Layers and Colors of the Aura

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Layers and Colors of the Aura

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Every living being is surrounded by a special energy field: the aura. Its purpose is to keep the bad vibrations away and protect our physical body. This vibrating frequency of light, or – in more scientific terms – electromagnetic field can be recognized around humans, plants, animals and even stones. Aura is always different, constantly changing and evolving. A lot of people can feel and some can even see auras. If you have never seen auras, don’t worry: you don’t have to actually see it to sense and feel it.

Auric field has 7 layers. Each layer of the aura relates to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of the individual.

Layers of the Aura

Etheric layer – 1 cm

This layer represents the physical state. It is the closest to the physical body. It is connected to the Root Chakra. Usually it has bluish grey color. This is the layer which is seen most often – it is not impossible for ordinary people to see it. It is stronger in people who live active life and it is weak in people who have sedentary lifestyle with weak immune system.

Emotional layer – 2,5-7 cm

This layer shows the emotions and feelings of a person. It is connected to the Solar plexus Chakra. It gets dark or muddy colored during times of emotional stress. It often shows the chakras state.

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Mental layer – 7-20 cm

This layer represents thoughts, cognitive processes and state of mind. Usually it is yellow in color and it is connected to the Sacral Chakra. It is stronger in those people who engage in mental tasks or in those who have an overactive mind. It often radiates the strongest around the head, neck and shoulders. When you do some creative activity, colorful sparks can flow from this layer.

Astral layer – 20-45 cm

This layer represents where we form our astral cords with others. It often has pink or rosy color and it is connected to Heart Chakra. It becomes stronger through loving, intimate relationships. It gets weak during breakups or conflicts. State of the chakras are also easily visible from this layer.

Etheric Template –  45-60 cm

This layer represents the entire blueprint of the body that exists on this physical plane. It includes everything you create on this physical level (your identity, personality and overall energy). It is connected to the Throat Chakra. It gets stronger if you express your truth or if you have excellent self-knowledge.

Celestial/causal layer – 60-86 cm

This layer represents the connection to Divine and all other beings. It is connected to the Third eye Chakra. Usually it is pearly white in color. When it is strong, the person can have the ability to communicate with the spiritual world and receive messages. If it gets darker it can be healed by unconditional love.

Causal/spiritual layer – 75-90 cm

It represents the feeling of being one with the Universe. It vibrates at the highest frequency from all layers. It is connected to the Crown Chakra. Usually it has bright white or golden color. It holds all information about your soul and memories from previous lifetimes. When it is strong it can help increase psychic abilities like telekinesis.

aura color

Auric layers have different colors – depending on your current physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states – and they change very often. That is why Auric field is usually made up of many different colors, though one particular color always dominates. Different colors have positive and negative meanings depending on its shade and tone, these are described below:


Bright, vibrant with light shadesDark, burnt with black or gray shades


passion, sensuality, intimacy, tenderness, belonging, confidence, strength

anger, violence, aggression, frustrations + circulation problems


creativity, sexuality, youth, thrill-seeking, high energy level, excitement, productivity, success

laziness, lack of energy, low self-esteem + sexual problems


inspiration, optimism, intelligence, joy, freedom, spiritual enlightenment, innocence

inner conflict, struggles, hyperactivity,  childishness,

uncommitted + sleep problems


health, growth, calmness, healing skills, communication, harmony, trust

envy, jealousy, bitterness, victim mentality, emotional dependency


calmness, peace, empathy, purity, self-expression, communication

communication problems, secrets,

suppressed emotions, sadness, conservatism, intolerance


intuitivity, honesty, mystery, insight, brightness, clairvoyance

suppressed spirituality, self-pity, too much daydreaming


spirituality, purity, honesty, divine love, healing, receptivity, sensitivity


emotional blockage, anxiety, grief, ruthlessness, fear + health problems

Some tips to cleanse and heal the aura

  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a bright white light.
  • Spend more time in nature, especially barefoot. Unite with nature and the universe.
  • Sunbathe often. In summer it is natural, almost inevitable for us but sunbathing is also needed during winter time. Even a very small amount of sunlight can have a huge impact on the auric layers.
  • Help your aura cleanse with herbs or incenses like white sage or Palo Santo.
  • Take a salt bath: Magnesium (or Epsom salts) is effective in helping the nervous system to relieve itself.
  • Exercise frequently – sometimes it helps to move your energy.
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