Psi ball empathy


Psi ball empathy

Empathy is the most common psychic skill. Most people that I talk to understand Empathy, and they have a “feel” for it, just from being a human being. Usually I don’t introduce people to Empathy, but rather I give them the term.

Empathy, in the Psionic world, is when you receive the emotions of other people psychically. More often, the emotions are relayed so the Psion actually feels the emotions himself. As you might imagine, it can make things confusing. For example, let’s say you walk by someone and feel really happy and hyper all of the sudden. Where is the emotion coming from? Do you feel happy and hyper, or did you pick it up from someone you walked by? In the same sense, Empaths can be sensitive to another’s depression. Or frustration.

Before you learn this skill, you need to honestly ask yourself if you truly want to learn it. I find Empathy useful ninety-nine percent of the time. But that other one percent really sucks. Depression can become amplified, and you can become overloaded with everyone’s emotions around you. At times, it’s possible to feel like you’re losing yourself. Personally, I have a very hard time in movie theaters and other emotionally charged groups.

If you experience Empathetic overload, the solution is simple: Shield. If you don’t know how to Shield, then do not learn Empathy. If you’re a victim of Empathy, and you need to get it under control, you need to Shield. Please see the earlier chapter on Shielding for more instructions.

Assuming you’re still interested in Empathy after I’ve scared you a little, let’s move on to the good side of Empathy. Personally, I have had Empathy for a few years. I am very happy I learned Empathy (and I’m very happy I learned how to Shield). I use it in almost every interaction I have with another being. I can use it to see if someone is mad at me, if they like me, if they’re upset with me. I can see what their motivations are, if they’re lying to me, if they’re hiding something from me. I can tell when someone needs a hug, an insightful remark, or a smack in the face.

Empathy is related to Telepathy as well. At times, it feels like I can almost feel a person’s emotions being translated to thoughts, and then into words. I can feel the way their mind works.

Empathy is one of the most useful skills I’ve learned. It comes with a price, but it has been worth it for me.

The best way to learn Empathy is to just open yourself up to it. Ask yourself, “What is John feeling?” Ponder the question for a few seconds, then wait for a feeling to arrive in yourself. When people around you talk, try to understand them instead of waiting for your turn. Look in their eyes and wait for a feeling.

It doesn’t take much skill to get something. If you’re saying to yourself “I already do this!” then you’re getting the point. It is very rudimentary.

While I believe the above method is the most normal and “natural” way of learning Empathy, you can also take a more aggressive approach and use visualization like you have in the past.

Exercise 5: To receive emotions from someone, you’ll need a Construct to transfer the emotions from the target to yourself. The Construct links you to your target, so we call this Construct a Link.

To create an Empathetic Link, visualize a red tube of Psi extending from your heart area and gently connecting with the targets heart area. When you feel your Link has been created, visualize the emotions of your target moving down the Link, and entering yourself. Be ready to perceive the emotions.

When you’re trying to receive another’s emotions, be sure to note what you are feeling before you begin. You don’t want to mistake your own emotions for your target’s emotions. The best way to do this is to quiet your own emotions, and remain in a passive and receptive state. Wait for the target’s emotions to enter.

If you’re practicing this exercise, be sure to get permission from the person you’re trying to read. In fact, any time when you work with another person in Psionics, get permission. You don’t want anyone messing around with you, and others don’t want you messing around with them. So be polite.

If you have Shields up (you should!), then you want to make sure your Shields are programmed to allow the emotions in. You can create a Shield to block all Empathetic information (which is useful when you don’t want to be bombarded). In the same sense, if you have a Shield up that blocks the information, don’t be surprised if you’re not receiving information. Your Shield is just doing what you told it to do.

Depending on your skill level, you can create a Shield that blocks certain emotions, or people. You can block everyone except a few people you want to keep track of, or you can block one specific person who is bothering you.

Empathy can be troublesome, but if you learn to Shield correctly, you’ll be able to handle the times where it gets a little out of control. It’s one of the most useful skills, and it’s actually pretty easy to learn and exercise.