Develop telekinesis skills in 5 weeks

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Develop telekinesis skills in 5 weeks

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Some people have natural telekinetic abilities, but most likely you are not one of them. Can you believe it is possible to develop telekinesis skills until the end of summer 2020?

Believe it! It is the lesson of week 1!

Move forward week by week with new lessons while keeping in mind and practicing what you have already learned too. This training takes a maximum of one hour a day – and you can even take a few days off in the meantime. 🙂

Week 1 – Believe.

Take 5 minutes each day to practice believing. If you have a sceptical mind you will never be able to develop telekinesis skills. Just choose an object and think of the possibility that you are moving this object with your mind. Don’t move it. Just believe you could do.

It may seem difficult, but you have to believe that telekinesis exists, only your mind needs training to do it. You can also join some online telekinesis groups where you can discuss your concerns and talk to other ‘believers’ – even with those who already have the ability.

Week 2 – Meditate.

Take 10-30 minutes each day to do easier or less complex meditations. Daily practice of meditation is essential when you want to reach higher levels in telekinesis. You can get inspiration from the internet as you can choose from a wide variety of practices. There are several guided meditations for the beginners who find it hard to decide which type fits best for them.

Keep on believing as well: do both exercises every day.

Week 2: Max. 35 minutes/day

Week 3 – Feel the energy.

Take 5 minutes each day to observe your energies at a preferred place. It can be alone in your room or even in a busy park you like. The point is to feel comfortable. Try to feel the energy fields in and around your body. Sometimes you can feel you have less energy and sometimes you are full of it. Pay attention to your energies and try to maximize them. If you can’t reach a higher energy level yourself: it is recommended to contact an energy healer (e.g. Reiki healer) who can help you with this kind of problem.

 Week 3: Max. 40 minutes/day

Week 4 – Find connection.

Take 5 minutes each day visualize and imagine clearly how you want to move an object. Observe the object. Try to feel the energies between you and the object. You and the object are in the same energy system, there is energy flow. So somehow you are connected and somehow you are one.

Week 4: Max. 45 minutes/day

Week 5 – Start practicing telekinesis.

Take 5-15 minutes each day to practice telekinesis with a psi wheel. It’s very easy to make, you’ll just need a needle, an eraser and a piece of paper to do one.

Spinning a psi wheel is a very popular and great telekinesis practice for beginners. As you first start to rotate the wheel, you will see and feel how the wheel responds to the flowing energies. Keep on practicing this more and more!
If you have an Egely wheel – use it instead of the psi wheel, as it is much more professional and it can measure the energy flow. It gives you immediate feedback about your powers.

Week 5: Max. 60 minutes/day

Although it may be tempting to move a book with the power of our minds at the end of the 5th week, it is it is unlikely that you’ll be able to it.

Keep in mind that while your skills will definitely improve by following this 5 week program it may take years of practicing to move bigger objects.


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