Power of telekinesis: Relaxation


Power of telekinesis: Relaxation

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The stress response begins in the brain. It happens when you decide that something in your life is dangerous, difficult or painful and that you do not have the resources to cope with it. Stress is very individual and what causes one person great stress may be what the next person pays to do recreationally. Stress, whether it comes from a major event or an accumulation of minor events can wear you out and cause you to become unwell.

All inner abilities of the Mind require a state of physical relaxation, the deeper the better, as a prerequisite. This is due to the fact that in our normal waking state, in order to interact with our physical environment we rely on our five physical senses and a brainwave frequency, known as the “beta”.

Deep physical relaxation enables us to slow down our brainwave frequency to a state known as “alpha”, or even slower still a state known as “theta”, allowing us to access the expanded states of consciousness necessary for most psychic abilities.

The objective before commencing deep physical relaxation exercises is for your body to be as balanced and free of strain and stress as possible from the outset, and in such a way as to remain completely balanced throughout the duration of the exercises.

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Ultimately you should be able to achieve a state of total relaxation under any circumstances. After a time you will find that by simply entering your space and seating yourself in this posture, which in the East is known as an “Asana”, you will automatically achieve a state of deep relaxation, and this indeed is an objective.

The practice of deep physical relaxation

Commence by seating yourself upon your chair as selected and prepared in Chapter 1. If the chair has a back, do not lean against it. Sit absolutely upright with your spine straight and hands resting lightly on your thighs or knees.

Close your eyes and keep them closed for the duration of these exercises. Now breathe in deeply but slowly to a slow count of five and imagine at the same time, with as much realism as possible that the air you are inhaling is an extremely bright, radiant, sparkling white. As you progressively inhale, feel the positive relaxing Energy of this white, radiant, sparkling light entering your entire body and spreading throughout your body from head to foot.

Hold the breath for a slow count of five while feeling and enjoying as intensely as possible the radiant, sparkling white light bathe your entire body, and then slowly exhale to a further slow count of five. As you exhale, imagine as realistically as possible that your breath is a dark grey colour, and as you exhale this dark grey breath containing all negativity and tension is now leaving your body as you feel progressively more relaxed.

Now continue to relax for a further slow count of five and once again repeat the process of inhaling pure, radiant, white sparking light, again feeling its pure relaxing Energy entering, circulating around and permeating your entire body from head to foot before finally once again exhaling the dark grey light, while at the same time feeling all tension and negativity leaving every part of your body. All inhalations, pauses and exhalations should be carried out to the same slow count of five for each part of this process.

Repeat each breathing cycle at least five times, ideally continuing until you are feeling generally relaxed, refreshed and positive. Note that while doing these breathing exercises you should inhale by using your entire diaphragm and not just your upper chest. You can accomplish this by drawing in each breath by using the entire area from your lower stomach to your upper chest, drawing in each breath in this way.

You should also imagine and know that not only are you inhaling through your mouth and nose, but also through the pores of your skin, and every single cell in your body, all inhaling the Divine, radiant, glowing white light.

The next stage in deep physical relaxation, to be carried out immediately and following on from the first stage involves progressive active relaxation, starting at your feet and finishing at the crown of your head.

To proceed with this phase of the exercises, while still retaining your relaxed feelings after the initial breathing exercises, imagine as vividly as possible a large sphere of bright, glowing, radiant white light positioned just beneath your feet. Using as much imagination as you can summon make this sphere of light as bright, glowing and radiant as possible; as bright or even brighter than the sun on a clear summers day.

Next imagine as realistically as you possibly can this sphere of radiant light moving gradually upwards, first encompassing both of your feet. Your feet should now be completely bathed in this bright, glowing, energizing white light; you can feel the glow of the warmth of this bright, radiant, energizing light around the entire area of your feet, toes and ankles. Feel all remaining tension draining quickly away from the area of your feet as they become extremely relaxed and free of all tension. Maintain this visualization as vividly as possible until all remaining tension completely dissipates from the area of your feet. Do not continue until you know this area is totally relaxed.

Next imagine the bright sphere of radiant white light moving slowly up your legs to the area of your calves. Again feel this area completely bathed in this bright, glowing, energizing white light, allowing the sphere of Universal light to remain in this position until both of your calves are completely free of all tension and completely relaxed just as with your feet area previously.

Next imagine the white sphere of radiant light moving still further up your legs until reaching your thighs. The sphere of light can very easily expand as much as it needs to do in order to fully encompass any area of your body at will. As with your feet and calves allow both of your thighs to bathe and relax completely in the glowing, radiant, energizing white Energy of the sphere of light. As before, allow the sphere of light to remain in this position until you know beyond any doubt that all tension has fully dissipated, and this area now feels totally relaxed.

Repeat this process as the radiant, bright, white glowing sphere of Energy travels further up your body next reaching your hips and buttocks followed by your stomach and lower back areas, and then your chest and upper back, arms and shoulders. Your arms should remain totally straight by your sides allowing the sphere to encompass the entire trunk of your body and arms as it progressively makes its way up your body encompassing everything as it does so, and leaving each area totally fully relaxed.

The sphere of radiant white light now reaches your neck. Allow the sphere of radiant white light to bathe your neck area for longer, and as long as necessary for you to release all tension. Your neck can collect a considerable amount of tension and time must be provided for all tension to completely dissipate, ensuring your neck, as with your lower areas are completely relaxed and free of all tension.

Finally the glowing, white radiant sphere of light reaches your head. Allow it to remain around your head area while all tension completely dissipates from your face and head muscles, again leaving them totally and completely relaxed as with all of the lower parts of your body. After all muscles in your head feel totally relaxed, imagine the radiant, glowing white sphere of light traveling to the top of your head, and then onwards into the infinite Universe.

Now take time to bathe in this extremely pleasant feeling of deep, full body relaxation. Feel just how blissful it is to have removed all of that stored tension, stress and negative Energy from your entire body. You can remain in this position of deep physical and mental relaxation for as long as you wish while you fully appreciate how wonderful this total relaxation really is.

Finally thank the Universe for your experience, open your eyes and take a few minutes to adjust before continuing with your usual activities.

Very often this deep physical relaxation exercise is valuable pre-cursor to Astral Projection, OBE, concentration, manifestation, healing and other important abilities to be discussed later in this book. In this stressful world it is very useful indeed however to learn the art of deep physical relaxation as a valuable ability in and of itself, and one which will prove to be particularly welcome at the end of a long, hard stressful day, or indeed at any time at all when you simply feel the need to relax.

After sufficient practice, deep physical relaxation can be performed anywhere at all at will and without the need for a comfortable location or the need for visualizations. The ultimate objective should be the ability to achieve deep physical relaxation while sitting absolutely upright, spine completely relaxed, sitting on a chair, without using the backrest of the chair. Your body must respond to and obey your will at all times. Ultimately therefore you should reach the stage where you can sit completely upright, spine erect on a non-padded chair, and totally relax by simply concentrating, focusing and willing your body to so. When you can achieve a state of deep physical relaxation at will like this, many more latent abilities will open themselves to you, abilities that can have a profound effect on your life and ongoing evolution.

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