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Measuring with Egely Wheel

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Reiki Healing is a safe form of spiritual healing that is found to be effective and is known to increase ones Life Energy by opening energy pathways. It has the ultimate goal of promoting harmony and balance.

Measure your Reiki Power with Egely Wheel

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The Egely Wheel is the result of many years of intense scientific development. Although some of the basics of the phenomenon are not yet fully understood, extensive control experiments have proven that the rotation of the wheel during measurements is not driven by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy. The inventor, Dr. George Egely, a Hungarian physicist PhD formerly with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is an expert in the field of energy transfer processes.


After thousands of sessions with over 1500 test subjects, he found that those with the highest levels of “Life Energy” could make the wheel turn faster. Extroverted “charismatic” personalities, Reiki healers, people who regularly practiced mediation, and independent nonconformists tended to show the highest scores; more passive, nervous, inward personalities scored lower.



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Measurement methods

Put your hand next to the wheel, concentrate and wait about 30-60 seconds until the wheel starts rotating.

Rotation speed

The average rotational speed is 6 r/min. When being in a cheerful, harmonised and energetic mood, the rotational speed is higher. In an upset state, the rotational speed has a bigger oscillation. Current stress or anxiety almost always stop the rotation of the wheel. On such occasions, life energy “gets stuck” in your body or less of this energy is produced.

Direction of the rotation

The direction of the rotation goes towards the fingers as energy is flowing from the body towards the fingers. In rare cases, especially in case of left-handers the wheel doesn’t rotate towards the fingers, but in an opposite direction.

Duration of the measurement

A measurement takes 10-15 minutes on average.


Frequency of the measurements

Don’t make more than 2-3 measurements a day.

Measurement techniques


Measurement with two hands

The rotating effect of the left and right hand indicates a definite and certain connection between the characteristics of the right and left cerebral hemisphere: the rotational speed of the left hand (which is connected to the right hemisphere) indicates higher values in case of analytical-sensible persons, when you are measuring with both hands at the same time. The measurement differences of the right and left hand indicate the differences between the two cerebral hemispheres. Women are usually stronger with their left hand. The reason for this is their right hemisphere which has intuitive skills.


How to use the Egely Wheel


Make a measurement directly before the Reiki Healing.


Energy can be transferred from one person to another. Measure the changes in your energy level during the Reiki Healing.


Make a measurement directly after the Reiki Healing and compare your results.


Monitor the progress during the therapy period.



Rotation of the wheel by hand.


Changing the rotational speed.


Changing the direction of the rotation.


Rotation without hands.

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