Psi ball shields


Psi ball shields

Now that you can program Constructs, learning how to Shield isn’t hard at all. A Shield is just a specific kind of Construct.

Shields are used for defensive purposes. If you’re new to Psionics, then Shields might not be useful right away. If you decide to learn Telepathy or Empathy, or any skill that involves receiving Psi, you’ll need to know how to Shield.

A Shield is a Construct placed around an object to filter or block incoming Psi. In some instances, Shields can be used to amplify Psi, but usually Shields are used to protect the practitioner from the outside world.

For example, if you were a sensitive Telepath, then you would be constantly bombarded by the thoughts of people around you. To block or filter these external thoughts, you would use a Shield. If your friend is also a Psion, and wants to connect with you Telepathically, you can set up a Shield to block his connection if you don’t want him to bother you.

Learning to Shield isn’t technically required to learn other skills, but it’s good to know. If something goes wrong, it’s nice to be able to throw up a quick Shield to help get things under control.

As mentioned above, Shields are a type of Construct. Shields can be put anywhere, but they’re usually made around the Psion. The most basic Shield is the Bubble Shield.

Exercise 4: Go through your normal warm-up procedure, and then begin to construct the Bubble Shield. Visualize the walls of the Shield building up along the side of you, all around you. You can imagine the walls made of a thick plastic, or metal material. Program the Shield to hold its shape, and stay up for a day. Check to see if you can feel the Shield with your hands, and see if it really does stay up all day.

As with any Construct, you can program a Shield to behave a certain way. For example, you can create a Shield to block all incoming Telepathic connections, except when it’s from certain people. You can make Shields that block psychic attacks, or amplify Telepathic signals. You can also layer multiple Shields to protect yourself more. Or you can Shield other objects, or another person. It’s only limited by your skill and creativity.

The only way to get better is to practice. Are you noticing a pattern yet? Some people claim that I hold back secrets to how I became skilled in this stuff -there is no secret. I practiced, and I continue to practice. If you do the same, you’ll be fluent with Shields in no time.