Chakra healing by Crystals

Smiling woman with crystals on her body during crystal healing

Chakra healing by Crystals

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According to thousands of years of Indian philosophy, humans are much more than a physical body.In addition to physically visible organs and parts of the body, it also has other, invisible organs that are more important than the physical body. Chakras are invisible energy centers located along the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. According to ancient Hindu documents, there are seven main chakras, which are connected by a channel of life force. Vitality is flowing through the chakras controls all the vital functions of the body.

When the chakras are opened, energy flows constantly: you feel balanced, vibrant and happy. When one or more chakras are blocked, the flow of energy stops or changes: you feel stressful, unstable and anxious.

There are several ways to open and activate your chakras. Meditation or yoga can be very helpful for all kind of problems. Using herbs or specific oils can be a solution too.

Today we will learn more about one of the best chakra opening techniques: the Crystal Healing.

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Crystal Healing is an alternative medical technique that heals people and balances their energy systems by placing crystals on different points of the body.

It is a natural and holistic therapy which helps the life energy (prana) to flow freely in the energy channel (nadi). The crystals help to unblock and direct the energy where it is most needed, supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Different types of crystals heal in different areas. All stones have their own energies and properties.

The best idea is to have your first healing session with an expert. Crystal healers have extensive knowledge about several stones: they will know which crystals to use and how to place them – based on the problems or symptoms you have.

You can also try crystal healing at home. There are many different ways to do it, but the most common way is to place the stones on (or around) the body while lying down.

Choosing the right stone

Before you start healing, ask yourself: what is your problem? Close your eyes and try to recall the bad feelings and pain you have been through, try to figure out what makes you feel unhappy and unbalanced.

Crown chakra

Place clear quartz, amethyst or fluorite on the very top of the head

Crown chakra

Choose this when you

  •  feel isolated, emotionally distressed, disconnected
  •  suffer & think happiness can come only from outside


You will become

  •  enlightened, prosperous
  •  able to feel spiritual connections
  •  healthier (head, hair, upper part of the brain)


Third-eye chakra

Place amethyst, lapis lazuli or purple fluorite on the forehead between the eyes

Third-eye chakraChoose this when you

  • feel close-minded, untrusted, anxious
  • are unable to trust your inner voice, your intuition


You will become

  • open-minded, able to recognize different perspectives
  • able to trust your inner wisdom
  • healthier (eyes, head, lower part of brain, etc..)


Throat chakra

Place aquamarine, angelite, sodalite, apatite or turquoise to the throat.

Throat chakraChoose this when you

  • have communication problems
  • find it hard to pay attention and focus


You will become

  • able to listen to others without judgement
  • able to communicate your emotions
  • healthier (throat, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue etc..)


Heart chakra

Place rose quartz, amazonite, green calcite or aventurine to the center of the chest

Heart chakraChoose this when you

  • feel possessive, jealous, unloveable
  • have dysfunctional relationships and fear of rejection


You will become

  • open hearted, ready for a healthy relationship
  • able to forgive and love others and yourself
  • healthier (heart, vascular system)


Solar plexus chakra

Place citrine, yellow yade, amber, tiger’s eye or topaz to the upper part of the abdomen

Solar plexus chakraChoose this when you

  • have difficulty with making decisions
  • feel angry and unable to control your feelings


You will become

  • confident, productive, powerful
  • healthier (stomach, digestive system)


Sacral chakra

Place carnelian, moonstone or orange calcite to the lower part of the abdomen

Sacral chakraChoose this when you

  • feel emotionally unstable, uninspired or guilty
  • have sexual/fertility problems and fear of change.


You will become

  • creative, positive, friendly, passionate
  • healthier (sexual and reproductive organs)



Root chakra

Place hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, red garnet or black onyx to the base of spine

Root chakraChoose this if you

  • have bad memories from your childhood
  • have low self-esteem or self-destructive behavior
  • are anxious because of financial problems


You will become

  • confident
  • able to take care of yourself
  • healthier (bladder, legs, lower back)



Lie down on a comfortable surface: it can be a bed, sofa or even the floor. Place the chosen stones to the chosen chakras. Leave the crystals there for a while: it can be 20-60 minutes – the longer the better. During this time try to relax: close your eyes, take deep breaths and focus on the crystals: imagine the colours of them and try to feel how they heal you.

When the session is over, give yourself some time. There are some people who feel the change immediately, but for others it takes longer to feel the effects of the treatment.

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