7 methods to get into Alpha State of Mind

Table of different states of mind: alpha, beta, theta and delta

7 methods to get into Alpha State of Mind

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The different states of the mind are medically defined. These states of consciousness were named after letters of the Greek alphabet, in the order in which they were discovered. These names represent a range of frequencies, i.e. the frequency at which the brain vibrates.

The table below shows the four states.

Table of different states of mind: alpha, beta, theta and delta
Brainwaves are measured by frequency, which is cycles per second, or hertz (Hz), and they range from very slow to very fast.

Beta (14+ Hz)

This is the outer level of consciousness, the realm of the physical senses, the normal awake state of consciousness. The beta state is the one in which the brain directs normal daytime activities. In the normal awake state, the brain rhythm is around 20 Hz, but stress induces higher frequencies.

Alpha (8-14 Hz)

The alpha state is also known as the superconscious state. It is the frequency of relaxation and the spiritual world. In this state, the physical body is completely relaxed, yet the mind remains alert. The mind is extremely receptive to suggestions.

Theta (4-8 Hz)

This is the state of superficial sleep, the realm of the spiritual world and shamanic journeys.

Delta (1-4 Hz)

This is the state of deep sleep. This also occurs when one is in a coma.

Benefits of the Alpha State of mind

You are your most effective when you are in alpha state. This state induces heightened awareness and intuition. In alpha we can effectively plan our day, our appointments, and any other potentially stressful events. This state of consciousness is often used as a tool to achieve a desired goal.

Methods to induce the Alpha state of mind

There are many different methods of inducing alpha brainwaves. Almost all of these techniques involve the relaxation of the physical body and mind. It is very important to know that you cannot enter the alpha state without relaxation. If you are stressed and hyperactive, your brain will operate in a beta state.

1. Music

Music can have a profound effect on your mental state. Research has shown that some types of music stimulate alpha brain waves, while other music stimulates beta brain waves. Some types of classical music have shown the best results for stimulating an alpha state in laboratory tests.

The music should be soothing and pulse slightly slower than the average heart rate.

2. Colour Visualisation Method

A widely known method for inducing the alpha state of consciousness is the colour visualisation method. It involves visualising certain colours, ranging from high frequency colours (red) to low frequency colours (purple). The basic principle of this method is that while visualising colours of lower and lower frequencies, you stimulate your brain waves so that their frequency gradually slows down.

Example: close your eyes and visualise the colours in a descending order of high to low frequencies:


Think about each colour for about 5 seconds, then move on to the next colour.

Fruits in all the colours of the rainbow to help visualisation
Picturing colourful objects (for example: fruits) instead of colours can help in visualization.

3. Countdown Method

Counting down is a very simple technique in which you mentally or verbally count backwards. It is usually sufficient to count back slowly from 21 to 1, pausing briefly between each number and using the appropriate suggestion in between.

For example:

21 – (pause) – I feel relaxed.
20 – (pause) – My body is completely relaxed.
19 – (pause) – I feel safe.
18 – (pause) – All stress and tension is gone.

And so on…

4. Eye Fixation Method

Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone a question that requires serious consideration, they automatically look up? This is another simple way to achieve an alpha state of consciousness.

Simply look up and concentrate on your slow, deep breathing.

5. Nature Method

The essence of this technique is that after closing your eyes, imagine yourself in a peaceful, natural environment where you feel very comfortable. This could be a waterfall, a mountain top, a jungle, or any other natural place that soothes and relaxes you.

A variation of this technique is to stare for a short time at a poster or picture of a peaceful place before you imagine the location.

6. Deep breathing Method

This technique is very effective in calming the mind. Breathe in as much air as you can and hold it for 2 seconds. Now breathe out all the air and wait again for 2 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times, imagining that with each breath you are gaining energy.

7. Electronic Method

The alpha state can also be induced by electronic methods. It is usually achieved by a sound of a certain frequency or a light pulsing at a certain frequency.

(We do not recommend the use of electronic methods to induce alpha state, as this may make you dependent on these electronic devices in the future. Natural techniques are far better for inducing the desired mental state.)

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We hope that one of these methods will help you to get in alpha state. It is also possible to combine these techniques if they don’t work for you on their own. If you try several methods in a row, it’s guaranteed that you’ll reach the desired effect.

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