Inner journey to self-discovery

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Inner journey to self-discovery

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Although these days are not the best for travelling or going out, we can still make a big journey – a journey to our true self.

We are going through a difficult period

We’ve become isolated lately – due to COVID-19 pandemic. Terrible things have happened: people have died, travelling has been impossible, jobs have been lost, families and friends have not been able to meet, and although the danger has diminished, we still cannot be completely calm. Wearing a mask when shopping, working from home without modern and necessary tools, breaking away from family and worrying about our elderly loved ones is a tiring thing, especially if you have to maintain it for a long time. Furthermore meeting others is a basic need of human beings, so it is not surprising that many of you feel strange during this period.

Worrying or spreading good energies?

What do you think the world needs more right now? The answer is clear. You won’t achieve anything with anxiety and concern, but if you make good use of the time you spend alone, you will be able to spread good energies around you to help others – and especially yourself.

Use your time to recharge, get to know yourself

Self discovery should be an important goal for everyone. Some people go through life playing a role to hide who they really are. Others live up to the expectations of others. Both paths lead to a wasted life.

In the daily rush, you may have forgotten how to love yourself, but now it’s time to learn it (again). You are a wonderful and unique human being.

Self-discovery in 5 steps

  • Evaluate yourself and your life

Try to examine yourself – what do you feel, what do you think, what are your desires, hopes and dreams? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you like to spend your time on?

These are just a few simple questions, but if we never have the time to ask them, we can easily lose ourselves. So ask yourself these questions and get closer to getting to know yourself.

  • Identify Your Purpose

It is difficult to thrive in a life without any goals. You definitely need a purpose that you can follow. You’ll find it easier if you don’t force it. Just think about what you love to do and why. What are your principles? Try to unleash your imagination.

  • Start a diary

Start a daily journal about your feelings and thoughts. This is a good opportunity to learn more about yourself, as here you can express yourself safely without anyone judging you.

  • Experiment with different activities

Explore all of your sides by taking up new activities. Expand your mind by reading and meditating. Try to awaken your spiritual side by visiting a church or by praying. Think about your physical condition – exercising and eating healthy is very important. Observe your relationships and social life. Practice an art form. These are just examples – your imagination still holds thousands of activities for you.

  • Ask for feedback

Ask people about your impressions on them, and what they think about you. Their answers can provide you insights on your behavior and your personality. Egely Wheel Vitality Meter can measure your vitality level and your energies, so it can also give you feedback.

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