Crystal Healing: How It Works and Some Practical Tips

Woman during crystal healing with different crystals on her head and body

Crystal Healing: How It Works and Some Practical Tips

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What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine practice based on the belief that certain stones may possess the powers to heal a variety of our body’s ailments. The general idea of crystal healing is that different semi-precious stones give off a wide variety of vibrations at different frequencies, and each of these frequencies can have different properties.

Many healers have the belief that all things are inundated with a vibrational energy, and quartz in particular is powerful. They use the argument that because quartz is used in the electronic parts of our cell phones and computers, it is proof of this energy.

Believers claim that they’ve been used in crystal healing for thousands of years and have a deep connection to Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, Chinese, and Native American cultures. On top of its healing ability, crystals are liked because they are in themselves beautiful.

Is There a Connection Between our Thoughts and Crystals?

Many believe that crystals react to the thoughts that we imbue them with. Much of the theories of crystal healing is based upon a series of studies done by Marcel Vogel, a scientist who came to prominence through his work as a researcher for IBM for nearly 30 years.

According to Vogel’s studies he found a startling connection between our thoughts and crystals. He found that our thoughts can be stored within or amplified by quartz. He also discovered a method of using spinning water around a crystal, so that it can impart thoughts into the crystal. This is because our bodies, made up of 70% water, have a special connection to its molecular structure.

Interestingly, he also found that plants can respond to our thinking and that love is the most profoundly powerful emotion we have.

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He figured that crystals can be used to absorb the negative thoughts from people. In a way, he believed that all structures of our body are a type of crystal and can therefore be manipulated in similar ways. Vogel did many experiments with various types of cuts to measure their healing abilities. According to his findings, a crystal with four sides is ideal for physical healing of the body, six is best for emotional healing, and eight has a powerful effect on mental health.

His particular cutting method is hard to replicate. The tops and bottoms of the quartz is cut into a special pyramid that transfers energy with a particular vibration.

Portrait of Marcel Vogel
Marcel Vogel
Research scientist for IBM
(1917 – 1991)
I wish at all times, in this work, to remain a Scientist. To be focused in Thought to achieving Truth, and not a mass of Illusion. Because one can be lost in a quagmire of information which has no substance to it. It is our intuition that guides us. It comes from a Higher Power to look for THAT - but not THIS. Because in that haystack are a few needles - and I’m gonna now show you some of these Needles.

Some Tips for Buying and Using Crystals

Even though different stones have different effects on our bodies, many practitioners believe that we can intuitively know exactly which stones we need at a particular time. They say that you don’t pick the crystal, but the crystal picks you. In a way, the best way to pick a crystal is by holding in your hand and deciding if its particular vibrations resonate with you and give you positive energy. It is best to use your intuition because your rational mind may actually block you from picking the best stone.

After purchasing a crystal, it is important that you cleanse it and charge it (and it may be good to do this for your own crystals from time to time). Burning sage or frankincense can help clear out any residual negative energy it may be holding. It can also be helpful to soak the stone in salt water (note that some stones may dissolve in salt water).

Next, you’ll need to charge the crystal with the power of the elements around you. It can be placed in the light of the sun or the moon for a few hours and can then be buried to help it pull up energy from the Earth. This can increase its power for crystal healing.

White sage burning for clearing all negative energies
Burning sage can help to clear out any negative energy that crystals may be holding.

Because our thoughts have such a strong effect on the crystal’s ability, practitioners believe that not only must you believe in them, but that the more you believe, the stronger their effect. The main trick is to make sure that you embrace your crystals with an intention. Decide what things are important, which things you need to improve, which things you’d like to achieve, and then confirm these with positive affirmations.

So, after your crystal is cleansed, it can be instilled with the “highest vibration. This can be thought of the power of God or any higher power. This higher power can even be a deeply held scientific belief. Then you ask the crystal to hold the aforementioned intentions and thank it for its help.

There are many minerals a person can use for crystal healing. It is recommended to start with clear crystal quartz because of its clean energy and ability to amplify and energize the power of other stones around it. Selenite is another recommended starter crystal. By moving it up and down your body, it can have a deep cleansing effect on your energy.

The Active and Passive Form of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can be done in a number of ways, both active and passive. The easiest way is to carry specific rocks around with you or wear them as jewelry. The latter has the bonus effect of looking nice. Some people like to sleep with crystals near their beds, or if comfort allows, under their pillow. A more active method involves moving the stones around the body to help pull the energy around. This can be done by hand or with a crystal wand. Some claim that meditating near a crystal can have positive effects.

One can also undergo a form of crystal healing therapy where a trained healer can use a selected choice of stones placed on different parts of the body. Finally, it is suggested to make a crystal healing grid, which is a map of symbols laid out with carefully selected stones.

New Age beliefs, yoga, mindfulness, and an increasing number of alternative medicine modalities have revitalized the practice of crystal healing. The potential applications of crystals to promote human well-being are currently limited only by human creativity.

From crystal-infused water bottles, soaps, and perfumes to gemstone healing necklaces, facials, massages, and even chiropractic adjustments, there is a rich variety of options to choose from.

Furthermore, if one wishes to not only heal oneself but also to bring positive energy into one’s home or workplace, one may simply add crystals to one’s decor in order to maintain healthy feng shui within one’s living or working space.

Understanding our Chakras and Crystal Healing

The belief in crystal healing is often linked to chakras, vital energy, and energy healing. Generally, these people believe that there is an energy that flows through all living things through pathways called meridians. These pathways intersect at main crossways or nodes called chakras.

Imbalances in this energy within our chakras is thought to be a major cause of our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Crystals are thought to have a powerful healing effect on a person’s chakras. Essentially, one must place the crystal on or wear near the affected chakra and let the power of the crystal help realign and bring balance to that chakra.

Each chakra has a color that represents it and this can make it easy to decide which crystal is best for healing. The lowest chakra, the root chakra, located at the pelvis, can be healed by using obsidian, red carnelian, red jasper, or blood stone. Next is the Sacral chakra near the navel. It can be healed using orange stones such as calcite, citrine, amber, moonstone, or carnelian. Amethyst can also help. Above this, by the diaphragm, is the solar plexus chakra. It is responsive to yellow stones such as amber, citrine, lemon quartz, jasper, and tiger’s eye. The heart chakra can be balanced using pink stones such as the powerful rose quartz or green stones like jade, calcite, aventurine, or tourmaline. The next up is the throat chakra and it can be healed using green or blue stones. For example, amazonite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine have all been said to help. The third eye chakra is often linked to amethyst, moldavite, purple fluorite, and black obsidian. The topmost chakra, the crown chakra, can have its balance restored using clear stones such as diamond, clear quartz, and selenite or with amethyst.

Naturally, this is just a guideline and each stone will have slightly different properties.

Chakra colored crystals for crystal healing
Each chakra has a representative color and this can make it easy to choose the best crystal for healing.

This is only a rough guideline to the complex world of crystal healing. There are numerous books and websites that can lay out much more in depth information about each stone used for healing and their alleged uses.

Does Crystal Healing Have any Positive Effects?

Many sellers and advocates of crystal healing claim that stones have been used for their magical healing properties for thousands of years. There seems to be little disagreement over whether this is true, but just the fact that it is an ancient practice does not legitimize it. Most of the positive benefits seem to be anecdotal.

The energy that gets stored within quartz and other stones that may be related to the claims of crystal healers is called piezoelectricity. Often it is used in electronics. It was discovered by the Curies in 1880. Even though this does seem to be a measurable effect, there seems to be little research that shows that this could be what is driving the power of crystal healing. Many of the crystals used in healing do not have piezoelectric effects.

In a commonly mentioned 2001 study, psychologist Chrisopher French had patients hold either “authentic” healing crystals or glass fakes. Everyone was given a small guide that describes the typical effects of holding the crystals including warmth, tingling, focused attention, relaxation, and a general sense of well-being among others. A significant number of (74 of 80) reported to have felt one of more of these feelings, whether holding a real or fake crystal. There also seemed to be higher reported effects in those who claim to believe in crystal healing. This suggests that much of the positive effects of crystal may be nothing more than the power of suggestion.

Crystal Healing Can Be Used for Relaxation

Despite what science may say about the real cause of any possible positive effects of crystal healing, it seems to be able to help some people. It has been reported to at the very least be relaxing for some and anything that is relaxing and reduces cortisol levels in our body can be seen as beneficial.

Even if the effects of crystal healing are nothing more than a placebo, this does not mean that it has no use. Placebos have been shown to have significant analgesic properties and there are even suggestions that placebos have the potential to increase an immune response.

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The Greatest Dangers of Using Crystals for Healing

The biggest dangers of using crystal healing is accepting it as a replacement for conventional medical practices, especially when serious medical conditions are concerned. Another concern surrounding crystal healing is its cost. Some of the cheapest stones can cost as much as $5.00, so if one were to purchase a full arsenal of healing stones, the price could add up. This is especially egregious in light of the French study that shows that the rock itself may not have as much effect as the suggestion.

One might claim the deep philosophy and even cost involved in crystal healing is necessary for it to work. Cognitive dissonance has been shown to help people believe in the things they make a financial commitment to. Even practitioners claim that believing is crucial to its efficacy and this is in line with what placebo science claims. According to a paper, having a deeper story and richer explanation can help give legitimacy to the placebo and increase its effectiveness.

Either way, crystal healing remains a fascinating area for future study and it appears to do little harm. At the very least, the rocks can be pretty.

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