Control air with your energy flow

Wind flies dandelion seeds in the nature during sunset

Control air with your energy flow

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Aerokinesis is an elemental psychokinetic ability to create, control and manipulate the air and wind with the power of the mind in a variety of ways.

There are different abilities that can be performed by using aerokinesis. Air blast is the ability to control and generate powerful winds and air currents. It is also possible to control and generate air waves, clouds and storms. For even more advanced aerokinesis users flight is also achievable, as basically it is the ability to ride air currents. Aerokinesis can be activated by a certain hand gesture or blowing in one’s palm.

All this may sound like a trick of a magician or a scene in a movie with teens having some supernatural experience but the truth is that there is also a scientific explanation. Starting in the mid 19th century several scientific experiments have been done in telekinesis, resulting in the realization that if the charges in the air move due to voltage differences, it will cause the air to move and cool. This is the so called electric wind. This phenomenon can be induced with practise. After following the step-by-step tutorial about aerokinesis there is also an opportunity to measure the progress by using the Egely Wheel. This device helps you visualize the extent of energy flow being generated.

Become and air bender

Aerokinesis is considered to be the easiest of the kinesises, but being in the proper state of mind is crucial for success. The alpha brainwave state shall be reached so you can be receptive and let your conscious and subconscious minds connect. It is possible to become a real air bender and learn the art of aerokinesis, to create anything from a small breeze to a large gust of wind, only by using your mind and psychis energies.

See How to Practice Aerokinesis with a simple device.

Follow these steps that will help you become an air bender and use your telekinetic abilities on the air.

Wind observation

First go outside to a quiet spot and focus on getting familiar with the wind. Stand with your eyes closed and feel the wind as it touches your skin and observe it. Answer questions like:

  • Is it weak or strong?
  • At what speed is it coming?
  • What direction is it coming from?

Take your time to get familiar with the wind before you proceed. Pay attention to your posture to make energy flow smoother.

Hand of Anemoi

Anemoi is the Greek god of air.

Turn you palms towards the sky and visualize with your mind’s eye that you are connected to the air by golden strings coming from your palms. These strings are attached to the wind around you and now feel that you have full control over it. This is the moment you start pulling your hand back in with a quick and powerful movement to pull the wind towards you.

Notice any sensations in your body, then loosen the grip and release the air again, but keep the connection with the strings.

Once again pull the wind towards you with all your power and imagine the wind coming towards you and growing stronger. You can also say the word “Come!” as you pull the wind towards you, to make your call clear both for the universe and yourself.

Making objects move

Choose and object to work with which is moving easily in the wind, e.g.: wind.charms, a flag, a wind spinner, a piece of paper or just the leaves in fall. Stand in front of the object and re-create the connection with the wind, then with the strings from your palms pull the wind towards yourself and the object and watch the wind making it move.

Another way of moving objects is by blowing into one palm and making wind move into your other palm and the object in between shall move.

After finishing the practise you may notice it is windier than when you started as it will take some time for the wind to settle.

Changing directions

On a particularly windy day chose an object to work with and go outside. Notice how the wind is moving the object in one direction, then close your eyes and, like in the previous exercises, connect and attach yourself to the wind. Try to make to object move in the opposite direction by taking control and forcing the wind blow the other way.

Air balls

If you are advanced level you could also try making a psi ball, that is a kinetic ball of energy, as strong as possible, then insert air into the psi ball through your hands. Visualize air coming out of your hands and filling the psi ball while feeling the air energy between your hands. When having the psi ball full you should start feeling cold or maybe warm breezes of air on your hands.

Then you can aim the ball at an object or towards a person and throw it as hard as you can. The object or person shall move and feel air on them.

By following these steps you can experience how we all have the ability to use the energy flow to manipulate air movements, as we are one with nature.

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