychokinesis. I know a lot of people out there try to invent new skills by adding a random term plus “kinesis” at the end. This practice is regarded as silly by most Psions, simply because there is no difference between moving one piece of matter, as opposed to another piece of matter. It’s all matter. It’s the same skill.

Micro-Psychokinesis (Micro-PK) is affecting chance and probability. You can only see the influence of Micro-PK by using statistics. For example, if you flip a regular coin 1000 times, chances are it’ll land on heads 500 times, and tails 500 times. Using Micro-PK, you can shift these values to favor a certain side (e.g., 650 heads and 350 tails).

Macro-PK is more noticeable. You can slide an object across a table, levitate something in the air, bend silverware, or spin a piece of paper on a tack. The latter being the most common application among beginners.

Practicing Micro-PK is simple. Do something random, do it a lot, and measure your performance using math. An easy example of this is rolling a die, and trying to force a particular number. Before you begin, make sure you roll and record 100 (or more) random rolls. This way you can make sure the die is fair, and not off balance. This will give you something to compare to after you start practicing.

See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

After you get the first 100 out of the way, you can start to try to influence it. Pick one number, and see if you can make it come up a lot. Visualization doesn’t seem to work as well as “just doing it.” Before each roll, just know that your number will come up. Have confidence, and focus on your goal. Don’t get angry or upset at any time – remain open, calm, relaxed, and somewhat playful. It can be frustrating at first, so if you find yourself in a bad mood, take a break.

Macro-PK is awesome when it works, and hell when it doesn’t. The most common mistake I see is that people expect results too quickly. One friend of mine took nine months, and I myself took over a year to get some solid results. Keep in mind – this is an advanced skill, and if you decide to skip all the basic skills and focus on this, don’t be surprised if you never get any results. But is it possible to learn Macro-PK without learning the basics? Yes.

The most popular exercise, without a doubt, is the psiwheel/pin wheel. The psiwheel is a square piece of paper, folded into a pyramid shape, placed on a tack.

The device is made by first getting a square piece of paper (2 inches by 2 inches is good). Fold it diagonally both ways. Then flip the paper over, and fold it horizontally both ways. Take the sides and push them in a little bit, and it should take the form of a psiwheel.

Place your new toy on a thumbtack (or any sharp object pointing up), and you’re ready to practice. The pinwheel is very sensitive to gusts of wind, or vibrations through the table, so you have to be very careful you don’t move it by conventional means. Experiment with your environment and figure out what will make it move, and what won’t make it move. Some people put containers over it to prevent wind from interfering. Once you have a good understanding of your psiwheel’s limitations, start practicing.

When you practice, you need to have full concentration on your goal. Don’t think about random unrelated things, and remove all distractions. Breathe slowly, and relax (but don’t breathe on the psiwheel).

Exercise 7: Focus. Relax. Remove all frustrations, and try to slow down your mind a little bit. After you’re calm, try to “become one” with the object. You need to feel an understanding with the object. Feel connected to it. If you like, send some Psi at the object, and engulf it. Let the Psi pass through the object, and feel the Psi do this. Feel the object using Psi.

In the same sense that you send a command down your arm to move your fingers, think of sending a command through the Psi to move the object. Send the command, and trust that it will move. Just do it.

After you get good with the psiwheel, move onto different objects. Pocket lint is fun, or rolling pens. Moving an object floating in water works too. If you’re having trouble with the psiwheel, try making one out of tinfoil. It will be a lot thinner and lighter, and easier to move. (It will also be a lot easier to breathe on, so be careful).

One more reminder: this is an advanced skill. It takes time and practice. Some people take months, others take years. Practice, practice, practice.

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