What is psi?


What is psi?

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The technical definition of Psi is just a variable used to label the mechanism that allows Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and all those other weird things to happen. But what is it? No one knows what Psi is. That is a fact. Many people claim to have the answer, and many theories are floating around, but when it comes down to it: no one knows.

So why do we even have the term “Psi”? If no one knows what it is, then what’s the point of labeling it? Perhaps it doesn’t even exist?

Perhaps. But when you start doing the basic exercises, you begin to realize that something is there. The better you get, the more obvious this “something” is. Something is sticking out, and is enabling us to do some weird things. Perhaps it’s a mental crutch, or perhaps it’s a physical substance. Either way, we’ve all noticed something, so instead of saying “you know that weird thing we all feel,” we say “Psi” instead.

It’s important to keep in mind that no one knows what Psi is. We label it so we can pretend to understand it, and talk about it, but no one understands it completely. However, we do have some basic understanding of Psi, so that’s a start.

Psi seems to be a physical substance. It can be visible to the naked eye (though it’s usually not), so that would suggest it is something physical. More often, Psi is felt using touch, or using a sort of “sixth sense”.

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Psi seems to be related to thoughts in some way or another. Or rather, Psi is influenced (and perhaps created?*) by thoughts. The more focus and intent in the thought, the better Psi reacts.

Psi is affected by distance, but distance does not dictate what Psi can and can’t do. For example, a telepath might randomly receive thoughts from people directly around her. But the same telepath can contact someone on the opposite side of the world using Psi. If Psi has a limit to how far it can reach, then it’s unknown – we don’t try interplanetary communication because it can’t be verified.

Using Psi will tire the body. Using Psi outside of the practitioner’s skill level can produce anything from minor headaches to blackouts, and even death. (One analogy would be running. If you’re in shape, and you run five miles every day, you can probably go ten miles one day and be ok. If you’re a couch potato and smoke, and you try to run ten miles, you might pass out or die. Use common sense people.)

As you play around with Psi, you’ll start to develop an intuitive understanding of it. You get a feel for it. Once you have a basic feel for it, you’ll start to notice that some authors really have no clue what they’re talking about. I’ve heard authors claim it was impossible to do things I would label as “rudimentary skills.” If only they did some basic exercises instead of misleading everyone, they might learn something. On the other hand, I’ve heard authors claim it’s easy to do things that even the most skilled Psion hasn’t accomplished. A lot of people live in fantasy worlds, and once you learn some basic skills, you start to notice how silly these things are.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who understand Psi on a basic level. It really isn’t that hard to grasp as long as you practice regularly.

Psi is not fully understood, but we do know how to play with it. We can control it, move it around, and tell it to do things. We can perceive it with different senses, and we can verify it with third parties. We may not know the chemical compounds, and specific properties of it, but we know how to use it, and how to teach others to use it. So, without further ado, let’s get into some exercises.

Not to say that Psi breaks the fundamental laws of Physics, and is created out of thin air. It clearly takes physical energy from the body to create and manipulate Psi. The specific translation from “thoughts” to “Psi” is unknown though.

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