Ways of Communicating With The Dead

Group of people during a seance: an attempt to communicate with spirits.

Ways of Communicating With The Dead

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There are many reasons you may wish to talk to the dead. You may miss someone very much, and just need to reach out to them. You may experience a haunting and need to talk to the spirit in order to settle grievances. This presence may be severe enough to be a poltergeist phenomenon, or it may be subtle but definite enough to have an impact on your life. Many people often feel like the dead are trying to contact them, or they just need that last little bit of closure before letting someone go. If you feel any of these, do not worry; you are not alone.

Since time immemorial, people have been fascinated with the idea of communicating with the deceased. There are numerous rituals and people who claim to be able to do so. From shamans and mediums to priests and psychics, many people have tried and are still trying today to reach the dead and to transfer information between them and their living counterparts. This article aims to share the information that such people have gathered in a concise manner, and to give you some tips on how to communicate with the dead.

A medium

Usually, it will take a very special person to be able to effectively speak with the dead. Although reaching out to the deceased may be possible alone as well, after all, why shouldn’t it be, the presence of a third party may be a great help. Especially if that third party is versed in such phenomenon, has seen hauntings or the presence of paranormal phenomenon before, and is willing to help you make sense of what is happening around you. You may feel panic, or be too close for comfort, especially if the presence you are dealing with is someone you knew in their earthly existence: like a parent, sibling, relative, friend or former lover. In these cases, a medium may be able to put just the right amount of distance between you and the person you seek to communicate with. A medium may also be necessary if you are not sure how to communicate with the dead, or are unsuccessful in doing so. Many times, the presence of a third party is needed for your comfort, and to help you achieve what you could otherwise do alone. A medium should be able to see when and more importantly, why their presence is needed, and act accordingly.

A séance

A séance is an event in which a group of people get together to try and channel their collective energy in an attempt to communicate with the dead. Typically, these seánces are led by someone who has experience with talking to the deceased or with other paranormal phenomenon; in other words, a medium. A medium can be a psychic, priest or exorcist, but it can be a fairly normal person as well, who happens to have experience in these matters, and has the force of will necessary to conduct such an event. Although there are no rules and regulations as to what a seánce looks like, and how it works, the medium will typically try to appeal to the spirit to show itself (or themselves as the case may be), either by manifesting itself, or by performing a simple act that lets the party know without a shadow of a doubt that they are in fact present. This can be the turning on and off of a light switch or flashlight, tapping on something or moving an object around. The medium may also find ways to speak for the spirit in question, or may be able to hear or see the deceased and relay information that they may want the living to be aware of.


Sometimes, tools of some sort may be useful in communicating with the dead. A tried method that has yielded a lot of results for people interested in the topic are EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) and EVP (Electronic voice phenomena). Both enlist the help of electronics to enable the dead to talk to us. With EVP, a recording of a room or place that is believed to be haunted is made, with perhaps questions being asked. When the recording is listened to, you may be able to find messages or voices in the recording itself that say a certain thing, or even answering the questions that are being posed. EMP requires a reader or meter that can register electromagnetic impulses. By asking yes or no questions in the room or place that has high spiritual activity or energy, you may find that these pulses are being sent in certain ways to signify yes or no answers. By agreeing ahead of time with the spirit in some manner what the yes or no answers are (one for yes, two for no, for example), you can get results, and actually communicate with the spirit you are trying to reach.

Ouija board

Another useful tool that has been around for nearly a century is the Ouija board. Constantly featured in movies and television is the premier way to talk with the dead, the ouija board makes use of the energy of the people wielding it to communicate with the dead. The reason for that is because many people have reported using it and have gotten results. The concept is very simple. More than one person is usually necessary, and by each of you holding the reader above the board, and asking questions, you will feel a force guiding the reader. This way the deceased person can send very precise messages to you and the company involved. Since the board is laid out with the alphabet, numbers as well as a yes and a no option, communication is made very simple and direct. These boards are very easy to find and buy online, but you can also try and make one for yourself. Ouija boards are usually used by a medium or are part of a seánce, where a group of people will use them together. But ouija boards can be used alone as well.

Egely Wheel

Another very useful tool in communicating with the dead is the Egely Wheel. This is a wheel that has a surface tension of virtually zero, and is thus very sensitive and can respond to spiritual energy, and can in fact pick up on fluctuations in said energy. Just as you can make it move using the power of your mind, you can also allow an entity that you believe is in your house or in a space you use to also use the wheel. As such, you can agree with the entity as to what the terms of your communication is (like a given direction of the wheel being a positive or negative answer), and this wheel can help you in talking with the dead. Set clear terms, like right being “no”, and left being “yes”. You can also tell the spirit how many times they need to turn the wheel for a specific answer, for example. The Egely Wheel can also be a very useful tool in finding the place where a spirit is residing, or where their energy is highest. By taking readings with the Egely Wheel in a given place, you can determine where the spiritual energy is higher or most intense, and seek to go to this place using the wheel as your guide. By following the energy they emanate, you can find the place where the spirit is trying to guide you, perhaps to communicate, or perhaps because the location itself is the key to what they are trying to tell you.

If you are a person of faith, prayer or meditation may be another way in which you can reach the dead and talk to them. The prayer has to be heard by the dead person, so it is of vital importance that that person also be of the same faith and have an understanding of the message you are trying to send them. It is also important to let the spirits speak for themselves, and be heard.

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