Infamous psi ball


Infamous psi ball

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At this point, you can collect Psi in your abs and feel the weird sensation it makes. Once you can do that, the infamous Psi Ball isn’t so mysterious. In fact, if you can get the Psi to pool in your abs, then you’re half way there!

The Psi Ball is just as it sounds: it’s a ball of Psi; similar to how a snowball is a ball of snow. Don’t try to read too far into it; it’s very simple. Take Psi, form it in a ball, and there you have it. Psi Balls are a specific kind of Construct, which we’ll discuss in the next chapter. Constructs are much more useful, and after you learn how to make Constructs, you’ll rarely make the Psi Ball variation.

So what are Psi Balls used for? Not much. Mainly they’re used as a stepping-stone to other skills. To perform other skills, you have to be able to move Psi around, and tell it what to do. Psi Balls are a good way to learn how to do that.

Exercise 2: Start by pooling Psi in your abs, just as you did with Exercise 1 in the previous chapter. Take a few minutes to get a strong feeling in your abdomen, and keep your visualization strong. Now, you’re going to add to your visualization. Do not stop pooling the Psi in your abs. Direct some Psi up your body using visualization. Picture some of the Psi moving up your body, into your chest area. (If the Psi irritates your chest, then stop what you’re doing, and wait for further instructions.)

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Keep pooling the Psi in your abs, but create a path for the Psi to move up your chest, and split down each arm. Feel the Psi moving down your arms, and visualize it reaching your hands. Bring your hands close to each other, and let the Psi flow out of your hands, and into the space between your hands. Visualize the Psi flowing continuously from your abs, up your chest, through your arms, out of your hands, and into a ball. Visualize the ball spinning around, and collecting energy from your hands.

Use the above picture to help in visualization. Make sure you keep everything flowing smoothly the entire time, and you remain relaxed. If things don’t work right away, getting angry and being forceful won’t help. Breathe in and out, stay calm, and focus on what you’re doing.

Do not expect the Psi Ball to be visible. If you keep practicing, it is possible to make them visible, but that takes time and practice. A lot of beginners ask me for help with Psi Balls, claiming that it isn’t working. When I ask what they feel, they say they feel the ball, but it isn’t visible. If you feel the ball, then you are doing it correctly. Visibility comes much further down the road – do not expect it to be visible for at least a few months.

An alternative way is to direct the Psi outside of your abs, and directly in between your hands (instead of going up the chest, and out the arms). If the Psi irritates your chest, try this method instead. It’s the same idea, except you visualize the Psi coming out of your abdomen, through the air, and forming a ball between your hands.

Chances are you won’t get it the first time. Some people get it right away, some don’t. It took me about a week to learn how to make one when I first started. I just kept practicing, and gradually I started to feel something. It can take you anywhere from one day to one month to learn how to make a Psi Ball. If you’ve honestly been making a solid effort for over a month, and you still haven’t gotten it, try modifying the visualization. Read the next chapter on Constructs to get a better idea on how to do that.

This is not the only way to create a Psi Ball. In fact, you’ll find that all Psionic skills have multiple techniques. The best way to get results is not to look for the perfect method; the best way is to come up with your own personal method that makes sense to you. You can do this by modifying a popular exercise, or creating one from scratch. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas; the “right way” is the way that produces desired results. Therefore, your “right way” is probably not the same as someone else’s “right way.” Take some time and play with it.

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