How to move objects with your telekinesis mind


How to move objects with your telekinesis mind

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Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve learned the steps and concepts, so now it’s time to put this into practice. From this point on, you’re going to see some amazing things that would qualify as unexplainable. They are things that are difficult to believe at first, and yet they do exist.

Here is a quote from Joseph Dunniger:

“For Those That Believe No Explanation Is Necessary… For Those That Don’t, None Will Suffice”

Some of these things will seem impossible at first, and yet they are completely real. Then as your mind starts opening up to new possibilities your own abilities will begin to grow. You’ll start noticing changes in your own life and what you can do.

And with that, here is the first baby step to moving a small object with your mind. Remember that we’re not even crawling yet.. .we’re just starting to move. We’re building the foundation that everything else is going to be built on.

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Here are the items you’ll need:

  • A light
  • A key
  • A 6-8 inch piece of string A piece of white paper

Step 1 is attach the key to the string. If you don’t have string available, you can use dental floss.

Step 2– put the light to the side of you and the white paper on a flat surface in front of you so a semi shadow is created on the white paper.

Step 3– Take the key on a string (the pendulum) and holding the string between your thumb and index finger hold it over the paper with your elbow on the table. Make sure your shadow isn’t covering the shadow of the pendulum.

The reason for using a pendulum as the first object you’ll move is because you can see visible changes in the pendulum even if they’re subtle by the shadow. It’s difficult to see subtle changes in a rock or other object.

By seeing the visible accomplishment you’re about to make, you’re going to be reinforcing the idea in your mind that this is actually possible, and YOU CAN DO IT. Since you’re just beginning, we want to reinforce every accomplishment you make because that reinforces the belief in yourself that you can do this.

Until you begin to see results, it’s a lot easier to just say “It’s not working” and quit. And as soon as that idea of “it’s not working” flashes through your mind, that’s all it takes to destroy your ability.

So it’s extremely important that you see results early for that positive reinforcement in your mind. And I want to give you the greatest chance of success.

With that in mind…place your elbow on the table and hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger. Keep the pendulum slightly above the paper (about an inch or two) and make sure you adjust the length of the string if it’s too long for you.

You arm shouldn’t be dangling in the air.

Take a deep breath in…and we’ll begin…NOW…

Begin to imagine the pendulum swinging in a certain direction.

Play that image in your mind over and over again of the pendulum swinging in that direction. Maybe back and forth or side to side.

Do not use your arm or fingers to move it…use only your mind.

Then as it begins to swing back and forth or side to side…begin to imagine it swinging around in a circle either clockwise or counterclockwise, and you’ll notice that you’ll be able to make it change directions.

That’s right…YOU’RE DOING IT!

And as you continue to imagine which way you want it to swing, I invite you to notice how you can make it change direction at anytime.

Hold your intention for it to move in the direction you want…see it in your mind as already moving that way. And you’ll notice it will start to move in that direction.

Now see if you can stop the motion by simply using your mind to stop it.

Imagine to pendulum coming to a stop over the paper, and it will remain still only as long as you hold that still image in your mind.

Then whenever you’re ready to , you can start it moving again just by thinking about which way you want it to move and holding your intention there seeing it as already happening.

That’s right…you’ve got it.

Congratulations You Have Just Moved Your First Object With Your Mind.

What just happened?

The thought from your mind became a vibration moved through your body and moved the pendulum. AMAZING.

Realize what you’ve just accomplished. You’ve now experienced what it’s like to have a thought vibrate through your body and move an object. The vibration occurred with your thought, and the movement happened.

It’s important right now to praise yourself for what you’ve done. You’re conditioning your mind for what is possible, and you’ve taken the first step.

This is the baby steps…as you get better at projecting your mental vibrations outward, the need to be in physical contact with something lessens.

Even though you were touching this object, it was your mind that was moving it. As you get better at holding the thought and intention you want, you can lessen the amount of contact you need to move it with your mind.

What you’ve just experienced is something we call an “ideo-motor” response.

It’s your subconscious mind sending vibrations through your body to move the pendulum in the direction you were thinking. The vibrations of your mind are like the force of your hand striking a table…and your body is like the table with the vibrations moving through it that moves the water in the glass.

So Where To Go From Here…

You’ve already got the first building block of moving things with your mind. Now is time to practice and build your confidence.

Confidence is important because as humans we’ll only continue to do things we think are possible.. .we’ll only continue to play the game if we think we can win.

Be proud of your accomplishment, because this was the first step. And now you’ve got a foundation to build on.the knowledge that you can do it on an extremely small level. With that knowledge, you can now begin to increase your power.

Step 2

See if you can get the pendulum swinging farther in a direction one way or the other. Then see if you can have someone else hold the pendulum and focus on moving it in the direction you want it to move without telling the other person.

If you tell the other person which way you want it to move, you might accidentally influence the direction by communicating with their mind.

So just concentrate on which way you want it to move, you’ll be amazed that you’re a lot better at this than you could have ever thought possible.

Step 3

And finally you can suspend your pendulum from a hook or a nail and focus on moving it that way. A tip here when starting out is be as close to the object that you’re moving as possible.

The reason being that vibrations when small (like they are when you’re first starting out) will not travel as far and with the intensity required to move an object.

Remember the exercise with the glass of water on the table and you hit the table to send vibrations through to the glass of water? Well imagine if that table was another 10 feet longer and the glass of water was at the far end.

Your hand hitting the table would definitely send vibrations through the table, and the vibrations would be strongest where your hand was and would weaken as they vibrated through the table until they were the weakest at the far end where the glass of water is.

Most people make the mistake of getting as far away from the object as possible. You can still have some results that way, and being that you’re just beginning you want to give yourself the greatest chance of success possible.

So start out as close to the object as possible, and as you get better, you can begin moving further away.

Remember, we’re moving in extremely small incremental steps here. One piece leads to the next and it’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments and continue to reinforce your ability. As your abilities continue to grow you can move further and further away from the object.

For example, right now you’re holding the pendulum. You’re in physical contact with it and you’re thoughts are traveling through your body to move the object. You’re focused on what you’re doing so the vibration is the strongest.

Then as you get better with that, you can hang the pendulum from something and only lightly touch it instead of holding it and practice moving it that way. And when you get good at that, move your hand a little further away (just barely off the surface).and increase your distance slowly.

There’s no rush here. The more focused you are, the more you practice, the greater you will become at this.

The mistake most commonly made here will be if you want to immediately hang the pendulum from across the room and attempt to move it. You’ll be trying to do too much at once and likely frustrate yourself in the process.

It’s the small steps at the beginning that will make you a unconsciously competent master at moving the world around you and things in your life.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Keep your mind sharp by protecting yourself from the limiting beliefs that others might try to push on you, or the limiting beliefs you give to yourself.

Examples of these are.

“It’s not working.. .I can’t do this. OR “I guess I just don’t have the gift”.

Nonsense.. .everyone has this gift.. .you were born with it. This isn’t magic, it’s science.

Your ability to think means you have a mind, and that mind of yours produces vibrations (This can be and has been numerous times scientifically proven).

Now the amount of focus you put on it and how you direct those vibrations are up to you. Will you focus them like a laser and sharpen them with practice, or will you let them be distracted, diffused, and all over the place?

So this is the very beginning of you moving objects with your mind. The next form of telekinesis you’re going to see is…

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